Cheryl Kitonga is the latest Kenyan woman to grab all the headlines on Kenyan blogs and newspapers after she was uncovered by Jicho Pevu to be Jacob Juma’s mystery mistress.

The slain Tycoon’s girlfriend became the topic of conversation, scorn and ridicule on social media with all the nasty jokes, memes and statements against her floating around from every angle after she was exposed as the lady who last saw him alive.

Following the nerve-wracking revelation, the young beauty has tried very hard to dodge the media. She has also wisely chosen to stay off all social media platforms. That, however, has not stopped social media users from decimating her life.

While she is still agonizing over the turn out of the whole incident, we bring you some traits that might tell who Cheryl Kitonga is.

Cheryl Kitonga Biography

Not much is known about Cheryl Kitonga, whose sudden rise to fame is attached to the death of another person.

The little that is know about her is from journalist Mohammed Ali’s exposé which went viral. During this time, Cherly rushed to her Facebook account to deactivate it, so that she wouldn’t be trailed on social media. However, her photos and info had already been picked up along with a little information.

From what was gotten, Cheryl is understood to be in her late 20’s. The young thrill-seeking Nairobi girl still lives with her parents. She was in a relationship when news about her transgressions suddenly hit the airwaves. This prompted her boyfriend at the time to dump her.

She has also dated some famous people on social media. The list might not be exhaustive, but Cheryl is alleged to have dated many popular Twitter users before Jacob Juma, one of whom studied Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Nairobi.


Cheryl Kitonga is a former Marketing student at the University of Nairobi. She was at the University from 2009-2013. According to information on her Linkedin page, she pursued a Diploma in B Comm (Marketing/Marketing Management, General at Computer Pride).

Cheryl has always been business minded. So it not surprising that she entered into a “do and pay deal” with Jacob Juma, who has a huge reputation for doing such businesses. After all, anything given in exchange for money is business, right?

Relationship With Jacob Juma

Cheryl did not want her friends, talk less about the whole world, to know about her relationship with Jacob Juma. In her admission which was publicized live on KTN, Ms Kitonga revealed that she met the late Jacob Juma unexpectedly one night.

She stated that they met at an Mpesa specialist shop where she had gone to get cash to buy food. She admitted that both of them felt a connection most especially since she thought he would be able to help her in her business exchanges.

To meet Juma, Cheryl had to always sneak in and out of her parents home in a taxi. When it’s time to go home, Jacob would drop her in town in the cover of darkness before driving to his Karen home; just how it happened the night he was killed.

Quick Facts About Cheryl Kitonga

She’s Clever But Not Very Clever

Cheryl was not smart enough to know that she was not supposed to disclose her personal dealings to an untrustworthy taxi driver. And even if she must share the gist, she should have sieved some very personal things out since it was a phone call and not a face to face discussion.

She wasn’t even smart enough to figure out Mohammed Ali bribed the driver who used to drive her on her perverse missions, to extract information from her about where exactly Jacob Juma dropped her off on the night that he was killed.

She Faced Harassment And Was Tormented Emotionally

Cheryl Kitonga, after being recorded on phone confessing to having been with slain businessman Jacob Juma, the young beauty spoke up saying that she is passing through emotional torment and she wants to be left alone.

She told a close friend that the media and unknown people were stalking and harassing her but she wants to be left alone.

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