A Breakdown Of KASNEB Fee Structure And How To Pay For Exams

Students who are planning to pay for the next KASNEB registration fees can do so with ease as we have broken down the fee structure with respect to registration, examination booking, and the likes. We have equally highlighted all the available exemptions, as well as the early-bird discounts to be enjoyed by candidates who successfully pay their fees within a certain period of time. In addition, we have highlighted the approved financial institutions where all these fees can be paid.

KASNEB Fee Structure, Registrations

Certificate Examination – CAMS

• Registration fee – Ksh. 3,500
• Annual registration renewal fee – Ksh. 1,200
• Registration reactivation fee – Ksh. 2,000
• Student ID card replacement fee – Ksh. 500

Diploma Examinations – ATD/DICT/DCM

• Registration fees – Ksh. 6,000
• Yearly registration renewal fees – Ksh. 1,600
• Registration reactivation fees – Ksh. 3,000
• Student ID card replacement fees – Ksh. 500

Professional Examinations – CPA/CS/CIFA/CCP

• Registration fees – Ksh. 7,500
• Yearly registration renewal fees – Ksh. 2,000
• Registration reactivation fees – Ksh. 4,000
• Student ID card replacement fees – Ksh. 500

Holders Of Foreign Accountancy Qualifications/Secretaries Qualifications (FAQs/FSQs/FIFAQ)

• Enrollment fee – ksh. 40,000
• Examination fee per paper – Ksh. 20,000
• Continuation fee per annum – Ksh. 15,000

Examination Entry Fees – Certificate In Accounting And Management Skills (CAMS) Examination Entry Fees

• Level 1 – Ksh. 3,000
• Level 2 – Ksh. 2,500

Single paper:

• Level 1 – Ksh. 1,000
• Level 2 – Ksh. 1,200

Diploma Examination Entry Fees – ATD/DCM

• Level 1 – Ksh. 4,000
• Level 2 – Ksh. 4,500
• Level 3 – Ksh. 5,000

Single paper:

• Level 1 – Ksh. 1,200
• Level 2 – Ksh. 1,400
• Level 3 – Ksh. 1,600


• Level 1 – Ksh. 4,600
• Level 2 – Ksh. 4,500
• Level 3 – Ksh. 5,600

Single paper: Theory papers;

• Level 1: – Ksh. 1,200
• Level 2: – Ksh. 1,400
• Level 3: – Ksh. 1,600

Single paper: Practical papers;

• Level 1: – Ksh. 2,000,
• Level 3: – Ksh. 2,500

Professional Examination Entry Fees – CPA/CS/CIFA/CCP Courses

Part I:

• Section 1 – Ksh. 3,500
• Section 2 – Ksh. 3,500
• Total for Part I – Ksh. 7,000
• *Single paper – Ksh. 1,750

Part II:

• Section 3 – Ksh. 6,000
• Section 4 – Ksh. 6,000
• Total for Part II – Ksh. 12,000
• *Single paper – Ksh. 3,000

Part III:

• Section 5 – Ksh. 9,000
• Section 6 – Ksh. 9,000
• Total for Part III – Ksh. 18,000
• *Single paper – Ksh. 4,500

CICT Courses

Part I:

• Section 1 – Ksh. 3,800
• Section 2 – Ksh. 3,800
• Total for Part I – Ksh. 7,600

Single paper

• Theory – Ksh. 1,750
• Practical – Ksh. 2,500

Part II:

• Section 3 – Ksh. 6,000
• Section 4 – Ksh. 6,500
• Total for Part II – Ksh. 12,500

Single paper

• Theory – Ksh. 3,000
• Practical – Ksh. 3,600

Part III:

• Section 5 – Ksh. 9,000
• Section 6 – Ksh. 9,000
• Total for Part III – Ksh. 18,000
• *Single paper (Theory) – Ksh. 4,500
• ICT Project – Ksh. 10,000

KASNEB Exemptions Fee – Diploma Examination

• Level I: Per paper 1,500
• Level II: Per paper 1,700
• Level III: Per paper 1,900

Professional Examinations – CPA/CS/CICT/CIFA/CCP

• Part I per paper – 2,500
• Part II per paper – 3,500
• Part III per paper – 4,500

SALE OF PUBLICATION SYLLABUSES cost for each copy – Ksh. 500
PAST QUESTION PAPERS – One set per level or section – Ksh. 200

Resgistration And Examination Booking Deadlines

• May examinations – 15 March
• November examinations – 15 September

Early Bird Discount

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The following discounts will be granted to candidates who pay their May examinations fees between 1st of October and 31st of December and November exam fees between 1st of April and 30th of June.

