It Is Crazy To Believe Buhari Donated $500 Million To Hillary’s Campaign – Garba Shehu

What is the craziest accusation made against President Buhari?

Garba Shehu says it is the accusation, or rumor rather that the Presidency supported Hillary Clinton’s campaign with $500 million.

Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity to the President, Garba Shehu on Friday officially debunked the circulating news that Nigeria supported Hillary Clinton’s campaign with millions of dollars and as a result, Donald Trump is angry with the country.

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The unverified news gained weight with a viral video from a US non-governmental group, the American Black Group for Democracy, purporting that Nigeria donated $500 million (about N150 billion) to Clinton’s race for the oval office.

According to the Punch, the claims were that the $500 million was pledged to the US Secretary of State, Sen John Kerry, and US Ambassador in Abuja; and that the donation may create a huge misunderstanding between Nigeria and the incoming Trump’s US government.”

Making it officially clear for Nigerians, Garba Shehu has outrightly dismissed the news and insinuations as a baseless fallacy insisting that the nation does not and cannot afford to throw that kind of money around.

Garba Shehu used his Twitter handle to shed light on the $500 million accusation.

“What is the craziest accusation made against President Buhari?”

“That he donated $500 million to Hillary’s campaign and that Donald Trump is angry. This has gone viral, sadly Nigerians are believing it!”

“President Buhari’s Nigeria doesn’t have this kind of money to throw around. Even if the money is there, this President is the least likely person to give it as donation, and for what?”

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Turning the table around, he says that the Presidency is rather still pursuing the return of Nigerian loots stashed in American banks.

He says that a federal account has been set up to receive about $1 million from Alamieyesiegha. He says the next anticipated return will be Abacha’s $480 million loot.

According to him,

“[The]Attorney-General, Malami (SAN) will be in the US next week to speak to the Department of Justice on the next steps for the return of that as well.”

“The U.S is paying to Nigeria, not the other way round.”