7 Reasons Why The Nairobi Woman Is Just The Best For You

Nature is usually seen as female. Doubting? Think “Mother Nature.” Of course even the origin of the word nature itself from old French which from Latin ‘natura’ means birth. Therefore, demanding the “nature” of something is the same thing as asking how it was born, how it connects to the feminine. So literally and figuratively speaking, nature absolutely defines women and the Nairobi woman is no stranger to this. Although Nairobi women have had a fair share of slack, there are quite a good number of reasons why they are very fit for you. If you are still feeling uncertain about a Nairobi woman, read on to see fascinating facts why the Nairobi woman is just the perfect match for you.

We Are Hard Workers:

Think “what is worth doing is worth doing well”, then think the Nairobi woman. Unless it is not worth doing, we will get it done. We do not lazy around, fiddling our fingers and waiting for life to happen or a magic to occur. We step out there and make it happen for ourselves. Amazing right? Sure it is. We didn’t just start all that all of a sudden, but because we are good learners, we learnt it from life lessons. Of course, life has taught us that a modern Nairobian man wants to share the bills, expenses and even responsibilities as well as the dinner date; on that note, we have to have our own taxi money. A Nairobian woman undoubtedly always has money in her purse, even though she might say otherwise; believe it or not we always have a backup plan or as you may call it, a ‘plan B”. We will rather stay back home when we are not buoyant enough to step out there for a date and until we have enough in our purse, no dinner date of any kind.

We are competitive:

Now, this obviously explains itself right? We strive hard to do what a man can do, we don’t just recite the long-held belief, we make it come through. Of course, there are a good number of jobs formerly referred to as ‘masculine jobs’ but we Nairobian women have got a hold on them. That what we do, we go where there is no path and make a trail. But for the doubting souls who still don’t believe it, drive around Nairobi and see how almost 99 percent of women are contributing immensely to the labour force.

We Are Beautiful And Therefore Do Not Settle:

In case you are wondering what I mean by that, it simply means that when once we want a job, we put in all the efforts required to get a hold of it. It is also the case when we are out to own a particular type of house, we work even harder to afford it. Not to mention how we make it possible when we want our children to attend a certain school. Now, guess what we do when we want a man especially one we often admire and desire from afar to be our life companion or husband? You got it so right! we go and make him ours. You see, we do not settle, but strive very hard to get the best. So unless we get the best of everything we wanted, we never rest, capiche? So if you are in a quest for a woman to help build your dream empire or make your ambition a reality? We are just the perfect ones to make that come true as we are never thrust to wait when we want something badly.

We Are Nothing Short of Money Makers:

If we relate to a piece organised by some Kenyan male writer who was worrying on why Nairobian women do not make good life companions, one of the reasons was because we may be w***** (a not so ladylike word). Why did he feel so? Because we might be receiving around KES 20000 but out fare is KES 5000 (if you live in Rongai, you need to budget around KES 10000), rent – Kshs 10000, clothes – KES 5000; which is basically more than what we earn. Take it for a fact, that I receive a salary does not imply that  I do not do other things that helps me maintain myself. Nairobi woman also will be in chamas, have a stall in town, she possibly would run a blog and still can alternate with a job and part-time school. Yes, she can conveniently cope by skilfully or cleverly balancing all the activities possibly as you think and you would even forget it is happening all in a day of her striving to make her ends meet. So, keeping her bank statement a respectable distance from you does not in the slightest mean she is w*****. (The not so ladylike word).

We Don’t Depend On Men To Survive:

Should you leave us and go away, or when you are down or when you pull a Houdini and we have no idea where you are. One thing is certain, we will hold up the castle until you decide come back. We do not ever waste all the time waiting for our men to make it happen for us, we are fighters and nothing ever brings us down.

Behind Us Lies A Silent Strength:

Nairobian women possess an extra ordinary hidden strength which helps them overcome seemingly unbearable situations. They may look gentle, gullible, vulnerable but they are heavily endowed with natural strength. And that is why in the face of obstacles and obstructions, they coast through it like it’s nothing. Many men have stepped on our shoulders in search of strength and encouragement. So, incase you need a strong woman but who appears soft physically, we are just the best people to be chosen.

We Are Beautiful And Intelligent:

Nairobian women are not only alluring but also intelligent. Speaking of beauty, our smiles exude ‘gorgeous’ and scream ‘awesome’. Of course, many men would testify that we don’t sweat but glow. Not to mention our IQ, which helps in thinking of solutions to difficult problems. Yes, we can find out where things are and we have an incredible spidey sense that can map things well which is why we are spot on when there is trouble ahead or any suspicions.

Fadamana U
Fadamana U
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