A Breakdown of Okyeame Kwame’s Net Worth and What He Spends it On

Okyeame Kwame is a Ghanaian rapper with a net worth of about $7 million, making him one of the wealthiest artists in the country.

Popularly known as Rap Doctor, Kwame made his wealth from his music career and other business ventures. He is known to spend on luxury items, including top-of-the-range automobiles. However, he also does a lot of philanthropic activities, which have earned him numerous awards within and outside the shores of Ghana and Africa.

His over $7 Million Net Worth comes from Music and Business Earnings

As of this writing, Okyeame Kwame’s net worth is estimated to be about $7 million and this qualifies him as one of the richest music artists in Ghana. His Financial status came as no surprise to his fans for several reasons. For one, Kwame is a skilled rapper whose music has unified Ghanaians all over the world.

Second, Kwame’s marketing prowess is still a subject of wonder to many professional marketers in Ghana. Through innovative marketing methods, Kwame has pushed his music into entertainment gadgets, party halls, homes, and hearts of millions of Ghanaians today.

Okyeame owns One Mic Entertainment

While it is still unclear how much he earns from his music, we know that music is not the only thread that makes up his entire net worth. Asides from earning good money from his music, Kwame also runs a variety of enterprises. Here are the few we know about. As of this writing, he is the sole owner of the record label One Mic Entertainment. Today, One Mic Entertainment has become an effective launching pad for many young and upcoming music artists in Ghana.

He is a Partner of Horseman Shoes

Okyeame Kwame with Tonyi Senayah (right) and another presenting a Horseman shoe
Okyeame Kwame (middle) with Tonyi Senayah (right) and another presenting a Horseman shoe

Asides from One Mic Entertainment, Kwame also co-founded Firm Bridges Communications. It is not clear how much stake he owns in the company or how that determines his share of the profits. What’s no secret is that he features on the founders’ list. Kwame also partners with the successful Accra-based footwear brand, Horseman Shoes.

Endorsement Deals with MTN Group, Coca-Cola, and GT Bank

Kwame’s incredible musical career has attracted several brands and organizations; bringing him into a variety of endorsement deals and juicy contracts. So far, we know that he has ongoing brand ambassadorship contracts with the likes of MTN Group, Coca-Cola, and GT Bank.

Much of His Money goes into Family, Fashion, and Philanthropy

He Invests in African Prints

Okyeame Kwame is famous for his impeccable fashion taste. Why else can millions of fans spot him out in jiffy? He invests in bespoke wears made with African textiles with special Ghanian designs. This has become his signatory wear over the years. Little wonder in 2016, he won the Male Celebrity Fashion Icon of the Year at the Ghana Fashion Awards.

Kwame has a Thing for Flashy Rides

All over the world, celebrities are known for their individual fascinations with planes, motorcycles, wristwatches, and of course, cars. Okyeame Kwame is not an exception. As we show you details about where his money goes, we must also mention the toys parked in his garage.

Kwame shocked his fans when he revealed the line up of cars. For all we know, the super-skilled rapper has a thing for flashy rides. He recently flashed his newly acquired Land Rover Discovery before fans. The Land Rover Discovery 2020 comes with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and blind spot monitoring. According to USNews, the base model starts at $52,300.

Okyeame poses beside his Land Rover Discovery
Okyeame poses with his Ford Explorer 2018
Kwame Okyeame
Kwame Okyeame in his open roof Benz.
Okyeame gears up to mount his Kawasaki D-Tracker

But cars are not the only toys in Kwame’s garage. The rapper also uses a Kawasaki D-Tracker motorbike. Sure enough, there were controversies over the identity of the man in the picture. Some argued that it was not Kwame. But He has since cleared the air saying that it was actually him.

While some might see it as a luxury ride, Kwame admits that going on two tires is a matter of necessity. Because of the traffic holdup in parts of Accra, especially in the mornings and evenings, he uses his motorbike on occasions.

So far we have reasons to believe that Kwame has several other exotic cars in his fleet; from Jaguar, Rolls Royce to Ferrari. More recently he also gave fans a peek into his lavish mansion.

