50 Beautiful Pedi Names and Surnames For Babies

Pedi is a language spoken in Northern or Eastern Transvaal in Southern Sothos, a Sotho group in Southern Africa, and naming children in Pedi is both a cultural and linguistic phenomenon. The meaning attached to Pedi names plays a significant role in the definition of “personhood”.

It is speculated that a given name does not only serve as an identity but also determines the type of person the individual will be. While there are several Pedi names, this article brings more clarity to the different Pedi names, meanings, and significance.

It will help you choose wisely by checking out these good Pedi names for boys, Pedi names for girls, unisex Pedi names, Pedi surnames, their meaning, any known historical significance they have, and any specifics about children given such names.

Origin of Pedi Names

Emphasis is placed on the name a child bears as names are speculated to influence the personality of the bearer. There is a proverb that refers to the influence of names on character: Bitso lebe keseromo (literally, “a bad name is ominous”)

No parent gives a random name to their child. They are most likely to give names that they are aware of their significance and to reflect the future they want for their child. The name a child bears can be influenced by a lot of beliefs and history which can be termed the origin of those names. Most of these beliefs include:

  • Among Pedi, the names given to individuals refer to historical events, experiences, emotions, status relations, clan and kinship relations, as well as authority
  • Names are barely chosen at random and usually recollect a grandfather or another important relation
  • Sometimes they commemorate an important, unusual event or personage
  • Naming a child after kinsmen serves as a religious ritual
  • The system of naming children after their paternal or maternal relatives serves to eternalize the names of forefathers, and it brings grandparents and grandchildren closer to one another
  • It is also believed that the child so-named will inherit the characters of his grandparents
  • In some cultures, nearly all individuals, possess at least a given name (also known as a first name, or a forename), together with a surname (also known as the last name or family name)

In the name “Nelson Mandela”, for example, Nelson is the first name and Mandela is the surname.

Afrikaans names
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Good Pedi Names For Baby Girls

Pedi has beautiful names for their baby girls which can also be linked to a prominent or famous person, a neighbor, and others. The names are as follows:

1. Ntsoaki (LSe)

  • Meaning: “to stir” or “mix up”.
  • Origin:  This is a native Pedi name given to girls amongst boys and is usually given to a girl who is the only daughter amongst her male siblings

2. Ntswaki (SASe)

  • Meaning: “to stir” or “mix up”
  • Origin: (Native Pedi) is usually given to girls amongst boys and is usually given to a girl who is the only daughter amongst her male siblings

3. Nyakallo

  • Meaning: joy
  • Origin: Native Pedi; given to the baby girl because of the immense joy that fills the home due to her arrival.

4. Bina

  • Meaning: Freshness
  • Origin: Native Pedi

5. Bathsheba

  • Meaning: daughter of oath
  • Origin: Hebrew;  gotten from the bible.  Bathsheba was the name of the beautiful daughter of King Solomon and wife of King David.

6. Kahauhelo

  • Meaning: Compassion or pity
  • Origin: Native Pedi

7. Bertha

  • Meaning: Bright
  • Origin: Native Pedi

8. Bokang

  • Meaning:  Rejoice or Praise
  • Origin: Sotho ancestry

9. Puleng

  • Meaning: in or during the rain
  • Origin: Sotho

10. Tlhokomelo

  • Meaning: care
  • Origin: Sotho. The name can be shortened to Tlhoko if you want

11. Mosela

  • Meaning: tail. It is idiomatically ‘the last child or the last one.’ So you can consider using this name for your last child
  • Origin: Native Pedi

12. Nthabiseng

  • Meaning: Make me happy
  • Origin: Native Pedi

13. Tlotliso

  • Meaning: Honor; Used by parents who prefer appealing sound over substance or spelling for that matter.
  • Origin: Native Pedi

14. Dineo

  • Meaning: Gift or talent
  • Origin: Sotho

15. Tebello

  • Meaning: Expectation; Used by Parents who prefer simple instead of flashy names
  • Origin: Sotho

16. Ramatla

  • Meaning: Strength; Its nickname, Remy has become an independent given name in its own right
  • Origin: Sotho

17.  Palesa

  • Meaning: Flower; This name is usually used by parents who are tired of using the same old floral monikers like Lily and Daisy for their daughter
  • Origin: Sotho

