A Comparison of the Channels on DStv Ghana Family and Access Bouquets

DStv Ghana has a variety of packages because it recognizes that different customers have different entertainment needs. That means customers who cannot afford to pay for the more expensive packages can still enjoy satellite television and access high-quality entertainment options. If you are one of those customers with a tight budget, the DStv Ghana Family and Access packages are the two most economical assortments available to existing and potential customers.

For first time customers, choosing one of the packages can be a dilemma. To make this decision easier, we have broken each one down to help you determine the right option for you.

DStv Ghana Family Package – GHS 80

DStv Ghana Family and Access
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The second cheapest DStv Ghana package, this ensemble is very popular amongst families. Carefully crafted to enhance family time, the family package is one that is here to stay. With 55+ TV channels and 67 audio channels, it represents good value for money as it costs just GHS 80 every month.

As previously mentioned, the family package’s target audience is mostly a tight-knit family that enjoys spending quality time together. As a result, the channels have something for every single member of the family. From the youngest individual to the oldest, the family package offers entertainment value galore. There will be no dull moments as the programs have been selected to promote a lively atmosphere.

It Has Over 55+ Channels

Here are the channels on the DStv Ghana Family package broken down according to the major entertainment categories:

  • Ghanaian Channels – Two with Trace Jama and ROK
  • General Entertainment Channels – ROK 3, CBS Reality, FOX, E! Entertainment, and FOX Life.
  • Novellas – Enjoy riveting telenovela stories with the five channels on display. EVA, Star Life, EVA+, Telemundo, and Zee World.
  • Movie Channels – Movie time with the family will be special with M-NET Movie Zone and B4U Movies.
  • Lifestyle, Education, and Documentary – Explore nature, fashion, and get educated by switching to any of the following seven channels – BBC Lifestyle, Food Network, National Geographic Channel, Real Time, Discovery Family HD, Fashion One, and NatGeo Wild.
  • Sports Channels – There are six brilliant sports channels for sports lovers in the family to relax with. They include Blitz HD, ESPN, the SuperSport channels Blitz, La Liga, Football, and Variety 4.
  • News – Catch the latest global happenings with any of the six news channels on the Family package. Al Jazeera, Arise News, BBC World News, CGTN News, CNC World, and Joy News are all readily available.
  • Kiddies Entertainment – The kids are sure to love the entertainment options available for them. With seven high-quality channels for them to watch, they are spoilt for choice. How do you choose among any of the following – Nickelodeon, PBS Kids, Mindset, Jim Jam, Disney Junior, Da Vinci Kids, and Cbeebies?
  • Music Options – get your groove and dancing shoes on by enjoying some excellent music on Afro Music English, Trace Gospel, and MTV Base.

Additionally, enjoy African movies with the plethora of Africa Magic options, including Epic, Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo, and ROK.

DStv Ghana Access Package – GHC 45

DStv Ghana Family and Access
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The DStv Ghana Access package is relatively new in the world of satellite and pay-TV subscriptions. It is the cheapest amongst all the DStv Ghana packages as it costs just GHC 45 per month.

This package is for individuals who want access to satellite television on a very low budget. Despite the cost, it still represents an excellent choice for lovers of local shows, telenovelas, news, and kiddies entertainment. It has 40+ TV channels to go with 67 audio channels. Subscribers get a basic entertainment package while saving a lot of money.

If you stay alone and need light entertainment to keep you busy in your spare time without having to spend a lot of money, then the DStv Access package is the go-to option. It is short on top-quality sports and movie content, but still a relatively worthy investment at its price.

List of Channels for Access Package Remains the Scarcest

As the cheapest DStv Ghana Package, it is understandable that the Access package is the one lightest on options and entertainment value. However, there are still some exciting choices to make across major entertainment categories.

  • Ghanaian Channels – contains two in Trace Jama and ROK
  • General Entertainment Channels – keep yourself entertained with ROK 3, FOX Life, and E! Entertainment.
  • Novellas – EVA+, Telemundo, and Zee World are the go-to options for telenovela drama.
  • Movie Channels – M-NET Movie Zone and B4U Movies are ever-present for movie relief.
  • Documentary, Lifestyle, and Education – The three available options are Discovery Family HD, Fashion One, and NatGeo Wild.
  • Sports Channels – Blitz, HD, SuperSport channels Blitz, Football, and Variety 4.
  • News – BBC World News, Al Jazeera, Arise News, CGTN News, CNC World, and Joy News.
  • Kiddies Entertainment – One of this package’s strongest suit is its collection of kiddies channels featuring PBS Kids, Nickelodeon, Mindset, Jim Jam, and Disney Junior.
  • Music Channels – Another weak offering is its music options with just two being TRACE Jama and MTV Base.

Access represents a cheap way for fans of local content to enjoy TV time without spending much. It has an impressive collection of local channels and African movie channels featuring Africa Magic Family, Igbo, Yoruba, and Hausa.

Other local channels include Soundcity, Hip TV, Spice TV, and Urban TV. It is also heavy on religious channels with nine of them appearing on the bouquet. Some of them are Emmanuel TV, Dove TV, Day Star, TV Mundial, Islam Channel, SBN, and TBN.

Notable Differences Between DStv Ghana Family and Access Packages

Although both packages are the cheapest DStv packages among other similarities, there are some notable differences. One of the most striking contrasts between both is the cost.

While the DStv Ghana Family package costs GHC 80 per month, the DStv Ghana Access Package costs less at GHC 45. For the latter, subscribers can even pay GHC 495 to cover subscription for a whole year.

The most striking difference between both though is the number of channels on offer. While the DStv Ghana Family package offers 55+ television channels, the DStv Ghana Access Package gives 40+ television channels. It means that some channels are available on the Family Package that cannot be found on the Access.

The table below breaks down the number of missing channels for each entertainment category and the particular channels missing.

Entertainment Category DStv Ghana Family DStv Ghana Access Missing Channels
Sports Six Four ESPN, SuperSport La Liga
General Five Three CBS Reality, FOX
Music Four Two TRACE Gospel, Afro English
Kiddies Channels Seven Five Cbeebies, Da Vinci Kids
Lifestyle etc. Seven Three BBC lifestyle, Food Network, Real Time, National Geographic Channel
Novellas Five Three EVA, Star Life

The DStv Ghana Family Package Remains a Better Deal

After checking the list of channels, cost, and entertainment value, it is safe to conclude that the DStv Family package constitutes a better deal. Although it is slightly more expensive, it represents an upgrade in terms of entertainment quality.

Despite being created with family time in mind, anyone can still enjoy it. While the Access package is cost-effective, it lacks a lot, and paying slightly more to get a more enjoyable viewing experience is more advisable.

However, it depends on the customer and what they can afford. If the Access package is what works for you financially, go for it!

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