For techie Muslims who shop online for food, beverages and other products; praying at the right time and observing all the rules that govern the Ramadan Fast can be as easy as cake walk.  Take a look at the most popular and useful mobile apps listed here to help you get ahead during this Holy month.

Muslim Pro

The Muslim Pro mobile app is very useful as it has impressive features that will remind you to pray at the right time based on your particular location. This feature-rich application which is the ideal mobile app for every Muslim supports calls for Azan and Adhan prayers, it also has an audio version of the Quran with over 15 diverse language translations, a Qibla locator and more. With all of these amazing features, Muslim Pro is certainly a must-download app for Muslim smart phone users

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Kaymu Online Shopping App:

Whenever you want to shop for groceries or personal care products from the comfort of your room this season, there is one mobile application that has over 500,000 thousand products at your disposal and that is the Kaymu mobile app. What’s more, it already has significantly high positive reviews and ratings. So, rather than exerting so much physical strength while you should be conserving energy, you can shop from where ever you are in Ethiopia and get your order delivered to your doorstep hassle-free. This easy to use Android, IOS and Blackberry compliant app has a lot of striking features in it which will fast track your shopping activity.

Azan Alarm Clock:


We are humans and are prone to get carried away either by work or play which makes us forget certain important things. If prayers come with benefits and rewards, then it is only appropriate to pray at the right time as a good Muslim. Download the Azan alarm clock and you’ll never miss prayers or be late again. The Azan alarm clock has thousands of downloads and user reviews and has proven to be an important app to the Muslim community, there is no doubt that you’ll love it.

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Holy Quran:

The Amir Quran App is a must-download mobile application that has garnered thousands of reviews since its development. With several translations to select from, legible text and audio recitations in Arabic by top Islamic scholars, this app seems to be the best Muslim app yet and it is often downloaded by most tech savvy Muslims, don’t miss it.

Ramadan Duas:

The Ramadan Duas mobile app captures all the prayers for this holy month of Ramadan in one wonderful bundle. When you download the app, you will easily access prayers for each day of the 30-day fasting period. It also has a wide collection of Tasbeehat, Duas and Azkar with audio recitations and translation for Ramadan. Suhoor and IftarDuas, Dua for Laila tulQadar and Duas for 3 Ashras are all part of the features of the useful and very helpful app. There are also some random Duas you will find such as the Moon sighting Dua and Lailatul Qadr Dua.

The list of beautiful designed apps for Muslims in Ethiopia is almost endless and you can find more online, endeavor to share with to your fellow friends so that they too can partake of the blessings that Ramadan brings. Ramadan Kareem!

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