A Complete List of Radio/TV Channels on Multi TV, their Frequencies and How to Scan For New Channels

One of the reasons a lot of customers are taken with Multi TV is the available TV and radio channels found on the service. Multi TV is a free-to-air (FTA) satellite broadcast service that originated in Ghana. When it launched in 2009, it sparked a sort of TV revolution by offering free satellite TV broadcast to Ghanaians.

It is a top pick amongst Ghanaian TV watchers. It ensures it meets the needs of these viewers in terms of sports, news, and entertainment by hosting the leading channel providers in digital format. Due to its success in Ghana, it has since spread to other countries in Africa. As of 2020, Multi TV operates in over 20 African countries.

List of African Countries where Multi TV is Operational

The following countries are covered either fully or partially by Multi TV:

Ghana Benin Republic Togo
Uganda Kenya Tanzania
Democratic Republic of Congo Gabon Nigeria
Niger Cameroon Sao Tome & Principe
The Gambia Senegal Mauritius
Mozambique Zimbabwe Zambia
Malawi Angola Equatorial Guinea
Central African Republic Guinea-Bissau Guinea
Sierra Leone Cote D’Ivoire Liberia
Mali Chad

Now that the customer is aware of the countries covered by Multi TV either partially or entirely, it is essential to know the channels offered by the service. Multi TV offers over 20 TV and radio channels in digital format. These channels cover a wide variety of categories and cater to the various tastes of different subscribers. For those who do not know, below are comprehensive lists of the TV and radio channels currently available on Multi TV.

TV Channels Offered by Multi TV

Adom TV Joy TV Rhema TV – available only in Ghana
TV Xyz OB TV Elijah TV
Kessben TV Angel TV – only in Ghana Pent TV
TVT Ghana TV Aseda TV
Cross TV TV3 – only in Ghana Fire TV 2
ZTV – only in Ghana Precious TV Joy News
DW English Rock TV – only in Ghana Sweet TV
Pan African TV Royal TV – only in Ghana Fire TV – only in Ghana

List of Multi TV’s Radio Channels

Joy FM Asempa FM Radio Kara
Radio Lome Citi FM Atlantis Radio
Luv FM Adom FM Fox FM
New Mercury Kessben FM Hitz FM
Peace FM Nhyira FM Angel FM

Determining the Frequencies for the Channels Available on Multi TV

When setting up your Multi TV, it is vital that you get the frequency number correct. It ensures that the signal you receive belongs to Multi TV. Your decoder receives a Multi TV signal from the satellite called Astra 2B, and it is located at 28.2°E.

The problem is Multi TV is not the only broadcast service using that particular satellite. It is therefore essential to get the frequency number and other parameters spot on during installation and decoder set up.

For TV Channels, the frequency and other parameters are dependent on the frequency of the satellite dish. Multi TV has a frequency of 12525 with a symbol rate of 30000, and polarization set at Vertical (V). With this setting, you will be able to pick up the channels listed above.

There are no singular frequencies for each Multi TV channel. All channels share the frequency number of the free-to-air satellite TV service they are on.

For Radio Channels

Unlike TV channels, radio channels have distinct frequencies. Take a look at the frequencies of the radio stations below:

Joy FM – 99.7 Asempa FM – 94.7 Radio Kara – 12525V
Radio Lome – 99.5 Citi FM – 97.3 Atlantis Radio – 87.9
Luv FM- 99.5 Adom FM – 106.3 Fox FM – 97.9
New Mercury – 91.5 Kessben FM – 93.3 Hitz FM – 103.9
Peace FM – 104.3 Nhyira FM – 104.5 Angel FM – 96.1

The frequency numbers listed above are distinct to each radio station. However, they all share the same frequency number that Multi TV operates with which is the 12525 frequency along with a symbol rate of 30000 and polarization set at Vertical (V).

How to Get More Channels on Your Multi TV Decoder

Multi TV Radio Channels
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There comes a time when viewers might get bored or tired of their current options on Multi TV. When this occurs, they begin to wish there were additional channels for them to watch and have a different viewing experience.

The good news is there is absolutely a way to add more channels to your current options on Multi TV. Earlier on in this article, we mentioned that Multi TV was not the only cable broadcaster on the Astra 2B satellite. The other cable broadcasters have their frequency numbers, symbol rates, and polarization parameters. Finding a way to input these parameters should get you additional channels and a much more pleasing viewing experience.

To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Press Menu on your Multi TV remote control
  2. Select installation
  3. Scroll through and select ‘Edit Satellite’
  4. Click on the yellow button on the remote control to add a new satellite
  5. A dialog box will appear titled ‘add satellite’
  6. Enter the information of the satellite you wish to add then select yes. Here is the required information you should enter:
        • Satellite – Astra 2B
        • Longitude – 101 E
        • Frequency – 12572
        • Symbol Rates – 2854
        • Polarization – Vertical (V)
  1. Astra 2B should now exist amongst the options of satellites under the ‘Edit satellite’ menu.
  2. Select it and press OK
  3. Under the ‘Edit transponder’ option, press the yellow button to enter in the values of the broadcaster from the satellite you wish to add (A table containing the information of the cable broadcasters will be available after the steps)
  4. Press exit twice when done
  5. Proceed to scan by pressing menu then choosing installation and ‘install satellite’ then pressing the green button on the remote.
  6. Additional TV and radio channels should now be available for your viewing pleasure.

There are five other broadcasters you can add for your viewing pleasure and expand the number of channels available on your Multi TV decoder. The table below shows their respective frequencies, symbol rates, and polarization.

Broadcaster Frequency Number Symbol Rate Polarization
WAP TV 11595 30000 Vertical
SES 1 11635 30000 Vertical
SES 2 11675 30000 Horizontal
Play TV 12565 30000 Horizontal
One TV 12605 30000 Vertical

Perhaps you are not particularly interested in adding other broadcasters and simply want to check and add other Multi TV channels to your decoder. To do this, all you have to do is repeat step 11 above without the others, including entering a new frequency.

Once you do so, your decoder should capture additional channels on the Multi TV spectrum.


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