Susan Schneider – 7 Things You Didn’t Know About Robin Williams’ Wife

Susan Schneider earns a living as a graphic designer and artist; however, she is best known as comedian and actor Robin Williams’ wife number three. In fact, Sussan is one among the privileged few who grabbed a bit of the limelight through their associations with the rich and famous. Though, the artist equally began to make a name in her own career within a short period of time with successful exhibitions and shows which she has both curated and judged. The widow of Willams has functioned as a guest lecturer in both the Art Show Preparation workshop and Marin Catholic High School located in Kentfield, California,

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Susan Schneider

Birth details

Susan Schneider is an American national born in Marin County, California on the 24th of January 1964, though her ethnicity is not known. Similarly, no details exist about her formative years and family background, so we cannot say who her parents are. It is equally difficult to tell whether she was raised as an only child or with other siblings.

On the Academic front, the name of the high school she attended was never captured but it is recorded as a local high school. Upon her graduation from the school, Susan Schneider went to study graphic designing at the University of California, though her graduation was not accomplished there. After a while, the young Susan moved over to the California College of Arts where she finally received her B.A.

Her relationship with Richard Armusewicz

Robin Williams was not Susan Schneider’s only love interest as she was formerly married to Richard Armusewicz – a businessman with whom she had two children. Their marriage which was accomplished in the 1980s hit the rocks in 2001.

Her relationship with Robin Williams

Susan Schneider
Susan Schneider and Robin Williams image source

It was a year before he had his heart surgery that Robin Williams met Susan Schneider in 2008. They commenced dating after Susan helped him in his post-surgery recovery, they dated for a couple of years, before exchanging marriage vows in a wedding ceremony at St Helena, California on the 22 of October 2011.

Their marriage lasted for three years before that fateful day when Williams became a victim of suicide on the 11th of August 2014. According to the autopsy, he had a case of asphyxia which was later buttressed by the fact that he has been experiencing cases of increased paranoia, and his brain tissue examination revealed the probability of diffuse Lewy body dementia.

Life before Critical Eye Design

Upon her graduation from the university, Susan Schneider became part of the workforce in her capacity as a freelancing graphic artist, for the next eight years, the young Susan did extensive work with many graphic designing firms. However, she launched her own graphic designing company called Critical Eye Design in 1997.

Her exhibitions

While she took care of her business, Susan Schneider moved into other forms of creative arts. Her debut exhibition was accomplished in 2006 with a lot of positive reviews which gave her the needed encouragement to invest more time in her art rather than graphic designing. Before the end of 2010, the widow of Williams was already well established as an artist, and thus dropped everything about graphic designing.

Fast forward to eight years in 2018, Susan Schneider’s creative works have been displayed in seven group exhibitions as well as seven solo exhibitions.

Legal Battle

After her husband’s demise in December 2014, Susan Schneider filed a lawsuit against her step-children Zelda, Zachery, and Cody with the claims that she did not have access to enough funds to continue maintaining the house where she lived with Williams. With the progress of the case, other items including Williams; watches, bicycles, and awards were encompassed in the lawsuit.

Case Settlement

The case eventually ended in an out of court settlement with Susan Schneider receiving some emotional items she had been asking for, they include some choice cloths and their wedding gifts. Williams’ favorite watch, including the bike the duo purchased on their honeymoon. In addition, she got a small share of her late husband’s estate worth $100 million; however, Susan seemed content with the settlement as indicated by her statement saying that she can now grieve in the home she shared with her deceased spouse as his voice has been heard.

As for her stepchildren, they got their late dad’s bike and watch collection and his numerous awards which include his Oscar.

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