Meet The 8-Year Old Who Just Got Enrolled Into The University

An African American pupil, Jordin Phipps, has earned a shocking reward for just reciting a mantra.

Who knew that a simple recitation could get you an all expense paid scholarship in the University?

At the age of 8, Jordin Phipps is already sure of her future university days. Her enrollment was not like the cases of several smart kids who get into college because of their academic ingenuity.

Jordin only recited her daily motivational and educational mantra; she was filmed and the video went viral.

Jordin Phipps

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“I will start my day in a positive way! I will be respectful with the words that I say,”

“I will pay attention and I will do my best and I will study hard for every test!”

“I am smart. I am a leader. Failure is not an option for me. Success is only moments away. … I have the attitude of a North Texas Eagle.”

Jordin Phipps is a third-grader at Watson Technology Center in Garland, Texas.

Her mum, Nicole, who filmed her, is a UNT alumna and a special education teacher. She shared the short video on the university’s Facebook page and it generated over 90,000 shares on multiple platforms.

Nicole says.

“They contacted me and said they wanted to present her with a scholarship.”

During a school assembly, the University of North Texas (UNT), surprised the youngster with a presentation of $10,000 scholarship and a guaranteed admission into the University.

Jordin Phipps

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UNT’s director of admissions Rebecca Lothringer confirmed that Jordin Phipps already has a secured admission into the school for the class of 2030.

She says that the 8-year old is the winner of the Presidential Excellence Scholarship for Leadership, which is usually awarded to high school seniors or transfer students.

Jordin will be the youngest student to be accepted into the university of North Texas.