7 Things You Didn’t Know About The Fitness Model Mia Sand

Fitness modeling is a niche on its own and there are multiple people who are building their brands in the field – one of such people is Mia Sand. There is a common trope in the lives of fitness models and this is the story of hard work and dedication. Mia Sand has proven that beauty can be attained through a life of fitness and healthy habits.

Keep reading to learn more about this fitness expert who is known as Mia Sand.

Background Details Of Mia Sand

Mia Sand, who is also called Miss Fit, was born on the 11th of October 1987 and her birth took place in Denmark. There is no information on her childhood or her early education as she has not revealed much about her early life.

As a young girl, she noticed that she was bigger than the other girls in her age group and this caused her to worry, but she just decided to ignore the way she was feeling. However, as she got older, her size bothered her. While many other women she knew were petite and slim, Sand was much bigger. By the time she was twenty-six and after the birth of her first kid, Mia Sand decided that she was going to dedicate hours at the gym, trying to create a body that she will actually grow to love.

Mia’s exercising began with a lot of Cardio before she added weight lifting to her workout regimen. Within a short time, she started to see the results she wanted and was getting a trimmer body.

7 Things You Didn’t Know About The Fitness Model Mia Sand

1. Family

Mia Sand has not revealed much about her family, but in one of her Instagram posts, she credits her mother for instilling resilience in her. The members of her family she is most proud of are her husband and sons. Her husband is also into fitness and both of them have bodies to show how much work they put in at the gym, they have two sons together, Sean and Noor. Sean is the older son and her second son Noor was born in August of 2018. During her pregnancy, Sand continued to work out which incited criticism from fans who felt she was hurting her child by working out.

2. Workout Routine and Diet

The core of Mia Sand workout is weight lifting and power building; this means that she mostly does exercises that are targeted at building muscles. The bulk of her workout is free squats and squatting with weights for her thighs, legs, and glutes, bench presses and dips are mostly for her chest and back. She also does high-intensity cardio to target the fat in her body. The work out she does for her arms are skull crushers, bicep curls, and pushdowns.

Her diet is mainly high carb and low fat interspersed with protein shakes and smoothies. All of this is what she has combined to get the body she has today.

3. Brand Modeling

As she started to look more in shape, Mia Sand went into modeling, regardless of the fact that she does not fit the conventional size 0 that is mostly expected of models. She is still excelling at her modeling career. Sand mostly models for Body Engineers and Fashion Nova Curve. All of her modeling is done on her Instagram page.

4. Social Media Presence

Unlike a lot of fitness enthusiasts, Mia Sand does not have a channel on YouTube but she has been featured on the YouTube channels of others, where she has given tutorials on how to properly squat to grow a nice looking butt and on other workout regimens. Most of the tutorial videos she puts up can be found on her Instagram page Missmiafit where she has over a million followers.

5. She is a Motivational Speaker

As a result of the journey she had to pass through to become fit, Mia Sand is always encouraging other people to take the healthy path as well. On her Instagram account, she is known to offer words of motivation and encouragement, particularly to women who are struggling with weight loss or finding what works for them.

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6. Website

Mia Sand runs an online fitness class on her website, missmiafit.dk – all that needs to be done is to select if you either want to lose weight, grow muscles or build a healthy lifestyle. Recently, she added the category of post-partum training as she had just trained to get back in shape after her pregnancy.

7. Body Measurements

She currently weighs 79.4 kg and has a height of 5 feet 7 inches, which is slightly above the height of the average woman.

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