He is Big in the Fight Against Hepatitis B

Another major pipeline Kwame sends most of his money is philanthropy. In 2009, he founded the Okyeame Kwame Foundation to raise public awareness on Hepatitis B. The foundation also provides screening, prevention, and sensitization to mitigate Hepatitis B in Ghana. Partnering with MDS-Lancet Laboratories and MTN Ghana has made this initiative super successful. Together, the Okyeame Kwame Foundation holds screening and vaccination campaigns across Ghana.

As the brilliant marketer that he is, Kwame once organized what he called the Celebrity Car Wash. The event is a rich mix of games, sports, and snapshots with celebrities in East Legon. The goal? Raise funds to provide free vaccination for over 1000 Ghana citizens.

Kwame Okyeame
Kwame Okyeame leads a Hepatitis B health walk

He is now Hepatitis B Ambassador for the Ghana Health Service

Due to his restless actions and events organized to fund free screening for under-served Ghanaians, Kwame was appointed Hepatitis B Ambassador for the Ghana Health Service.

In 2017, the rap artist cum philanthropist received a United States Presidential Volunteer Service Award. The award originally reserved for US citizens was conferred on Kwame in recognition of his selfless contribution towards treating and preventing hepatitis B.

An Overview of the Rap Doctor’s Music Career

Indeed, Okyeame Kwame is one of the most successful Ghanian musicians of this age and perhaps will be for a long time to come. To get to where he’s now, the musician began honing his skills from wayback in time.

He Began Singing from His High School Days

It began in the early 1990s. The then-teenage rapper kicked off what would become an enviable music career from his high school days. Back then, Kwame rapped and sang at various events and shows but never really gained recognition until 1997. That year, he’d joined the Akyeame hip life duo alongside Akyeame Kofi (real name, Daniel Kofi Amoateng).

Kwame Okyeame
Kwame Okyeame and Akyeame Kofi

In the years that followed, the duo took the Ghanaian music space by storm; recording several albums such as Nyansapo (1997), Nkonsonkonson (1998), Ntoaso (2000), and Apam Oforo (2002). After 7 years together, however, they went their separate ways in 2004. Kwame went on to perform solo under his record label One Mic Entertainment.

He won His First Award in 2009

5 years after going solo, he was awarded Artist of the Year in the Ghana Music Awards (2009). The award sparked Kwame’s confidence so much that he dropped another album in which he dubbed himself as BRA ( Best Rapper Alive).

Of course, this did not go down well with other prominent rappers at the time. While others murmured their displeasure, a few such as the Ghanaian renowned rap artist, Obrafour, called Kwame out. This became one of the many career tussles typical among music artists. But Kwame seemed right after all. Time proved it!

Okyeame Kwame now has International Awards and Recognitions

In 2016, John Cranley, the then Mayor of the city of Cincinnati, USA presented Okyeame Kwame with a Key to the City. The Mayor also pronounced every 17 November as “Okyeame Kwame Day”.

The following year Kwame received the award for the best video honor (for his song Small Small) at the 2017 Ghana Music Honours. What’s more? Kwame was awarded the United States Presidential Volunteer Service Award. Although the award only features Americans, the US government made an exception for Kwame who got the Kingdom Humanitarian Award.

Kwame Okyeame
Kwame Okyeame receives awards for VGMA Record Of The Year 2020

Late that year, Kwame stood alongside football legend David Beckham and acting superstar Hugh Jackman to become UNICEF Super Dad Ambassadors. In 2020, his work, Bolgatanga, won the Record of the Year at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

So far, his music has contributed immensely to Ghanaian liberal culture. His lyrics are known to be laced with wisdom, didactic themes, and social consciousness. Some of his songs are currently studied in Ghanaian Universities today.

Kwame is a Husband and Doting Father of Two

Since 2009, Kwame has been married to Annica Nsiah-Apau. Their relationship has been a goal for millions of fans who look up to the couple. Annica has been a huge support to his career from the very start. In 2015, Kwame told Showbiz that he has never cheated on his wife with another woman. They are blessed with two wonderful children, Sir Kwame Bota and Sante Antwiwaa. Kwame Okyeame splurges on his family in no small way. From family vacations to casual outings, the music artist and businessman hold nothing back.

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