A Breakdown Of All DVLA Ghana Fees and Charges

DVLA, the acronym for Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority in Ghana, is the governmental agency charged with licensing and evaluating vehicles and drivers in the country. The licensing agency that came into existence in 1999 has been making headway regarding enhancing its services and easing the stress vehicle owners face while trying to register their vehicles and access other services from the agency.

Payment of DVLA charges and fees is another hassle that vehicle owners face in Ghana. In fact, the situation has been worsened by a group of people called “goro boys” that act as middlemen between the licensing authority and vehicle owners who wish to pay their fees. These boys make a cut from the clients of the agency by inflating the charges, and in a bid to circumvent such occurrences, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority chose to publish the fees payable for different services in the agency. They also introduced a registration portal where clients can initiate transactions without visiting the offices of the licensing authorities.

All The Fees and Charges Payable to DVLA Ghana

The fees and charges come under private vehicle fees, commercial vehicle fees, other fees, and driver license category fees.

Private Vehicle Fees

These are the approved fees payable for all kinds of private vehicles that commute on the roads of Ghana. The fees vary depending on certain factors, such as type, weight, and many more. Get a comprehensive list of the charges and fees as you read on.

S/N Vehicles Fees
1. Articulated Trucks about 24 tons GH¢866.50
2. Articulated Trucks less than 32 tons and about 24 tons GH¢866.50
3. Articulated Truck over 32 tons GH¢866.50
4. Articulated Equipment
5. Buses and Coaches GH¢544.00
6. Combined harvesters
7. Construction equipment
8. Mechanically propelled mining equipment


9. Motor Cycles (about 200cc) GH¢116.00
10. Motor Cycles (over 200cc)/ tricycle GH¢140.00
11. Motor Vehicle (about 2000cc) GH¢429.50
12. Motor Vehicle (over 2000cc) GH¢544.00
13. Rigid Cargo trucks about 16 tons GH¢544
14. Rigid Cargo trucks starting from 16-22 tons GH¢564.00
15. Rigid Cargo trucks over 22 tons GH¢614.00
16. Tipper Truck GH¢826.50

Commercial Vehicle Fees

The fees payable by owners of private vehicles are quite different from the charges taken from commercial vehicle owners. But just like for private vehicles, the fees for commercial vehicles also vary and depend on the type, weight, and more. The fees are listed below

S/N Vehicles Fees
1. Articulated Trucks about 24 tons GH¢786.50
2. Articulated Trucks less than 32 tons and over 24 tons GH¢796.50
3. Articulated Truck over 32 tons GH¢796.50
4. Buses and Coaches GH¢479.00
5. Motor Vehicle (about 2000cc) GH¢419.50
6. Motor Vehicle (over 2000cc) GH¢524.00
7. Rigid Cargo trucks about 16 tons GH¢524.00
8. Rigid Cargo trucks starting from 16-22 tons GH¢524.00
9. Rigid Cargo trucks over 22 tons GH¢574.00
10. Rigid Cargo trucks (over 24 Tons) GH¢574.00
11. Tipper Truck GH¢756.50

Other Fees for DVLA Ghana

Apart from the fees attracted by the ownership of these vehicles, there are still certain services the licensing authority renders to the vehicle owners which attract more charges like driving test, vehicle permit, accident report, and more. Below is a summary of the fees;

S/N Service Fees
1. Particular identification mark GH¢10,000,000
2. Accident Report GH¢55
3. Application for a police report GH¢5,000
4. Change of ownership for motorcycles, scooters, and so on  GH¢5,000
5. Change of ownership, vehicles GH¢30,000
6. Special registration mark GH¢500,000
7. Conversion of Foreign License GH¢445.00
8. Copy of entry for vehicle particulars GH¢¢5,000
9. Driving test fee GH¢10,000
10. Duplicate drivers license GH¢134.00
11. International Driving Permit GH¢165.00
12. International Vehicle Permit 1 GH¢120.00
13. International Vehicle Permit 2 GH¢130.00
14. International Vehicle Permit 3 GH¢150.00
15. International Vehicle Permit 4 GH¢170.00
16. Missing Drivers License GH¢205.00
17. Missing Learner License GH¢136.00
18. New Driving License for stage 1 GH¢180.00
19. New Driving License for stages 2 and 3 GH¢188.00
20. Proficiency Test GH¢80.00
21. Renewal of License 1 (for 2 years) GH¢45.00
22. Renewal of License 2 (for 4 years) GH¢150.00
23. Renewal of Learner License GH¢15.00
24. Renewal (for 2 years) and Upgrading GH¢327.00
25. Renewal (for 4 years) and Upgrading GH¢387.00
26. Replacement of License GH¢155.00
27. Replacement of Learners License GH¢25.00
28. Replacement of License and (two years Renewal) GH¢124.00
29. Replacement of License and (four years Renewal) GH¢184.00
30. Upgrading GH¢345.00

Drivers License Category Fees

The under listed are the fees payable for driving license in Ghana and it is listed category by category.

S/N Service Fees (GH¢)
1. New Driving License for  AB (Stage 1) 210.00
2. New Driving License for category AB (Stage 2) 196.00
3. New Driving License for category BE (stage 1) 210.00
4. New Driving License for category BE (stage 2) 196.00
5. New Driving License for category AE (stage 1) 190.00
6. New Driving License for category AE (stage 2) 196.00
7. New Driving License for category E 154.00
8. New Driving License for category A (stage 1) 190.00
9. New Driving License for category A (stage 2) 166.00
10. New Driving License for category AEF (stage 1) 210.00
11. New Driving License category 196.00
12. Additional Driving Class 225.00

Why Does DVLA Choose to Publish its Charges and Fees to the Public?

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority of Ghana made all the fees payable to the DVLA public via a notice displayed in the licensing authority’s premises. On the notice, the agency listed all the activities and services it undertakes alongside the charges and fees they attract. The list can be found in all the branches of DVLA across the country.

According to the licensing authority, this move was made to avoid unfortunate incidences where clients of the agency are tricked into parting with more than the required amount. The initiative also took out a specific set of boys known as “goro boys” that has polluted the system with their middle-men transactions. The “goro boys” usually liaise with clients of the agency, helping them to facilitate the payment of the fees and charges while making a cut from them.

The licensing authority even went a notch higher in 2019 by directing automobile owners who are looking to register their vehicles to start off the process on its e-platform. This directive was the content of a statement from their Public Relations outfit and its aim is to drastically cut down on the time vehicle owners spend while trying to get their vehicles registered. What’s more, the initiative will end the massive crowd that usually visits their premises daily for one transaction or the other. Once the people get accustomed to doing their transactions from the comfort of their homes and offices, they may not likely visit the licensing authority’s offices so often.


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