A Complete List Of MTN Data Bundles, Their Prices And Activation Codes

MTN is arguably the largest telecommunications network in Western Africa and their byline,  ‘Everywhere you go’, is truly representative of their widespread network coverage.
As widely as this network spreads, so are the data bundles they offer. MTN has taken into consideration all types of clients and has created data bundles that can cater to their respective internet needs.

MTN Has 3 Main Data Categories

Taking into consideration the needs of its numerous customers, MTN has devised various data plans which are available under Daily, Weekly, or Monthly categories to suit their customers. Here is a list of these available MTN data bundles according to their duration:

MTN Daily Plans

One of the cheapest data bundles that MTN offers is the daily plans. In this bucket of plans are bundles that anyone who needs quick data or does not have a lot of airtime can purchase.

Price Data Volume Validity Activation Code
N50 40 MB 24 Hours Text 141 to 131
N100 100 MB 24 Hours Text 104 to 131
N300 1 GB 24 Hours Text 155 to 131
N500 2 GB 2 Days Text 154 to 131
N500 2.5 GB 2 Days Nil
N200 200 MB 3 Days Text 113 to 131


Although most of these daily plans are relatively small in terms of data volume, they still have some advantages which users tend to enjoy and they are:

  • These plans are cheap as they can be bought as low as N50.
  • They roll over after expiry on your next subscription of a daily plan.


Some of the limitations that have been associated with this plan include:

  • The data bundle might finish before the expiration of the data plan.
  • Using daily bonuses might result in more frequent data subscriptions which will eventually be costly than making bulk data purchases.

Weekly Data Bundles On MTN

The plans in this group are only valid for a week and would expire at the end of their 7 days validity period. They are a step up from the daily plans in both price and MB volume.

Price Data Volume Validity Activation Code
N300 350 MB 7 Days Text 102 to 131
N500 750 MB 14 Days Text 103 to 131
N500 1 GB 7 Days Text 142 to 131
N1,000 2GB + 2GB Bonus 7 Days Type *131*105#
N1,500 6 GB 7 Days Text 143 to 131


  • This plan is great for people who have a fixed weekly data consumption goal as they can access a large volume of data at a cheaper rate.
  • While using any of the weekly plans you can also subscribe to other plans and each will have its unique expiry date.


  • Like the daily data plans, the data volume in this plan is bound to run out before the end of the one or two-week duration.
  • More frequent data subscriptions may lead to high data purchase costs in the long run.
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MTN Monthly Data Plans

The monthly data plans that MTN offers are the more popular plans. They also happen to be among the most popular plans MTN users subscribe to. Of course, the monthly data plan bundles also feature data volumes suitable for enterprise uses. Accessing these plans is easy – all you have to do is have the required amount for each bundle in your airtime balance then dial the appropriate USSD code.

Price Data Volume Validity Activation Code
N1,000 1.5 GB 1 Month Text 106 to 131
N1,200 2 GB + 4GB Free YouTube Night Streaming 1 Month Text 130 to 131
N1,500 3 GB + 4 GB Free YouTube Night Streaming 1 Month Text 131 to 131
N2,000 4.5 GB + 4 GB Free YouTube Night Streaming 1 Month Text 110 to 131
N2,500 6GB + 4 GB Free YouTube Night Streaming 1 Month Text 147 to 131
N3,000 10 GB + 4 GB YouTube Streaming 1 Month Nil
N3,500 12 GB + 4 GB YouTube Streaming 1 Month Text 107 to 131
N5,000 20 GB + 4 GB YouTube Streaming 1 Month Text 116 to 131
N6,000 25 GB 1 Month Nil
N10.000 40 GB 1 Month Text 117 to 131
N15,000 75 GB 1 Month Text 150 to 131
N20,000 120 GB 1 Month Text 149 to 131
N30,000 200 GB 1 Month Nil
N8,000 30 GB 2 Months Text 119 to 131
N20,000 100 GB 2 Months Text 118 to 131
N30,000 160 GB 2 Months Text 138 to 131
N50,000 400 GB 3 Months Text 133 to 131
N75,000 600 GB 3 Months Text 134 to 131
N90,000 800 GB 6 Months Text 115 to 131
N100,000 1 TB 12 Months Text 136 to 131
N250,000 2.5 TB 12 Months Nil
N450,000 4.5 TB 12 Months Text 137 to 131


  • These monthly data plans are quite affordable for those who consume a large volume of data on a consistent basis.
  • These data plans usually come with the option of rolling over any unused data at the date of expiration.


  • They are pricey as the least volume you can purchase is N1000.
  • There is no guarantee that the plan would last till the end of its validity period.

Other MTN Internet Plans 

Apart from the normal daily, weekly, and monthly plans, MTN has provided other data platforms for customers who are more interested in social media platforms. These available social media bundles are for all MTN users and they will give you access to popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Eskimi, YouTube, WeChat, and 2GO.

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Subscribing to these plans will cost the user as low as N25 for daily plans, N50 for weekly plans, and N150 for monthly plans. You can also choose to subscribe to combine bundles like Instagram and YouTube for only N100. All you need to do to have access to these social bundles is by dialing *131*3#. After sending the details, the menu showing the social plans will be displayed on your phone’s screen, just choose the one you want and it will automatically start running.

More so, MTN customers who love to stream videos can choose from the video streaming pack where you can choose either the YouTube Video streaming pack or StarTime streaming pack. Each of these packages has options you can select from and these options can be activated by using the appropriate activation code.

But Which MTN Data Plan Is The Most Affordable?

There is no clear way to state the cheapest MTN data plan. It all depends on your internet needs and how much data you use. If you are an infrequent user, the best thing you can do is to pay for a weekly or daily plan. If on the other hand, you consume a lot of data, the monthly plans may be the best option for you. You can check your phone’s data usage for the past 30 days and know how much data you consumed. By doing this, you can have an idea of how much data you will likely be consuming in the next 30 days.

Which MTN Data Plan Is The Best?

Just as it is hard to say what the cheapest data plan might be, the same goes for the best MTN data plan. There are however plans that people are prone to purchase more and these are:

  • ₦100 for 100MB for 24 hours.
  • ₦500 for 750MB for 2-weeks.
  • ₦1,000 for 1.5GB for 1 month/30 days.
  • ₦1,200 for 2GB plan 1 month/30 days.
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