7 Things You Need To Know About Tanner Braungardt

YouTube is a rabbit-hole where numerous content can be found. This plethora of content is only there because there are people who dedicate hours of their life creating what they believe might appeal to a certain crowd. One of such people is Tanner Braungardt; he mostly makes videos that feature him free-running and performing back and front flips. Now, the work of creating content on YouTube is not a thankless one, as wealth can be gotten from this alongside the complimentary package of fame, all of which Tanner Braungardt enjoys.

Keep reading to learn how Tanner Braungardt has made a name for himself on the video-sharing platform.

Tanner Braungardt’s Biography

Tanner Braungardt was born on the 24th of July 2000 to Jamie and Kim Braungardt; his birth took place in the city of Wichita which is the largest city in Kansas. He is one of the three children his parents have; Tristan and Taylor are the names of his brother and sister.

The YouTuber started to upload videos on YouTube in 2012 and his first video was of him failing to execute a flip on a trampoline. He barely got any views but this did not deter him as he continued to make videos. The theme of Tanner Braungardt’s videos started off with him performing backflips and somersault stunts with either the use of a trampoline or doing it over a bridge. The older he got, the more advanced his stunts got. At a point, he diversified his content to include vlogs on the daily happenings of his life or the pulling of pranks.

Tanner Braungardt has always had an affinity for doing the stunts he does now. As a child of seven, he learned to backflip and by the time he was eight he could do a front flip as well, all of which he learned alongside skating.

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7 Things You Need To Know About Tanner Braungardt

1. He suffered at the hands of bullies

When Tanner Braungardt started to make videos, he was bullied by some of the people in his school who believed what he was doing was not cool. The bullying affected him immensely as he almost stopped making the videos but he persevered and today he has made a name and fortune for himself.

Tanner Braungardt
Tanner and Paris – image source

2. Love life

Tanner is in a relationship with Paris Anderson. Before both of them began dating, she was a relatively unknown person, but by the time she started going out with Tanner, she became popular. When their relationship first came to the limelight, she got bullied by his fans.

3. He Is A Product of A Broken Home

When he was four, his parent split up and after the divorce, the kids lived with their mother which meant that he got to barely see his father. In one of his videos, he explained that it was very difficult for him. He also has a close relationship with his maternal grandparents, who have been featured in some of his videos. His siblings and mother are also a big part of his vlogging and support him wholeheartedly. They have also appeared in a lot of his videos alongside his dog, Rosy.

4. He plays a musical instrument

Tanner Braungardt is a very talented young man who grew up in an environment that fostered the diverse tastes he has. One of which is the playing of a musical instrument. As a child of eight, he played the guitar which he did religiously for two years, now he only plays occasionally.

5. His account was hacked

Sometime in 2017, Tanner Braungardt’s YouTube account got hacked. His videos were demonetized and the $30,000 he had in his Adsense account was stolen by the hackers

6. Never broken a bone

The bulk of Tanner Braungardt’s YouTube career features him performing tasks that would result in injury, but in all the time he has been free-running and doing backflips, he has never once broken a bone.

7. Net Worth

Although Tanner dropped out of high school; he has revealed that he had completed all of the courses he needed to do in high school. For him, the trajectory of his life does not require a high school diploma or the certification of formal education. His net worth of $3 million reinforces this fact. Most of the wealth, he has was gotten from his work on YouTube, as well as the sales of merchandise from the Tanner Braungardt brand.

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