7 Times Nigeria Pulled A Shocker On The World

Nigeria never ceases to amaze us. The good, the funny, and the just plain confusing, these are the 7 times the Nigerian country pulled a shocker on the world.


Getting Rid Of Ebola

nigeria is free from Ebola

In 2014, the Ebola Virus Disease sent West Africa, and in fact the whole world, into a frenzy. After a death toll of more than 4,500 in West Africa resulting from the Ebola fever, the cure for the deadly virus still eluded several medical practitioners all over the globe.

Nigeria’s case began when a Liberian-American named Patrick Sawyer who flew in to Lagos, and collapsed at the airport. From then onward, the disease spread like wild fire in a dry forest. When the World Health Organization declared Nigeria Ebola-free, it came as a shock and also a relief to Nigerians especially, whom have had their image tainted in international media for too long.

Becoming An Icon Of Modern Democracy

democracy goodluck buhari nigeria

The 2015 presidential elections was a thing of firsts. For the first time, Nigerians were so eager to vote, recording a high voter turn out, especially in the north.

The elections were also supposedly free and fair. As Nigerians awaited the result of the election, they were not quite sure who their next president would be. In the past, the incumbent president stayed in office till his term was over, after which the seat was handed over to the presidential candidate of the ruling party.

It became an inspiring day for democracy in the world as it was announced that the incumbent president of Nigeria had lost to the candidate of the opposition.

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The Missing National Budget.

budget missing in nigeria

On 12th January 2016, a statement was released that a document containing the national budget had gone missing – both the soft and the hard copy!

One wonders how this is possible especially in this day and age of technology. Several Nigerians took to venting on social media. Some even suggested humorously that buyers of suya, akara (these are Nigerian foods commonly sold in paper) should look out to avoid eating the national budget. In another statement released last week, the speaker of the Nigerian House of Representatives stated that the missing budget was simply a well fabricated case of April Fool’s Day. Nigerians remain skeptical, seeing as April is still two months away.

The Time The First Lady Spoke Pidgin English On National TV.

Patience Jonathan

The position of the First Lady is one that is required to be held with utmost grace. So, when the first lady of Nigeria breaks down on National TV, blurting phrases like “na only you waka come,” it was shocking and funny at the same time. Although some Nigerians criticized her lack of tact, others defended her by acknowledging that English, after all, isn’t Nigeria’s mother tongue.

Senators Scaling Fences


Nigeria is indeed ruled by strong people. When the former Speaker of the Nigerian House of Representatives and other delegates were denied entrance into the quarters, they opted to scaling the fence. While this was embarrassing to Nigerians, they can find comfort in knowing that they would not be out of options for the 2016 summer Olympics.

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The Chibok Girls


bbog nigeria

In 2014, when it was announced that 250+ girls were abducted from a school in Borno, a state in the North-Eastern part of Nigeria, many wondered about the possibility. How 200+ girls could be abducted without anyone having an idea or being able to trace them. Sadder is the fact that almost 2 years later, the girls have still not been found. This has led people to believe that it was all a hoax staged against the running government at that time. The mothers of the missing girls met with the president, Muhammadu Buhari last week and we do hope something great comes out of the meeting.

Missing 20 Billion Dollars


The way ‘simple things’ like satellites, budgets, 276 girls, 20 billion dollars, and so on, get missing in Nigeria, the country might as well be nicknamed Wonderland. In 2015, the former president of the Central Bank of Nigeria claimed that the 20 billion dollars made from the sale of Nigeria’s crude oil had gone missing. Of course this was keyword for “ended up in another man’s pocket.” Still, that’s a lot of money to be termed ‘missing’.

We do hope that Africa’s giant continues to surprise us – in a good way.