Career advice is always flowing and most of them are pretty good and will help you get ahead greatly, but it is safe to say that winding your way up a career path is vastly different from being an entrepreneur. Often in entrepreneurship, you are building your own dream from the scratch and the rules for that are vastly different from someone who is a part of an already moving team, striving for an already defined goal.

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So what exactly are some career advice which would work well for an employee but may be a bad idea for an entrepreneur, we provide some below;

Cut The Time You Spend On Social Media:

It is true that when you are working for someone, your working hours should not be filled with moments of being totally engaged on Facebook or Twitter, chatting up everyone from your mom to your cousin or even just that one person you ran into on the internet. Being an entrepreneur however, every widening of your circle is important. Networking is a vital part of whatever you are doing. You should have a strong online presence that people are able to connect with and you should always be within reach. So shelve this particular career advice, it is not for you.

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Keep Your Head Down, Don’t Get Unduly Noticed:

Sorry, but why are you doing this entrepreneurship thing again? You have to get in peoples faces, make waves, put your brand out there, in fact if you are not causing some waves, you are probably not doing it right. So forget this advice that applies more to a work place where varied views and dynamics are in play and get in someones face today.

Do It All For The Money:

If money is all you use to measure your success as an entrepreneur, chances are you will be very often disappointed. Unlike a normal worker who measures success by pay checks and bonuses, you have to also have a model to determine what impact you are making and how you are meeting your initial goals. Sometimes the money will be tight but you should hold on to the fact that you are living out your dream.

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Stick To The Job You Are Good At:

As an entrepreneur, your skill base should constantly be expanding as, do not deceive yourself that you have only one job, you will probably have to put your hand in everything and even if you don’t need to get involved, you must know a little bit of everything to adequately supervise and ensure everything is moving smoothly.

Strive For A Healthy Work-Life Balance:

After working hours, an employee may be able to switch off and enjoy the rest of their day until working hours resume the next day. As an entrepreneur however, your working hours are spread through your entire day and you have to constantly be looking into things, drafting new plans, selling yourself and your brand and staying adrift of new happenings.

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