9mobile Customer Care Numbers, Their Wait Time and Issues They Can Solve

9mobile is not only one of the biggest telecommunication companies in Nigeria, but it also has so many products and services for its teaming subscribers. To go with this is the robust 9mobile customer care that provides assistance to subscribers, responds to their queries, and rectifies their complaints or whatever issue they may have.

Although the customer care platforms include social media, physical locations, live chats, and even emails, what has remained the most convenient for most people is reaching the giant network through its customer care numbers that are free to dial and can be reached any time of the day. While there may be issues that may arise due to wait time and the types of issues that can solved over the phone, many still prefer it over all other means of contacting the 9mobile support.

There Are Some Numbers You Can Use To Contact The Network

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As stated, there are various 9mobile Customer Care Numbers that one can reach out to in order to take care of one’s problems. One will reach the network through the different numbers, but they all serve different purposes and are designed for different types of subscribers. Here’s a quick look at some of the numbers:

  • 200– This is the most popular customer care number of 9mobile which can be used by almost everyone to take care of any problem you may be having with your line or any inquiry you have to make. The important thing to note here is that you can only dial this number if you call with a 9mobile line.
  • 08090000200- This is the same line as the first, and it can be used for the same purpose as the first customer care line. However, it is designed in this manner for the use of people who may wish to call the network from a different line that does not belong to 9mobile. This customer care line is open for only people in Nigeria but are using a different line altogether.
  • +2348090000200- This is also similar to the two other 9mobile customer care numbers, except that it makes use of the Nigerian code (+234). Also, having the same function as the others, the only difference between this and the others is that it is the means through which subscribers or non-subscribers who are not in the country can still call the network to have issues taken care of.

The Best Time To Call 9mobile Customer Care Numbers

Calling customer care lines of telecom service providers can be hectic sometimes because of the number of calls that come through. This has got many people to wonder if there is a good time to call the center.

The good news is that no matter what time one calls the network, whether it is late at night or early in the morning, there will always be an agent waiting to answer your call. If there is a general problem with the network or a general concern, or even an innovation brought in or some changes, the calls to the center may get very high, so one may have to wait longer.

On normal days when there is nothing special happening on the network, the best time to call is when you have an inquiry to make or a problem you need to solve since the service does not delay much before your call is picked. However, if you have an issue that you can delay and call at your convenience, the best time to arguably call is during the daytime when people are at work or late at night when people have retired to bed.

The Wait Time Of 9mobile Customer Care Numbers 

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Although the average wait time is an important factor in calling centers, this variable is not considered among Nigerian telecommunication providers, including 9mobile. Nonetheless, you may find yourself in the queue waiting for between a minute to 5 minutes for your call to finally be put through to an agent.

A longer wait time may be influenced by activities going on, the period you are calling as public holidays and weekends tend to have a higher wait time, and the time of the day that one is calling.

Importantly, the network’s agents will always pick your calls and either solve your issues immediately or escalate it to be worked upon.

All Issues That 9mobile Customer Care Can Attend To

With easy access to the different 9mobile customer care numbers, one can decide to call the center for any issue one finds troubling. One can use self-service options without having to speak to an agent even after dialing the customer care lines.

One may decide to call customer care for three broad reasons; inquiry, requests, and complaints. However, there are many other reasons to call the 9mobile Customer Care numbers that fall under the three broad reasons, including the following:

  • Unexplained drop balance or deductions in airtime.
  • Unable to browse or make calls
  • Activation or deactivation of services
  • Data related issues
  • Information regarding migration from one tariff to another
  • Inability to recharge line or over scratch card issue
  • Issues relating to Sim cards
  • product or service inquiry

Even though some subscribers may prefer to call the center for all the above cases, many of them can actually be taken care of through the network’s self-service platform. All inquiries about products and services, data purchases, data-related issues, and activation and deactivation of services, as well as issues on tariffs, can all be taken care of using the platform.

What Other Ways Can I Reach 9mobile Customer Care Besides Call?

Using 9mobile customer care numbers is the most convenient way of contacting the network’s customer care for many people, but it is not the only available means. In fact, many others are available across almost every other platform, including social media and physical locations:

1. Social media

On social media platforms, it is possible to contact the network’s customer care via the following:

  • Twitter: @9MobileNGCare
  • Facebook: @9MobileNG
  • Instagram.com/9mobileng
  • Linkedin.com/company/9mobile

2. Physical Locations

9mobile has many experience centers scattered around the country that one can visit, including kiosks where your issues can be handled. One can access all these centers by simply going through the map of the network through this link: https://9mobile.com.ng/our-experience-centers-kiosks/

3. Does 9mobile Customer Care Respond to Mails?

The use of emails in solving some issues you may have is also possible, but it may delay more than many other methods. However, it is important to make it clear that the network responds to all emails they get.

You can send your emails to [email protected] and ensure that apart from the complaint or inquiry, you also include your full name, phone number, and location.

4. Live chat option 

Yet another fast and easy way of contacting 9mobile customer care is through the live chat option, which you find when you visit the network’s website. Click on the chat icon, select topic, and continue with the chat.

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