Durga Kami

Who says it is ever too late to learn? Definitely not Durga Kami.

The 68-year old grandfather made a decision to go to school regardless of his age. He is currently Nepal’s oldest student at the moment.

Durga Kami is a father of 6 and a grandfather of 8. He had always wanted to be a teacher. However, his poor background did not permit that dream to come true.

Now he has the opportunity to catch up on what he missed academically in his youth. He has returned to the classroom as a student so that he could become a teacher.

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With undaunted determination the 68-year old man walks to school every morning. This takes about an hour. He walks to school with the aid of his walking stick. Unashamed, he smartly wears his school uniform, knots his tie and sets out with his back pack behind him.


His agility and will to make an academic achievement is very glaring. He studies at night with his torchlight; participates in all school activities and even plays the volleyball.

It appears the grandpa has no issues blending in with the young pupils in the school. Durga is a 10th grader who shares the classroom with 14-15 year olds at Shree Kala Bhairab Higher Secondary.

Durga Kami

The good news for Durga is that his classmates respect him. They all address him as ‘Baa’, which means ‘father’.


“This is my first experience teaching a person who is as senior as my father’s age.”– Nepal Teacher.

“He is a very strong and motivational person, also wise but I felt his sadness and loneliness.”– Navesh Chitrakar, Reuter Photojournalist.

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Durga Kami who lost his wife some time ago admits that going to school helps him manage his loneliness.

“To forget my sorrows I go to school.”

He says he wants to study till he dies; and also to be a source of inspiration to people who limit themselves to the benefits of education because they are advanced in age.