6 Months Nursing Courses In South Africa and the Colleges That Offer Them 

There are a lot of jobs that will always be important, and one of such is Nursing. In South Africa, it is a very popular profession with more people opting to take up a career in Nursing. However, this may be harder for people who did not spend 4 years in university and have questions regarding nursing, the good thing is that there are 6 months nursing courses in South Africa where one can study to be a nurse and earn a living within a short period. We will explore in this piece some 6 months nursing courses in South Africa and the colleges that offer them.

Nursing Courses To Study In South Africa

The body in charge of nursing in South Africa is the South African Nursing Council. Being in charge of nursing in the country means that they have the final say on what degrees can be used by someone who wants to practice nursing in South Africa. There are three types of nurses acknowledged by the South African Nursing Council and they are registered nurses, enrolled nurses, and enrolled auxiliary nurses.

To be a registered nurse you have to go through the mandatory 4 years of training required to get a degree or 3 years to get a national diploma. However, If you are looking for a degree that is more short term you can choose to become an enrolled auxiliary nurse. The course of study for this is just 6 months and there are different institutions in South Africa, particularly in Cape Town that offer this type of course.

Where Can I Take 6 Months Nursing Courses in South Africa?

As previously stated a 6-month course to become a nurse in South Africa is available. However, the institutions that offer this have to follow a strict set of guidelines that are determined by the South African Nursing Council. In the event that you are interested in becoming a nurse and you only have the bandwidth for a short-term course, then you are obviously in the market for institutions or hospitals that offer such short-term courses. The list below has all you are searching for:

1. Netcare

This is one of the leading healthcare companies in South Africa and it is believed to be the largest provider of private healthcare in the country. So it should not come as a surprise that they offer quite a number of 6-month courses that can be studied by aspiring nurses. These are the courses that can be taken at Netcare:

  • Anaesthetic and Recovery Room Skills
  • Central Sterile Service Department Technician
  • Elementary Critical Care Nursing
  • Elementary Neonatal Critical Care Nursing
  • Elementary Paediatric Critical Care Nursing
  • Infection Prevention and Control Nursing
  • Maternity Nursing
  • Operating Room Skills
  • Paediatric Cardio-Thoracic Nursing
  • Trauma and Emergency Nursing

2. Mediclinic

This international company boasts offices in Switzerland, Namibia, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with their head office located in South Africa. This is another health institution where one can get a degree in nursing after spending just 6 months studying.

The nursing courses they offer are:

  • Operating Theatre Nursing
  • Anaesthetic and Recovery Room Nursing
  • Emergency Nursing
  • Oncology or Haematology Nursing
  • General Critical Care
  • Nursing Science of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Cardiac Interventions
  • Cardio-Thoracic Critical

3. Gem Auxiliary Nursing School

Of all the institutions in South Africa that offer a 6-month nursing course, it is only the Gem Auxiliary Nursing School that is a standalone educational institution. If you do choose to go to Gem Auxiliary Nursing School these are the short term nursing courses they offer:

  • Home-Based Care
  • Skills Development Programme – Part qualification (NQF Level 01)

Medical Fields Where I Can Use My 6-Month Nursing Training

As a nurse with a degree achieved in 6 months, you might be tempted to worry about what fields you can work in but be rest assured that there is no need to fret. The 6-month courses have a level of validity and as long as you obtained your certificate from an institution approved by the South African Nursing Council you are well on your way to having a thriving career as an enrolled auxiliary nurse.

The fields you can work in are the ones that you specialized in during your 6-month course. So, if you want to work in oncology you can get a degree from Mediclinic as they are the ones that offer a 6-month course for Enrolled Auxiliary nurses in Oncology.

Who Can Do The 6 Months Nursing Course?

Anyone can do the 6-month nursing course but there are a specific set of requirements that they must meet before they can start classes. You need to have completed the National Senior Certificate and have qualifications that are required for exit level 3 or 4. You need to have grades between 50-59% in the following subjects: English, Life Orientation, Mathematics, First additional or home language, and four other subjects. As long as you have the above, all you have to do is perform the following actions:

To register you will need to present the following documents: You need to register with the SANC by providing

  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of your qualifications
  • Certificate of good character and standing
  • Registration fee
  • Reports and information on your application may also be required by the registrar
  • Finally, you will sit for an exam administered by the SANC that fits the specific qualification you seek. There are different exams for the different categories of nursing professionals

Jobs I Can Get With A 6-month Nursing Course Degree

As expected, the jobs you can get with the 6-month nursing degree are the jobs of an enrolled auxiliary nurse. You will work in a hospital with other nurses and while you will also provide care, you will primarily work to support enrolled and registered nurses who will closely supervise the work that you do.

If you are looking to make more money and grow in your career, you should consider taking more courses such as the Higher Certificate in Nursing, Diploma in Nursing, or the Bachelors in Nursing degree program, which would make you qualify as an Enrolled and Registered nurse respectively – equipping you with more knowledge and practical experience, while guaranteeing you more prestige and financial returns that come with attaining these higher qualifications.

Depending on what the individual wants, a 6 months nursing course in South Africa should be a springboard to achieving more. So, a 6 months nursing course is a step in the right direction for those who want to build a formidable foundation and career in nursing.

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