7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Fromis_9

Most of us know Fromis_9 as one of the wave-making bands in the k-pop industry. Many of us also know that they have dropped several successful albums, and received some awards, all in the course of a relatively short time. Did you, however, know that the girl band was formed off the back of a controversial talent show? Did you also know that the band’s name was actually picked by fans? Discover these and more mind-blowing facts about Fromis_9 below.

7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Fromis_9

1. Their name was actually suggested by online fans

The group’s name was picked out by citizens of the internet otherwise known as netizens. Fromis stands for ‘From Idol School’ while nine represents the number of members. The group’s name is pronounced as promise in the Korean language, and this signifies the band’s pledge to their fans that they will become the best girl group ever. The name also represents the unending possibilities as well as the promising and prosperous road, ahead of the girls.

2. The band comprises of a total of nine members.

Fromis_9 comprises of nine talented and beautiful ladies. They include Saerom (lead dancer, vocalist, rapper as well as overall leader of the group), Hayoung (main vocalist, main dancer as well as deputy leader of the group), Gyuri (lead vocalist as well as the face of the group), Jiwon (main vocalist of the group), Jisun (vocalist as well as centre of the group), Seoyeon (main rapper, lead vocalist and lead dancer of the group), Chaeyoung (main dancer, lead rapper and vocalist of the group), Jiheon (vocalist as well as the youngest member of the group).

3. They were formed off the back of a controversial TV show

Fromis_9 emerged from the Mnet girl group show known as Idol School. The show featured 41 participants jostling for a place in a proposed nine-woman band. The girls received training from accomplished personalities, and at the end of the show, the final nine made it to the group. There was however some controversy at the end of the show. Some of the contestants alleged that they were treated poorly in the course of the show, and were also not allowed to communicate with the outside world. Other trainees also alleged that their rooms lacked proper ventilation and they consequently developed rashes as a result of the dust. An even more damaging accusation was the claim that some of the girls were so malnourished that they did not menstruate during the training period.

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4. The group was founded by CJ E&M Entertainment

Fromis_9 was formed by South Korean entertainment and mass media company, CJ E&M Entertainment. The girl group is now signed to Stone Music Entertainment, a record label that is a subsidiary of CJ E&M Entertainment. Stone Music also manages other successful k-pop acts such as Heize, IZ*ONE, X1, Roy Kim, Eric Nam, SG Wannabe, Davich, and IN2IT.

5. They received the Rising Award at the 2018 Asia Artist Awards.

Fromis_9 has received several awards in their short period of existence. The group won the new star award (singer) at the 2018 Asia Model Awards. They were also named in the rookie top 5 category at the 2019 V Live Awards. Fromis_9 has also scored several award nominations. They were nominated for artist of the year, best new female artist and popularity award at the 2018 MCB Plus X Genie Music Awards. They were also nominated for rookie of the year and popularity award at the 2019 Golden Disc Awards.

6. Their first EP debuted at number four on the Gaon Albums Chart

Fromis_9 has thus far released multiple EPs as well as several singles. Their singles include Glass Shoes, To heart, DKDK, Love Bomb and Fun. Their EPs include TO.Heart (January 2018) and To.Day (June 2018). Both EPs reached the top echelons of the Korean albums charts. They also sold more than 40,000 copies in Korea alone.

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7. Gyuri left the group between May and September 2018.

The vocalist’s departure was however temporary as this was to enable her to participate in the reality competition show, Produce 48. During this period, the singer missed out on promotional activities for the band’s second EP, To.Day. She also did not participate in the first season of the group’s web series known as Welcome to Heal Inn. Gyuri later rejoined her bandmates after she was evicted from Produce 48.

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