Discounted Registration Fees

• Certificate (CAMS) – Ksh. 3,000
• Diploma – Ksh. 5,000
• Professional – Ksh. 6,000

Discounted Examination Fees

Early bird attracts a discount of Ksh. 300 per section or level and a single paper will be granted a discount of Ksh. 100 as applicable.

Who Is Eligible For Discounts?

For the May examinations, intending applicants must be registered as KASNEB students and as candidates for the exams not later than the 15th of March. Here, early-bird discount is applicable to candidates who successfully register and clear their KASNEB exam fee between the 1st of October and the 31st of December.

For the November examinations, intending applicants must register as KASNEB students and as candidates for the exams not later than the 15th of September. Here, those who register, as well as complete their fees between the 1st of April and the 30th of June will enjoy an early bird discount.

Who Is Exempted From Paying Fees On KASNEB?

Exemptions to these fees will be granted but it will be on a paper by paper basis. When candidates apply for exemptions, it is only those who are considered to have satisfactorily covered the content of those papers or paper on their exemption application that will be favored.

Exemptions For Applicants Who Are Holders Of KASNEB Qualifications

• All similar and common papers in the diploma and professional exams will be granted exemptions.
• Diploma examination graduates who are beyond Part I of the professional exams will not be granted exemptions.
• No exemptions will be granted in the CAMS qualification.
• In granting these exemptions, there will be a consideration to the core areas of the applicant’s expertise. For example, a graduate of CPA is deemed proficient in accounting, thus, would be granted exemptions in accounting papers within other KASNEB professional examinations.

Exemptions For Applicants Who Hold Qualifications From Universities, As Well As Other Examination Bodies

Candidates who are holders of diplomas and degrees from recognized institutions of higher learning, universities, and other examination bodies may be granted exemptions.
Under this category, applicants who wish to qualify for exemptions must present proof of sufficient coverage of the content of the paper/s on their exemption application. However, with the exemption of graduates of KASNEB examinations, candidates in Part III of the professional examinations will not be granted exemptions.

Procedure for Exemptions

Applicants seeking to be granted exemptions should complete the pertinent application forms for the exemptions, in addition to paying the approved exemption fees. Applications for exemption should be submitted along with the applicable supporting documents. (Go to the KASNEB website for more on the exemption policy.) Important to note: a candidate who has been exempted won’t be allowed to sit for the exempted paper; this can only be possible with prior authority from the CEO of KASNEB. Candidates who are found guilty of flouting this particular rule will automatically forfeit their exemptions.

A List Of Banks Where Candidates Can Make Payments

• Kenya Commercial Bank Ltd. (KCB) 1203681194
• National Bank of Kenya Ltd. (NBK) 01001031572601
• Equity Bank Ltd. 0170299238025
• Kenya Post Office Savings Bank Ltd. 0744130009246
• Co-operative Bank of Kenya Ltd. 01129128535900
• UBA Kenya Bank Ltd. 55030160004156
• KCB dollar account for overseas students 1123096465

Students are encouraged to make payments with e-kasneb app. An early-bird discount totaling Ksh. 300 (US$5) will be granted for one section or level and another Ksh. 100 (US$2) will be granted for a paper as applicable.

How Much Does CPA Cost In Kenya?

As explained above, the CPA is in the same category as other professional examinations like CS/CIFA/CCP. The cost of registration remains Kshs. 7,500 and Ksh. 2000 for yearly registration renewal fees which is payable every 1st of July.

Does Kasneb Have A Penalty For Late Registration?

According to kept records, KASNEB abolished all the penalties for late registration and examination booking, thus, candidates who registered late will be expected to pay only the normal fees except the ones enjoying early bird discount.

All in all, you enjoy some benefits when you register early but there is not penalty if you allow the registration to linger to the closing period.


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