7 Things You Didn’t Know About Chanyeol (South Korean Rapper)

Chanyeol is a South Korean singer, songwriter, model and actor who is most popular as the main rapper on popular K-pop band, EXO. The SK rapper who was born as Park Chan-yeol on November 27, 1990, came to the limelight after joining the SM Entertainment boy group in 2012. In addition to EXO, Chanyeol is a member of the band’s subgroup and sub-unit, Exo-K and Exo-SC respectively. He debuted on Exo-SC in June 2019 alongside bandmate Sehun with whom he released an EP titled What a Life.

Aside from group projects, the rapper has several songs including “Delight” and “Young Street” to his personal credit. As an actor, he has featured in numerous films, TV shows and series such as Salut d’Amour, So I Married an Anti-fan, Memories of the Alhambra, Roommate, Missing 9, Law of the Jungle, and Secret Queen Makers. Moreover, Chanyeol has earned significant prominence through his modeling jobs for various famous magazines and brands including Allure, Vogue, WL’Officiel Hommes, Calvin Klein, Prada and Christian Dior.

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Chanyeol, the South Korean Rapper

1. Chanyeol Initially Wanted to be Just an Actor

Although Chanyeol’s current entertainment career includes acting, he initially wanted to be just an actor with no intention of going into a paid career in music. Prior to his graduation from the Hyundai High School in Apgujeong-dong, Seoul, Chanyeol began training at a private acting school with the hope of becoming a professional actor.

His interest, however, got diverted from acting to singing after he listened to Yoo Young-jin’s Unconditional Kismet. He subsequently auditioned at the Smart Model Contest in 2008 wherein he finished second place, earning a trainee slot with SM Entertainment. It was while training under SM that famous rappers like Eminem and Jason Mraz inspired Chanyeol into developing his passion for rapping, and consequently specializing in the area.

2. He Was the Last Unveiled EXO Member

Chanyeol with Exo band mates
Chanyeol (extreme left) with Exo band mates image source

Park Chanyeol was the last singer SM Entertainment revealed to the public as a member of their band, EXO. He was introduced on the 23rd of February, 2012 ahead of the group’s official debut on April 8 of the same year. In addition to serving as a vocalist and main rapper on the band, Chanyeol plays several instruments including drums, bass, guitar, and djembe. In 2014, he began contributing to writing the lyrics of several Exo songs some of which include Run, Lightsaber, and Heaven. He has also written/co-written songs for other musicians as well as the soundtracks for a number of films.

In addition to group projects and bandmate collaborations, Chanyeol has worked with several musicians both in the aspect of singing, songwriting, and music composition/recording. Some of the prominent acts he has worked with are South Korea’s Punch and Junggigo.

3. Chanyeol is Pursuing Culture, Arts and Designing

Adding to his already multifaceted entertainment career is Park Chnayeol’s studies in culture, arts, and interior design. While he is taking classes for Culture and Arts online from the Kyung Hee Cyber University, he is studying Interior Design at an Inha University graduate school. Park is actually the one who designed EXO’s hexagon logo.

4. He Has Had Two Surgeries

Chanyeol first had a Lasik eye surgery while training with SM Entertainment to improve his sight. Prior to the surgery, the rapper had worn eyeglasses during all training sessions which caused him some level of inconvenience, prompting the eye operation. Secondly, Park underwent a vocal cord surgery in 2019 before debuting with Exo-SC, to remove some cysts that were developing in the area. In addition, rumors are rife that Chanyeol had a minor plastic surgery procedure on his nose. The rapper has, however, never confirmed this.

5. He Has His Own Studio

Park Chanyeol owns a music studio named studio 519. The fast-rising rapper also counts among the few Korean musicians who have individual SoundCloud and Weibo accounts. Chanyeol’s studio also has its own Instagram account and has since written and recorded several songs.

6. Chanyeol is a Registered Music Producer

Early in 2017, news broke that Park Chanyeol has officially registered as a music producer with the Korean Music Copyright Association. Chanyeol did this under the pseudonym, LOEY which is obviously the second part of his name “yeol” spelled backward.

7. He’s Got Many Tattoos!

Park Chanyeol has four permanent tattoos on different parts of his body. He has one that reads LOEY on the middle finger of his left hand. He has another, an inscription of L-1485 on his right wrist. Park then has two more on his right forearm – a monkey on the inside and another that looks like musical symbols on the outside.

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Bonus Facts About Park Chanyeol

1. Park Chanyeol’s family comprises his parents and an older sister. While his father owns a café, his mother runs her own restaurant. On the other hand, his sister who is named Park Yoo-ra works as a newscaster.

2. As a boy, Chanyeol had a ferret for a pet. Weird! As an adult, he has a pet dog but leaves it in the care of his parents. Similarly, he likes rilakkuma!

3. Chanyeol is allergic to fur. Although he keeps pets (which of course are covered in fur) his allergy allows him to be with them for only an hour at a time. Strange, isn’t it?

4. If you’ve not noticed, Chanyeol’s ears stick out, and it really caused him inferiority complex while growing up. Park actually kept a month old malice with Exo band mate D.O after he made fun of his ears. Yes, he didn’t talk to D.O for a whole month cos it really annoyed him.

5. His good points? Park stands at 6’1″, making him the tallest member of Exo.

6. He is multilingual. In addition to his native Korean language, he speaks Chinese, Japanese and English.

7. Chanyeol’s nicknames include “Wealthy Teeth”, “King of Derps”, and “Happy Virus”.


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