9mobile Data Plans, Prices and Activation Codes

Without the internet, it is hard to stay informed, be successful, and acquire fame in the modern world. That is why 9mobile, one of Nigeria’s leading telecom networks, offers numerous data plans to help its customers achieve this. There is no shortage of options for users to pick from weekly to monthly and yearly plans.

This article will cover details about each plan, including advantages and disadvantages of each one, price, and how to subscribe. You should know the right plan for you at the end of it and be a step closer to achieving your dreams with the internet.

The Complete List of Every 9mobile Data Plan

Like other networks with similar reach, 9mobile has crafted an extensive list of data plans that gives its customers options based on their needs. Heavy data consumers have large data offers, and light users have smaller bundles that come in cheap and convenient packaging.

Overall, there are six categories of 9mobile data plans based on their duration. We have night/weekend plans, daily/weekly plans, monthly plans, and long-term quarterly, bi-annual, and annual plans.

Night/Weekend Plans

It is for those who prefer to do their web surfing at night or on weekends, perhaps because they have access to Wi-Fi or Broadband services during the week at their offices. It is also popular among students who tend to stay up all night. So what exactly are they getting?

Except for one bundle, night/weekend plans are a package deal, i.e., subscription to one gives you weekend and nightly benefits. There are three bundles in total, all available to every prepaid customer.

Data Volume (GB) Price (N) Validity Period Active Period Other Benefits
1 200 24 Hours 11 PM to 5 AM None
3 1000 30 Days All Day on Weekends and 7 pm to 7 am Nightly None
7 2000 30 Days All Day on Weekends and 7 pm to 7 am Nightly 100 MB WhatsApp Bonus (usable 24/7)


The night and weekend bundles give you data to use nightly from 7 pm to 7 am and during the daytime only on weekends. To subscribe to any of the 9mobile night/weekend data plan, dial –

  • *229*3*11# for 1GB
  • *229*3*12# for 3GB
  • *229*3*13# for 7GB

You can also subscribe via the 9mobile app or online, through the telecom’s website.


  • Cheap
  • Easy to Subscribe to
  • Offers daytime browsing


  • Limited bundle options
  • Not suited for heavy internet users
  • No social media bonus

Daily/Weekly Plans + Socials

9mobile data plans
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The night and weekend plans are best suited to light web surfers and those who want internet access for a short duration at a low price. The 9mobile daily/weekly plans offer a similar benefit, with the addition of social media data. It also offers cheaper options, with the smallest bundle priced at N50.

If you are not a night owl and want internet access for a day or two, this plan has a few bundles for you up to a week. Besides the data allocation, it also comes with social media data, which you can use to access Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. There is no specified data quota, and it operates mainly on fair usage policy.

Data Volume (GB) Price (N) Validity (Hours/Days) Active Period Other Benefits
25MB 50 24 Hours All Day
100MB 100 24 Hours
250MB 200 7
650MB 200 24 Hours
1 300 24 Hours Social Media Bonus
1 500 7
2 500 3
7 1500 7


The 9mobile Daily/Weekly data plans offer flexibility to every user. Whether you are looking for cheap, extended validity, or large data allocation, there is something for everyone. To subscribe to any plan, simply dial:

  • *229*3*8# for 25MB
  • *229*3*1# for 100MB
  • *229*2*10# for 250MB or text AND11 to 229
  • *229*3*2# for 650MB
  • *229*3*2# for 1GB (24 hours)
  • *229*2*1# for 1GB (7 Days)
  • *229*3*4# for 2GB
  • *229*2*2# for 7GB

You can also subscribe to any of these bundles via the 9mobile app or website.


  • Flexible for all types of users
  • Available for use all-day
  • Affordable


  • Limited data allocation
  • Social media bonus is not universal

Monthly Plans

The bundles under this plan are for those with a higher budget looking for something more durable. If you are a salary earner or businessperson who wants to take care of your monthly internet needs in one payment, these are bundles for you. There are nine bundles in total, separated by data allocation, giving light and heavy users enough flexibility.

Data Volume (GB) Price (N)
500MB 500
1.5 1000
2 1200
3 1500
4.5 2000
11 4000
15 5000
40 10000
75 15000


Under the 9mobile monthly data plan, the bundles are significantly more expensive than their night/weekend and daily/weekly counterpart. However, you are getting significantly more data for that extra cost, which you can use 24/7 over 30 days.

To subscribe to any bundle under this plan, dial:

  • *229*2*12# for 500MB
  • *229*2*7# for 1.5GB
  • *229*2*25# for 2GB or text AND11 to 229
  • *229*2*3# for 3GB
  • *229*2*8# for 4.5GB or text AND2 to 229
  • *229*2*36# for 11GB
  • *229*2*37# for 15GB
  • *229*4*1# for 40GB
  • *229*2*4# for 75GB

You can also subscribe through the 9mobile app or its website via this link.