18.  Liseho

  • Meaning: laughter
  • Origin: Sotho

19.  Naleli

  • Meaning: Star
  • Origin: Sothos

20. Mpho

  • Meaning: Gift
  • Origin: Sotho

21. Lindelani

  • Meaning: Be patient; Lindelani has a romantic quality and sophisticated flair to it. You also have the option to shorten it to Linda, one of the most familiar names in the world
  • Origin: Sothos

22. Mathapelo

  • Meaning: Mother of prayer; Mathapelo is sassy, feminine, and debonair. It brings to mind an elegant girl with a paintbrush in her hand and canvas in front
  • Origin: Sothos

23. Libiko

  • Meaning: Praises
  • Origin: Lesotho

24. Levine

  • Meaning: Candle or light
  • Origin: Sotho

25. Ausi

  • Meaning: Sister
  • Origin: Sotho

26. Futsana

  • Meaning: To look alike; Adopted by parents that want something different or expecting a girl-girl twin
  • Origin: Sothos

27. Benya

  • Meaning: To be bright and shine; It is a name for a happy girl
  • Origin: Sotho

28. Tsepiso

  • Meaning: Promise
  • Origin: Sotho

29. Diboko

  • Meaning: Praises
  • Origin: Sotho

30.  Dintle

  • Meaning: Beauty
  • Origin: Sotho

 31. Basetsana

  • Meaning: Ladies; This moniker conjures a sense of innocence and youthfulness, which we believe are lovely notions to impart through the name choice
  • Origin: Sotho

32. Lineo

  • Meaning: Grant; This name is at the forefront of popularity, probably because of its easy spelling and pronunciation
  • Origin: Sotho

33. Ramatla

  • Meaning: Strength
  • Origin: Sotho

 Pedi Names For Boys

Sotho baby names
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34. Thuso

  • Meaning: Help
  • Origin: Sotho

35. Matsimela

  • Meaning: Roots
  • Origin: Sotho

36. Kamohelo

  • Meaning: Welcome or acceptance
  • Origin: Sotho

37. Thapelo

  • Meaning: Help
  • Origin: Sotho

38. Litsehoana

  • Meaning: Little Laughter
  • Origin: Sotho

39. Rapula

  • Meaning: Father of rain or giver of rain
  • Origin: Sotho

40. Lebohang

  • Meaning: Be thankful
  • Origin: Sotho

41. Mohavi

  • Meaning: Victor; It’s the Pedi version of the English name “Victor”. It signifies victory.
  • Origin: Lesotho

42. Lewatle

  • Meaning: Ocean
  • Origin: Sotho

43. Letsatsi

  • Meaning: Sun
  • Origin: Sotho

44. Katleho

  • Meaning: Success
  • Origin: Sotho

45. Tlotliso

  • Meaning: Honourable
  • Origin: Sotho

46. Tumisang

  • Meaning: Praise to God; It reflects thanksgiving and gratitude
  • Origin: Sotho

47. Pheijna

  • Meaning: Youngest Child; This name is specially kept for the youngest child in the family
  • Origin: Sotho

48. Rethabile

  • Meaning: We are happy; This shows that the family received the child happily and most children who answer these make live happy lives
  • Origin: Sotho

49. Sello

  • Meaning: Wailing; It shows sorrow and sadness yet most people still answer it to signify the circumstances surrounding the birth of a child
  • Origin: Sotho

Unisex Pedi Names and Surnames

Surnames in Pedi culture and South Africa in general historically evolved as a way to sort people into groups – by occupation, place of origin, clan affiliation, patronage, parentage, adoption, and even physical characteristics (like red hair)

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Many of the modern surnames used in South Africa can be traced back to Britain and Ireland.

50. Khosi

  • Meaning: King
  • Origin: Lesotho. It has its origin in Nubian princes and royalty

51. Atlarela

  • Meaning: Welcome; The name connotes acceptance and a happy reception of a baby.
  • Origin: Sotho

52. Thebe

  • Meaning: Shield
  • Origin: African

53. Fenya

  • Meaning: Peace and gift of God
  • Origin: Russian

54. Jeso

  • Meaning: Crowd Maker
  • Origin: Aramaic

55. Karabo

  • Meaning: Answer
  • Origin:  Sepedi
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