7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About DIA K-POP And The Group Members

DIA is a South Korean girl band created by MBK Entertainment in 2015. Its name is the acronym for ‘Do It Amazing’ and also the short form of DIAMOND. MBK Entertainment wanted to form the band through a reality survival program named T-ara’s Little Sister Girl Group in February 2015 but later changed their plans and instead selected the members internally. The band initially planned to debut with six members namely; Chaeyeon, Jenny, Eunice, Yebin, Huihyeon, and Eunjin but later added another member, Seunghee before debut. Finally, DIA debuted as a seven-member band on 14th September 2015 with their self-titled studio album, ‘Do It Amazing’ and its lead single, ‘Somehow’. Below are seven things you probably didn’t know about DIA members.

7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About DIA Members

1. DIA Past and Present Members

After DIA debuted in 2015, their leader, Seunghee left the girl band in 2016 and Eunchae was added to make them a septet again. Two new members, Somyi and Jueun were added to the group in April 2017 thereby, making DIA a nine-member girl band. Eunjin who is DIA’s songster, rapper, and dancer left the group on 7th May 2018 due to health challenges. After complaining of severe knee pain, Jenny was diagnosed with Osteomalacia (softening of the bone) in August 2018. As a result of it, she officially left the band on 6th July 2019 in order to focus on her health. With all these changes, the current DIA members are Huihyeon, Eunice, Jueun, Chaeyeon, Eunchae, Yebin, and Somyi and the former members include Seunghee, Eunjin, and Jenny.

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2. Why Seunghee Left DIA

Former DIA member, Seunghee who is also an actress revealed that the reason why she left the girl band was because she had an identity crisis which she had suffered for long. She was the leader of DIA during that time and since she didn’t understand what the true purpose of her life was, she left the company immediately her contract expired. According to Seunghee, she doesn’t want to be a hindrance to the company and the members by continuing to promote with the band with the identity crisis.

3. Some DIA Members Are Former Trainees of Other Agencies

Prior to debuting with DIA, Huihyeon trained with members of the girl band, Lovelyz under Woollim Entertainment and almost debuted with them before leaving. Eunice is a former member of the girl band, Jewelry (with Soo Yeon as her stage name) under Star Empire Entertainment, having passed through their training process. Jueun and Eunchae were former Polaris Entertainment and Ensoul Entertainment trainees. Other DIA members; Chaeyeon, Yebin, and Somyi have never trained with any other agency before except MBK Entertainment.

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4. DIA Members Songwriting Credits

DIA members
DIA performing on M Countdown (image source)

Huihyeon along with Eunice, Yebin, and Jenny wrote and composed the lyrics of DIA’s song, ‘Will You Go Out With me’. They also composed some other songs including ‘Independence Movement Day’ and ‘Light’ in DIA’s YOLO album. Yebin wrote and composed the lyrics of ‘Not Only You But Spring’ which is included in DIA’s YOLO album also.

5. DIA Members’ Educational History

– The current leader of DIA, Huihyeon attended Namwon Elementary School; Namwon Hanbit Middle School, and Namwon Girls’ High School. She is also an alumna of Inha Technical College in Airline Operations Division.

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– Eunice majored in Dance at Korea National University of Arts.

– Jueun attended Mangpo Middle School; Mangpo High School, and Korea Nazarene University where she majored in Practical Music.

– Yebin studied at Chuncheon Girls’ High School and Seocho High School.

– Chaeyeon attended Seoul School of Performing Arts.

– Eunchae is an alumna of Jongpyong Middle School and Hanlim Multi Art High School where she majored in Performing Arts.

– Somyi attended Wonju Girls’ Middle School, Wonju High School and Seoul School of Performing Arts (majored in Practical Music).

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6. Some DIA Members Have Established a Solo Career

In addition to being part of the group, some DIA members have put their solo careers to a get-go. Eunchae has dropped a solo song titled, ‘Remember’ and it was included in DIA’s second mini-album, ‘Happy Ending’. Huihyeon also has two solo songs titled ‘Artist’ and ‘There’s No Time’ ft Kim Chungha which were included in DIA’s ‘Spell’ and ‘YOLO’ albums respectively.

7. Awards and Achievements

DIA has won many awards in the course of their musical career which includes Asia Artist Awards, AfreecaTV BT Awards, Korean Culture, and Entertainment Awards, and Soribada Best K-Music Awards.

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