6 Types of Men That Will Make The Best Husbands and Boyfriends

Every single lady has some qualities she looks out for in a man; from reasonable to completely inappropriate qualities. Since marriage, according to the old law isn’t a comfortable or easy union. It entails you taking a decision that changes your life forever. As a result, preparation and careful thought should be highly considered before getting into marriage. In getting into marriage, no matter the pressure that comes from both family and friends, the sensible qualities should be held on to tightly. Judging men by the wrong standards may land you into irreparable mistakes. Example, women who focus typically on misplaced qualities end up suffering woes, especially those who only desire to marry rich men with so much money and to latch on to their wealth. A woman who is only driven by wealth, six packs and the charming appearance of a man and whose love is measured by the size of man’s pockets ends up making huge mistakes in the everlasting union. Such women will readily miss the best husbands whose qualities we will discuss here.

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Best Husbands

We have gathered some reasonable qualities you should look out for in a man before saying ‘Yes’.  Even though our tastes differ like our preferences, there are some standard attributes that a wise and sensible woman who’s prepared to be a wife, ought to check out for in the search for a potential husband. See some of these qualities you should look out for in potential best husbands below:

Choose A Hard Worker For A Husband

I know you’ve heard this a number of times and it’s almost going on the wane, but it is really important to settle for a not so rich man who is hardworking. The secret to a happy marriage is marrying a hard working husband who spends time fending off poverty. According to a new study, husbands who work hard are likely to have healthier wives. However, some women deceive themselves that it really doesn’t matter whether or not the man they marry has a job. This is not authorized by the Bible in the first place, it is wildly inappropriate. The Bible tells us the roles a man was created to do includes to be a provider. And a woman was created to be a man’s helpmate. So how will you help a jobless man or somebody who does absolutely nothing? If you think you’re a superwoman and has the strongest love for a jobless man, no matter how blind you think your love for him is; one day, a miracle will happen and you will receive healing for your love blindness. My fear is, it might be too late before you get healed.

God-Fearing Man

The world is going secular, yea we know but getting down with a man who has a true relationship with God is the best thing that will ever happen to your life. As a matter of fact, this is the main thing you need to consider before saying the ‘big yes’. The rest are secondary. A man who has the marks of a true biblical husband will bring you even closer to your God and not farther away. With such man by your side, you will raise Godly children with character. A true God-fearing man imitates Christ, treats everybody he encounters right, loves you unreservedly despite your imperfections. The attributes that come with such men include tolerance, thoughtfulness, forbearing, care, compassion, patience, meekness, forgiveness, kindness, humility, selflessness and all God-like characteristics. It doesn’t get any better than this, does it?

An Insightful Man

Tie the knot with an enterprising or far-sighted man and you will be marvelled steadily at his imaginative energy.  A man with plan and vision will somehow work hard to reach his goal. Therefore a man with vision and plan will work hard enough trying to achieve his big dream and this in return will bring happiness to your marriage. Of course, it’s not about marriage, it’s about after marriage, what next? Where does he see himself in the next few years? A man without plans for his life definitely wouldn’t have plans for your own life make no mistake about that.


Choose a man who supports you through the good and the bad. A good listener, one who guides you to the right path and supports your decision. Be it your career move or any other personal or professional decision, he should support you. And mind you, not someone who supports everything including the wrongs you do. So, if he doesn’t always support you, doesn’t mean he is not supportive. It means he does not think you are on the right track and wants to be a good confidant to you.


Without any source of income, how could he be enthused to become a proactive man? You see everything mentioned already are somehow interlinked in the best husbands ever seen. A man who isn’t hardworking, insightful and God-fearing won’t be proactive. How can they express readiness to control anything within their powers without all of those? Every woman no doubts needs a proactive man. A man who is alert, action-driven and ready at all times to tackle the needful. A man who doesn’t wait for things to occur before he can work out the solution.

A Reader

People learn from watching TV, involving in dialogues, as well reading. By a reader, we mean someone who is eager to learn. A learner is similar to a survivor. It is nearly impossible to grow without reading or engaging in any of those. New ideas are earned through these means. A man who reads and learns from educating books including the bible will have all the characteristics mentioned earlier. He will learn each day how to head his family and the right things that enable his family to grow.

Looks are deceptive. Wealth is short-lived and life is too short to spend with a visionless man. A man totally sold out to Christ, a dreamer, hard working and hungry for knowledge…..this man….Marry him! Such men make the list of best husbands in Kenya and elsewhere. These best husbands will stay with you, or rather have you with them in thick and thin.

Fadamana U
Fadamana U
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