Ice Prince’s Net Worth and the Songs That Made Him Famous

Ice Prince is a Nigerian rapper, hip hop recording artist and actor who has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Ice Prince is obviously among the crème de la crème of the Nigerian music industry. The singer’s fame and fortune came majorly from his singing career; however, his relevance in the Nigerian music scene opened in-roads into other endeavors like endorsements and acting. Though he dropped his greatest hit in 2010, the artist is still a force to reckon with in the world of show biz.

Armed with a fortune of about $5 million, one would expect the Niger State-born artist to live a life of luxury like his industry colleagues and Ice Prince has not disappointed one bit. The artist has acquired some of the best of automobile brands and his dwelling is one luxurious abode, fit enough for royalty.

The Latest Estimation of Ice Prince’s Net Worth Pegged it at $5 million

With a net worth of $5 million, the award-wining rapper has etched his name on the sands of the Nigerian music industry and the world at large. It goes without saying that he now belongs to the upper echelons of the world of showbiz. Though the multitalented artist started off with music, he has since diversified into other fields, spreading his wings into areas like acting. The major sources of his income include;

• Music
• Endorsement
• Acting
• Awards

His Early Days in Music took him from Ecomog Squad to Loopy Crew

For most musicians, they started off by singing or playing musical instruments in their local churches, however, the reverse seems to be the case with Ice Prince. He was just 16 when he joined effort with friends to launch a singing group called Ecomog squad. Sadly, the group didn’t last more than one year before they went their separate ways. On his own part, Ice Prince didn’t join another group or go solo; the emerging star rather joined his local choir where he sang, tenor.

He became part of Loopy Crew in 2004 alongside other artists like M.I, Eve, Jesse Jagz, Lindsey, and Ruby. After he met M.I and Jesse Jagz, they started doing exploits in music and eventually moved to Lagos where they put up with Djinee for lack of accommodation. The three friends were eventually signed on by Chocolate City starting from M.I to Jesse Jag, and then Ice Prince.

Though he always surrounded himself with local artists, the youngster was greatly influenced by some Western musicians like Talib Kweli, Rakim, Kanye West, Notorious B.I.G, Busta Rhymes, Jay-Z, Lauryn Hill, Ludacris, and more. He was also positively impacted by some local artists like M.I, Jesse Jagz, Ruby, Lindsey, Taz, and Eve.

He Came to Prominence as a Chocolate City Signee

After he inked a deal with Chocolate City record Label, Ice Prince’s first single Oleku from his debut album Everybody Loves Ice Prince hit the music stand. The track which was released from the stables of Chocolate City was well-received throughout Nigeria and beyond. Oleku went on to become one of the country’s most remixed tracks of all time. When Everybody Loves Ice prince album was finally released in 2011, it had the support of three hit singles, including Oleku, Juju, and Superstar.

A couple of years after he dropped his first studio album, Ice Prince followed up with Fire of Zamani which marked his second studio album. The album came with singles like Aboki, Gimme Dat, More, and I Swear. He became Chocolate City’s Vice President in 2015 until he exited from the record label in 2016. Ice Prince’s third studio album Jos to the World marked the singer’s first independent album released outside of Chocolate City. According to what he told Pulse, Universal Studio in America mixed and mastered the album The singer has been featured in songs by other artists like Taikoon, DJ Neptune, Bez, YQ, Pherowshuz, Dekunle Fuji, and Knighthouse. There are his albums to date;

Studio albums

• Everybody Loves Ice Prince in 2011
• Fire of Zamani in 2013
• Jos to the World in 2016


• Trash Cans in 2015
• C.O.L.D in 2018

Recently, the Oleku crooner signed a new deal with New York-based 300 Entertainment record label which he launched with new track Make up Your Mind.

Ice Prince Talents Also Runs to Acting

Away from music, the talented singer has also displayed his prowess in the movies, appearing in a smattering of productions. However, most of his roles were majorly supporting ones; in 2013, he was featured on the set of House of Gold. Before the year ran out, Shuga – the popular HIV and AIDS awareness soap opera featured him in season three.

His Fame Attracted some Juicy Endorsements

Ice Prince has inked a plethora of endorsement deals since his emergence to the limelight. NASCOM Rhythm and Play endorsed him alongside M.I as their brand ambassadors. He was endorsed by – a popular hotel booking site and together with Olamide Badoo, the award-winning artist signed a deal with the telecom company Etisalat. According to reports, the deals were worth 20 million naira each.

