84 People Killed In France Bastile Day Attack; Over 100 Injured

Yesterday France marked its independence day usually referred to as Bastile Day.

During the celebrations in Nice, French Riviera, a lorry speedily slammed into the crowd.

The Bastile day attack has claimed the lives of 84 people and injured over 100 people.

The French President, Francois Hollande, has condemned the attack, calling it a terrorist attack.

He has also declared a 3 day national mourning as well as a state of emergency in the entire country.

This will be an extension of the November Paris attack in France.

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An eye witnesses reported that the lorry speedily swerved into a crowd hitting many people, trees, poles and anything that was in its way.

They said the vehicle swerved so much that no one could tell where it was going. The driver of the lorry made serious attempts to hit more people. He drove the lorry about 2 km (1.3 miles) through a happily cheering and celebrating crowd.

“It had been a normal evening and we were just walking around. Suddenly people started running, there were screams and police sirens and policemen shouting at us to evacuate.”

“It was terrifying, especially because we didn’t know what was going on. At the time we only had heard some kind of gunshots and we assumed that there were people running around with guns.”– Joel Fenster

The terrorist launched the attack soon after the display of fireworks on the seafront in Nice. The Bastile day cum France’s independence day celebration was coming to an end when the incident happened.

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The police is still investigating the matter but the yet unidentified terrorist has been reportedly killed in a clash with the police. The police who arrested the situation said they found guns and grenades inside the lorry. Also found was the ID of a 31-year old French-Tunisian man.

World leaders have joined their voices in condemning the Bastile day attack. At the moment no group has claimed the attack.