  • Longer validity period
  • High data allocation
  • Flexible data bundles


  • Can be expensive
  • No social media bonus

Quarterly, Bi-Annual & Annual Data Plans

These plans are for those looking for something more robust over a more extended period. While households and individuals can take full advantage of these plans, they are best suited to small and medium-scale businesses that need the internet. Although it is significantly pricier, a one-time payment covers various business periods.

The bundles geared primarily to high data consumers are available in three categories, quarterly, bi-annual, and annual.

  • Quarterly: 75GB for N25,000
  • Bi-Annual: 165GB for N50,000
  • Annual: 365GB for N100,000

To subscribe to any of the bundles under this plan, dial:

  • *229*5*1# for 75GB
  • *229*5*2# for 165GB
  • *229*5*3# for 365GB


  • High data allocation
  • Longer validity period
  • Great for business owners


  • Expensive for regular users
  • No social media bonus
  • Limited bundle options

What is the Cheapest 9mobile Data Plan?

The 25MB plan under the daily/weekly category is the cheapest 9mobile data plan based on the nominal value. It costs N50 and is valid for 24 hours. However, based on other factors such as data allocation and validity, there is no one runaway cheapest 9mobile data plan. The cheapest comes down to the factor you prioritize.

That said, customers will get up to a 50% data bonus when they buy a higher data plan on their next purchase before their current plan expires. So, in a way, the cheapest 9mobile data plan is their next subscription. However, this ONLY applies to subscribers on the monthly plans.

What You Should Know About the 9mobile Data Smart Paks

9mobile Smartpaks
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Outside of its standard data plans, 9mobile also offers something it calls smartpaks. They are data packages exclusive to social media apps and video streaming platforms. So, if you wish to stay up to date with online gist and friends without necessarily buying a data plan, they are worth considering.

The packages are equally different in categorization from the data plans. While those are classified based exclusively on monthly, weekly, and daily duration, 9mobile’s smartpaks are also classified by hours. Ultimately, there are four smartpak packages – chat pak, social me pak, video pak, and special paks.

Chat Pak

This smartpak package is for WhatsApp and WeChat users and applies to chat only. It means you cannot send multimedia files or download videos with it. This package also limits access to apps’ functionality, but you get to stay up to date with loved ones through basic chat. It is available in daily, weekly, and monthly options.

  • Daily: Costs N50, Valid for 1 Day. To subscribe, dial *343*5*5#
  • Weekly: Costs N150, Valid for 7 Days. To subscribe, dial *343*5*6#
  • Monthly: Costs N400, Valid for 30 Days. To subscribe, dial *343*5*7#

Social Me Pak

With the social me pak, subscribers have access to a more extensive number of social platforms. You can access Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Eskimi, WhatsApp, and WeChat. There is no limit on functionality, so you can use everything as if you are on a regular data plan.

The fine print is fair usage policy (FUP) applies. It is the maximum number of data you can use before the plan expires or your internet speed gets throttled. As of this writing, 9mobile has not specified the FUP for each package.

Regardless, this 9mobile data plan has a daily, weekly, and monthly option, suggesting you should have substantial value out of it before it applies.

  • Daily: Costs N100, Valid for 1 Day. To subscribe, dial *3436*7#
  • Weekly: Costs N400, Valid for 7 Days. To subscribe, dial *343*6*8#
  • Monthly: Costs N700, valid for 30 Days. To subscribe, dial *343*6*9#

Video Pak

This smartpak package is geared primarily to streamers. Unlike the first two, its bundles exist only in hours, with a minimum bundle option of 2 hours and a maximum of 80 hours. With it, you can stream videos on any app, including YouTube and Netflix.

Like the social me pak, there is no defined data allocation, and the FUP applies. Whether you get to use your total allocated hours or FUP applies before the allotted hours depends on the video quality. Additionally, video pak offers a lot more flexibility, with six bundle options.

  • 2 Hours for N200. To subscribe, dial *229*3*5#
  • 3 Hours for N500. To subscribe, dial *253*1#
  • 7 Hours for N1000. To subscribe, dial *253*2#
  • 15 Hours for N2500. To subscribe, dial *253*6#
  • 40 Hours for N6000. To subscribe, dial *253*7#
  • 80 Hours for N11000. To subscribe, dial *253*8#

Special Paks

For those who desire a lot more value, 9mobile offers two bundles under this package to provide additional data for regular use. They come in two categories, special smart chat pak for those who want more to chat and special smart social pak for social media.

Users who subscribe to the Special Smart Chat Pak will be able to chat only on WhatsApp, WeChat, and Facebook Messenger. They will also receive a 1.5GB data allowance for regular web browsing.

Special Smart Social Pak users will receive 2GB in data allowance and unrestricted access to WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Eskimi, Instagram, WeChat, and Kakao Talk.

  • Special Smart Chat Pak for N500. No known validity period (FUP applies). To subscribe, dial *343*5*10#.
  • Special Smart Social Pak for N700. No known validity period (FUP applies). To subscribe, dial *343*6*12#.

That is it! You now know everything about 9mobile data plans and better informed for your next subscription. Have a great time surfing the internet.

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