While we are counting the number of endorsements he signed, it is important to also note the ones he rejected. According to reports, the Nigerian singer turned down a juicy deal from Globacom, saying it is either $1 million or nothing. These are the brands that have endorsed him;

• NASCOM Rhythm and Play
• Etisalat now 9Mobile

He is also into Business

Among other things, Ice Prince is also a businessman. The Oleku crooner floated a sunglass line called Superfly. He also launched his own clothing line known as FOZ which is doing remarkably well. Both FOZ and Superfly opened additional avenues of generating income for the Chocolate City hitmaker.

His Works has Attracted a Lot of Prestigious Awards

Ice Prince is one artist in the Nigerian music industry that has swept a lot of awards in the course of his music career, thanks to many of his songs that went on to become hits. Here are some of the awards he has won;


• Best Rap Single, 2011.
• Song of the Year, 2011.
• Best Rap Album, 2012.

Nigeria Entertainment Awards

• Hottest Single of the Year, 2011.
• Best Rap Act of the Year, 2013.
• Best Rap Act of the Year, 2014.

Channel O Music Video Awards

• Most Gifted Newcomer Video, 2011.
• Most Gifted Hip-hop Video, 2012.

City People Entertainment Awards

• Song of the Year, 2011.
• Best Hip-Hop Artist of the Year, 2013

Other Awards

• In 2009, Hennessy Artistry Club Tour bestowed him with Hennessy Artistry
• Dynamix All Youth Awards named him Best New Artiste in 2011
• Eko FM/Radio Lagos Awards gave him Young Artiste of the Year in 2011
• The Ghana Music Awards named him African Artiste of the Year in 2012
• NMVA (Nigeria Music Video Awards) bestowed him with Best Hip Hop Video in 2013
• The 2013 Africa at BET Awards named Ice Prince Best International Act
• In 2017, Peace Ambassador Agency gave him Peace Achiever’s Award
• The 2018 Ben TV Awards named him Best Male Hip Hop Artist

The Chocolate City crew made up of M.I and Ice Prince were recognized by the then president of Nigeria, Jonathan Goodluck.

Here are some of the Best of Ice Prince’s Songs

After launching his professional music career in 2004, Ice Prince went on to produce quite an impressive number of singles, including a few albums. Some of his tracks are doing well as they constantly receive airplay on radio and TV. FM stations in Lagos, Abuja, and other big cities across the country still feature his tracks. His biggest hit to date is unarguably Oleku; the track made Ice Prince a household name after it was dropped in 2010. Below are some of his best songs.

• Oleku (2010)
• Jambo (2013)
• More (2013)
• Whiskey (2013)
• Kpako (2013)
• Tipsy (2013)
• Pray (2013)
• No Die Tomorrow (2013)
• Komotion (2013)
• On My Knees (2013)
• Person Wey Sabi (2013)
• Pray (2015)
• Marry You (2015)
• Trillions (2016)
• Boss (2016)
• No mind them (2016)
• Yawa (2018)

Ice Prince is Living a Lavish Life with His Massive Net Worth

When the talk is about celebrities who spend loads of money on plush real estate and automobiles, then the Nigerian musicians are at the forefront. Artists like Ice Prince have demonstrated that money is no object with his kind of lifestyle.

Ice Prince’s Properties

Ice Prince
A glimpse of his house under construction: image source

The award-winning Oleku crooner has always mentioned his wish to go into real estate as a business. The Chocolate City rapper is the proud owner of at least one luxurious mansion. While construction was still ongoing on the property in 2015, the singer took to social media to share a photo of the uncompleted building, expressing his gratitude to God for his blessings and greatest accomplishment.

From what is perceivable, the house must have been completed by now, but Ice Prince is obviously not in the category of celebrities that love to flaunt their wealth and possessions on social media as we are yet to see the completed version. Perhaps, he will oblige us in the future.

His Cars are from the Top Automobile Brands

Acquiring more and more new cars is a trend that has come to be associated with present-day celebs. For Ice prince, the rapper is associated with three top brands;

Range Rover

Ice Prince
His Range Rover: image source

Ice Prince has a Range Rover Sports car which has always been seen splurging around town with. From what we gathered from reports, he acquired the car at the cost of N13 million.


Ice Prince
His Lambo: image source

A while ago, Ice prince added a Lamborghini to his fleet of cars. Though reports were not specific with the worth of the powerful automobile, it was said to be purchased with millions of naira. The artist was overjoyed with his plush acquisition and took to Instagram to share same with fans


Ice Prince
His Bentley: image source

Ice Prince joined the league of Nigerian Bentley car owners when he acquired a Bentley GT Coupe (2010 model) which worth is estimated in excess of N46 million. Besides, we are yet to factor in the hauling expense for the car which according to reports was not shipped, rather, the car landed into Nigeria via air at the cost of N4m.


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