7 Types of Ladies Men Can Never Resist

Almost all men have met one woman who has made them go through the struggle of being so crazy in love that they never want to let go. Perhaps you have met one or two women but you were next to a sissy in the love affair. Or should I say ‘stupid in love’ or lust? Imagine one woman who is so unique in a brother’s life; she makes him feel so low, yet the magic she seeps out no one can explain. The big question is: Have you ever taken a minute to ponder what could be the reason why a brother spends his days chasing and exploring one’s girl rich history; wondering every now and then how fantastic and amazing she is; gets confused by her aura and scent; gets turned down, but is still ready to go after her until he succeeds? One thing is certain, women in this category are rare and special. Men find them supreme as they satisfy their conception of what is ideal and without flaws. Read on to see the types of ladies that men find irresistible.

7 Types of Ladies Men Can Never Resist

Women who are Not Overly Emotional

When a woman never oozes out too much emotion, men desire them and find them ideal. Most single women allow their emotions to build up in a relationship and inadvertently take them out on the guy. While you and I know that you don’t mean bad doing this, it does have a strong effect on how men feel about you, and this is where you’ll see men pull away, become angry or just leave. These types of ladies get heartbreak after heart breaks in return for her emotional investment in the relationship.

The Forever Young Ladies

A woman’s weight, breast size, bone structure, beauty etc are not the only thing that draws men’s attention to her. Men love youthfulness in women and this explains why men even in their very old ages would still want to have the young virgin. They love a woman who has a state of being that is innocent and childlike even if she is not so young anymore. The one who hasn’t been worn-down by the world’s “adulthood” and “responsibilities”. The one who is fresh and doesn’t hold onto the past and isn’t worried about the future. So please work hard to look your age or even younger rather than looking 48 when you are in your 20s, no man would want to settle for that look.

The Innocent Ladies

Women here are inexperienced but so alluring! They are blind to the world and all its worldly offers. The mindset of men coming for such types of ladies would be to slowly corrupt this meek forbearing and patient ones into being a freak in bedroom matters and making them their own. But like all imaginations, it is never that easy.

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The Virgin who Dresses Like a Stripper

Of course, we know decency attracts men to you, but don’t forget it is one thing to be responsible and another thing to allow it to define who you are. Being responsible does not entail not powdering your face or not making good hair, look good as much as possible. Yes, decency and dirt never look good together. Be informed that men are stimulated in the subconscious level by a woman who wears trendy dresses, appears alluring and gives their eyes some amazing sight. So don’t look too serious nobody cares.

Childhood Friends Who Turn Adult Angels

Men always find those ladies whom they played with some time in the past. They find their childhood friend who grew into gorgeous women and are looking really adorable. They desire to continue playing with her. But these women almost always don’t feel the same way.

The Funny Ones who Hardly Worry about Anything:

Humor and light-heartedness are like billboards placed onto a woman’s forehead that says “I’m the one! Men feel this on a subconscious level from such types of ladies. If you become serious, worried or angry and you’re reacting emotionally because to it, men are likely to lose attraction and pull away. If you lead with a sense of humour when things are not going well, it’s amazing in some ways and can instantly turn things around.

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The Man Eater (a dominant woman who has many sexual partners)

As weird and ill as it may sound, a woman in this category knows how to touch a man in the right places, she loves having sex with men, but hates men and what they represent. Men desire her, she gives it out easily, have her fun but the only danger with her is: she will drop men like it’s hot when their behaviours are in conflict with her desires. She dumps them like a sack of potatoes and leaves them traumatized. These types of ladies: man-eaters or heart-breakers or whatever name you think fits in never go back to eat ‘leftover’ meals they throw to the streets for dogs.

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