110 Worst Names Ever: The Most Out of Line Baby, Band & Last Names

What’s in a name? many would say, but then until you come across an undoubtedly ugly name, you may never believe there are such things as bad names. A name is used to identify people,  animals and a whole lot of other things.

While there are many other categories or classes identified with names, we will be talking about names of people. Why do people have names?

A world without names would have been a complicated one; where people will have to shout on top of their voices to call the attention of others. It wouldn’t stop there, imagine a computer operator managing a database without names of people.

This is why we all have names. However, some names make us question possible reasons for their existence. I have personally come across several people bearing all sorts of strange and ridiculous names. I keep wondering why their parents or whoever christened them decided to choose such names for them. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a good name; while some that were given weird names by their parents change it when they grow up, some other people with unusual names prefer to keep them for reasons best known to them.

Here is a list of the worst names ever.

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Worst Names Ever

1. Rick Titball

2. Willie Stroker

3. Chardonnay Hooker

4. Harry Baals

5. Khumalo Tiny Dick

6. Peanisbreath M

7. Tara Cherry, M.D.

8. Jolly Mangina

9. Hitler Mussolini

10. Dick Assman

11. Poon Ho

12. Steve Sharts

13. Rowdy Negro

14. Brownie Shytles

15. Dr. Shit Fun Chew

16. Misty Hyman

17. Jack Kanoff, MD

18. Rich Will Wanket

19. Yolanda Squatpump

47. Dr. James Grossweiner

48. Dick Weiner

49. Anass Rhammar

Worst Baby Names

50. Thermopylae

51. Kaizyle

52. Abstinence

53. Mazen

54. Tom

55. Phelony

56. Eighmey

57. Derfla

58. Rage

59. Jammy

60. Phelony

61. Ame and Rica

62. Semaj

63. Heaven lee

64. Revlon

65. Gennah Tyles

66. Romulus and Remus

67. Gabriel and Grabiel

68. Baby Boi

69. Deitora

70. Brixx and Ryot

71. Britney Shakira Beyonce

72. Ermengarde

worst names ever

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Worst Last Names

Last names too cannot be left out in this unusual mention of worst names. It happens in some cases that some people with really good first names have the most unusual last names. And just like it always is with surnames, the bearers of bad last names find it difficult to change them.

Some of the worst last names are… (take notice of the emboldened names)

73. Destinee Hooker

74. Oliver Loser

75. Yolanda Squatpump

76. Chew Kok

77. Mike Litoris

78. Dick Pound

79. Anurag Dikshit

80. Harry Baals

81. Willard Horsedick

82. Jack Kanoff

83. Lucious Pusey

84. Evelyn Sackrider

85. Brandi Morehead

86. Phat Ho

87. Fagley Dork

Worst Band Names

Music bands are also not left out in this. Ever come across a band name and see yourself wondering how it came about or how the group managed to reach a consensus on the name?

It can be easily understood that a person inherits a name from their parents and may find it hard to change. But what possible explanation could be given for a band name?

The names we regard as worst here, are actually names created by grown-ups, making it even weirder and confusing. While most of these weird names are found in Rock n Roll bands, there are bands of other music genres that also bear the most ridiculous and even scary names.

Here are some of the worst band names we have heard

88. Anal Cunt

89. Rapeman -Rock band

90. Dogs Die in Hot Cars -Rock band

91. Butthole Surfers – Rock band

92. Insane Clown Posse – Hip Pop

93. The Clits

94. Don of Dork

95. We Are Going to Eat You

96. Crispy Ambulance

97. Toilet Boys

98. The Surf Wankers

Worst Boy Names

You would agree with us that the worst names are commonly found among boys. Though not scientifically proved, there is a common notion that boys are more resistant to the shaming that comes with ugly names. There are lots and lots of them, but we will be giving you a few.

99. Robert Fagot

100. Marijuana Pepsi Jackson(Sawyer)

101. Dr. B.J. Hardick

102. Danger

103. Little Sweetmeat

104. Colon

105. Lucious Pusey

106. Rick Titball

107. Winterbottom

108. Dick Trickle

109. Dick Tips

110. Gaylord

Worst Girl Names

The notion that girls may not be that resistant to name shaming does not mean there are not unlucky ones who were not opportune to change their names. Here are some of the worst girl names we have heard.

111. Anous

112. Sue

113. Hellzel

114. Dusk

115. Orgasm

116. Abcde

117. Grogda

118. Peggy

119. Time

110. Hashtag

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