7 Kurt Russell Movies Ranked From Best To Worst

Kurt Russell’s movies have seen the American actor pour out his all in Hollywood. His acting debut was as far back as 1963 in the western series titled The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters when he was just 12 years old. From a child actor, he has grown into a world-class actor with a number of outstanding award nominations and a net worth of $70 million.

With a career spanning over five decades, Kurt Vogel Russell has starred in well over 58 films and 30 TV series, putting in numerous critically acclaimed performances in his assigned roles. However, not all his works are hits, as some did not get on the good book’s critics and fans. Here is a list of his 7 movies ranked best to worst out of the pile.

7 Kurt Russell Movies Ranked From Best To Worst

1. The Battered Bastards of Baseball (2014)

Tomatometer 100%, IMDb 8/10

Production Budget: N/A

Box Office: N/A

Kurt Russell Movies
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This is a 2014 documentary film directed by Chapman Way and Maclain Way and produced by Juliana Lembi. It is about the Portland Mavericks, a defunct minor league baseball team in Portland, Oregon. They played five seasons in the Class A-Short Season Northwest League, from 1973 through 1977. Owned by actor Bing Russell, the Mavericks were an independent team, without the affiliation of a parent team in the major leagues. The title was derived from a line in Jim Bouton’s book Ball – a part of which read; “US battered bastards of baseball are the biggest customers of the U.S. Post Office, forwarding address department.” The film received positive reviews from critics as evident in its perfect 100% score on RT. The movie is now on Netflix.

2. Swing Shift (1984)

Tomatometer 92%, 5.9/10

Production Budget – $15 million

Box Office – $6.6 million

Despite the sharp drop income at the Box office in comparison with the production budget, the 1984 American romantic drama war film is still ranked as one of the best of Kurt Russell’s movies. It tells the story of how a married woman found love in the arms of another man owing to her husband’s absence on a mission in World War II. Kurt played the role of Lucky Lockhart, a musician whom the married woman fell in love with. The film was directed by Jonathan Demme and produced by Jerry Bick.

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3. Death Proof 2007

Tomatometer 63%, IMDb 7/10

Production Budget – $30 million

Box Office – $30.7 million

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This is a 2007 American exploitation horror film where Kurt Russell played the role of Stuntman Mike, an engine revving psychopath who murders young women in staged car accidents using his death-proof stunt car at 200 mph. The film was directed by Quentin Tarantino and co-produced by him and Robert Rodriguez, Elizabeth Avellán and Erica Steinberg. With the production budget of $30 million, the film grossed $30.7 million in the Box office. Despite its commercial failure, it was a critical success with its rating of 63% on rotten tomatoes.

4. Dark Blue (2002)

Tomatometer 58%, IMDb 6.6/10

Production Budget – $15 million

Box Office – $12 million

The 2002 American neo-noir film was directed by Ron Shelton and co-produced by David Blocker, Caldecot Chubb, Sean Daniel, and James Jacks. In the film, Kurt assumed the character of Eldon Perry, a member of the LAPD’s elite Special Investigations squad who is known for his tough street tactics, fiery temper, and a willingness to do whatever it takes to bring someone to justice. He plays fast and loose with the rules and goes over the line until another cop vows to bring him down. Kurt played a supporting role alongside Brendan Gleeson in the film that is rated 58% by rotten tomatoes.

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5. Vanilla Sky (2001)

Tomatometer 42%, IMDb 6.9/10

Production Budget – $68 million

Box Office – $203.4 million

Kurt Russell Movies
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This is a 2001 American fiction psychological thriller film where Kurt Russell portrayed the character of Dr. Curtis McCabe. It stars the likes of Tom Cruise (who also doubles as the co-producer), Penélope Cruz, Cameron Diaz, and many other superstars. It began with David Aames (Tom Cruise), an owner of a large publishing company he inherited from his father, in prison. Wearing a prosthetic mask, David tells his life story to court psychologist, Dr. Curtis McCabe (Kurt Russell). Directed by Camera Crowe and co-produced by him and Tom Cruise, and Paula Wagner, it had good success in the box office, despite average to negative ratings on rotten tomatoes.

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6. Captain Ron (1992)

Tomatometer 23%, IMDb 5.8/10

Production Budget – $24 million

Box Office – $ 22.5 million

This American comedy movie tells a story of a Chicago based businessman who inherited a 60’ yacht from his deceased uncle and decided to go to the Caribbean and claim his inheritance. Despite Kurt Russell’s lead role in the movie, it was not a hit, as it managed to gross $22.5 million in the Box office against a budget of $24 million. It was also a critical failure as evidenced by the above ratings.

7. Soldier (1998)

Rotten Tomatoes 12%, IMDb 6/10

Production Budget – $60 million

Box Office – $14.6 million

Kurt Russell Movies
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Among Kurt Russell’s movies, Soldier is the lowest rated as per Rotten Tomatoes. It had a woeful outing at the box office as well, raking in only $14.6 million out of production budget was $60 million. The American sci-fi film directed by Paul W.S. Anderson saw the 5 ft 11 inches tall Kurt portray the character of Sgt. Todd 3465. A veteran of numerous galactic conflicts that lived by the American Force’s Rules for Life since childhood.

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