7 Types of Women Who Irritate Kenyan Men

Let’s face it: some women have got problems without knowing it and sometimes need articles like this to learn about their personalities. In fact, some women know just how to rub people especially men on the wrong side with the characters they exhibit. Even though some men are better at dealing with any kind of women than others, some simply can’t. And so, when a girl meets someone, has a few conversations over the phone, go out once and never sees the guy again, we begin to wonder why.

But odds are that while they were on a date, the guy found a personality trait that he was sure he just couldn’t deal with. It’s not that the date was creepy or malicious neither was she that ugly and unattractive; he just knew that a long-term relationship with her person won’t work out.

However, if you fall under these categories of women with annoying personalities, it will do you good to start making amends now unless you want a relationship that is going to be an exercise in frustration for you. Here are the kinds of women guys find irritating:

1. Miss Crowd

Nobody says it isn’t right to let your man meet your many friends but men hate it when you show up for a date with a hungry, thirsty crowd. Especially bringing a huge crowd who ask for costly, foreign drinks simply because the man said ‘feel free to order anything you want’ while he himself is gulping down local beer brands. It irks men when a woman brings her friends who abuse their generosity and order for food that is outrageously expensive which annoyingly, they end up toying with, only eating some. This not only costs them money, it also steals away the opportunity to dish out the all-important sugar-coated lyrics to his much desired woman.

2. Miss Borrow Borrow

Men find women who borrow a lot annoying particularly when they never get to pay debts they owe. I mean the kind of women that you lend anything at all to only to retrieve it with the combined intervention of Recce Squad, Interpol and global Positioning Satellite (GPS) device. No matter the amount of force you point on them to make them pay, you will always hear I am sorry, I don’t have it yet! If you are this type, learn how to beg instead of borrowing.

3. Miss “Keeping Up With The Joneses”

Any woman who needs to be as good as everyone else she knows is annoying. This type is always talking about what other people do and what they have. This mounts a lot of unnecessary pressure on men since this type of woman can never appreciate what they have. Rather, she wishes she is someone else.

4. Miss Whiner and Gossip

We do understand women in their nature have the traits of whining and gossiping to some extent. But men find women who do these a lot irritating. The type that loves to complain and maliciously talk about not just anybody but their supposed ‘best friends for life’. The type that loves to gossip and talk about other people and she loves to hear things about other people as well. A man might find her anecdotes entertaining on the outset of their relationship, but on the long-run, he will eventually begin to wonder what she is saying behind his back.

5. Miss Skeptically Jealous

Men find women who laugh mockingly at cuter and better dressed women annoying. It really puts the back of men up when he and the woman he’s out on a date come across another woman who seems cuter, and the woman starts making jest or sneering at the woman when he hasn’t even said a word of admiration about the unknown woman. To them, you are trying to force reasons on them to be with you when they are meant to find reasons themselves. Also, another type of skeptically jealous woman is one who is always on the look out for anything that looks or feels wrong because of her overly hurting past. The type that is too cautious of being hurt again and for that reason she nags and suspects every little thing that looks or feels wrong.

6. Miss Copy Cat

Men’s hackles rise when a woman around them copies what other women do. Women that are never creative in their style, hair etc. She never creates her own style or look beautifully different from others. In point of fact ,I mean the likes of Nairobian women who presently own this bandage-like skirt with black and white stripes that seem to be Kenya’s new national dress. Men love uniqueness, especially in their women.

7. Miss You-Are-My-Full-Time-Job

This type of women ruffle men’s feathers with their character. Initially, he feels good that she is so into him, but very quickly, he feels overwhelmed and choked by her. A woman must have something going on in her own life so that she’s not just waiting by the door for him. In fact, men feel that “Miss my whole world is around you and I have nothing else going on besides you” is always available and has nothing else to worry about in life outside her relationship.

Fadamana U
Fadamana U
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