A Look At Korede Bello’s Biography and The Net Worth He Has Acquired

The name Korede Bello rings a very loud bell in Nigeria for very obvious reasons; the person behind that name has established himself as one of the hugely successful music stars in the West African country. Having kickstarted his professional music career since he was only a teenager, he has been active in the industry for more than a decade, rising through the ranks to become one of the instantly recognizable faces in the Nigerian entertainment scene. Known for creatively infusing gospel-like sounds into pop tunes and churning out thrilling love songs, Korede Bello is truly a gem.

And, with a net worth of about $800,000, it is clear that Korede Bello has not only made a name for himself in the music industry but has also used the opportunity his fame and success brought him to rake in a huge amount of money for himself over the years, consolidating his financial prowess. With an album under his belt, the music star has won over millions of fans who adore not just his music style, but also his incredibly captivating good looks, which have made him a favorite of the ladies.

Quick Profile of Korede Bello

  • Name: Korede Bello
  • Date of Birth: February 29, 1996
  • Age: 26 Years Old
  • Place of Birth: Lagos, Nigeria
  • Occupation: Songwriter, Singer
  • Estimated Net Worth: $800,000

What Korede Bello’s Early Years Looked Like

Korede Bello was born on February 29, 1996, and is now 26 years old. The pop singer was born in the city of Lagos, Nigeria, and grew up there with his family. Growing up, Bello was a little shy, but even then, it was clear that he was a very talented boy. His talent was obvious as a little boy, and it was not long before people noticed it.

Our investigation shows that Bello was born to middle-class parents who expressly showed him love and encouragement to harness his talent. Korede Bello’s parents are ardent Christians, so this meant that he grew up in a very religious family, which was also a close-knit one.

Korede Bello attended primary and secondary schools in Lagos state. It was also in Lagos that he went to a higher institution. The singer studied Mass Communication at the Nigerian Institute of Journalism and graduated with distinction in 2018. Bello now holds a Higher National Diploma certificate in Mass Communication and is also an Associate Member of the Institute of Information Management.

His Parents Inspired Him To Make Music

As a kid, Korede Bello listened to gospel songs a lot because his parents always played gospel music. So, growing up, he knew a lot of gospel songs and was very familiar with the structure. Bello has once credited his parents as the people who inspired him to make music. According to him, this was because they were both music lovers themselves.

Bello was also exposed to different kinds of sounds right from when he was a child because his parents loved different kinds of music genres; while his father preferred listening to traditional gospel music, his mother loved foreign ones instead. So, Korede Bello grew up listening to a wide range of music, and this helped to shape his career later on.

His talent was noticed very early and his parents, who love music themselves, encouraged him to chase his dreams. As a matter of fact, it was his father who bought him his first guitar and also paid for his first studio session. This went a long way in encouraging the young Korede Bello to go after his passion, knowing fully well that he had the full support of his parents.

The Music Star Grew Up Along with Two Siblings

Korede Bello did not grow up as an only child. He was born the second child in his family, and he has an older brother and a younger sister. Korede Bello has a great relationship with his siblings, but who are they?

Timilehin Bello

  • Date of Birth: July 1992
  • Occupation: PR Executive
Korede Bello
Korede Bello and his brother, Timilehin

Timilehin Bello is Korede Bello’s older brother. He was born in 1992 and not much is know about him. However, we know that he is a PR executive who is doing quite well for himself in his chosen field. Also, we know that sometimes, he is referred to as ‘Big Timi’.

Jasmine Bello

  • Date of Birth: N/A
  • Occupation: N/A

Jasmine Bello is Korede Bello’s younger sister and the youngest child in the family. Like Timilehin, not much is known about her. However, it is known that just like Korede, she is also interested in forging a career path in music. Hopefully, we will get to feel her vibes very soon.

Korede Bello Began His Music Career At An Early Stage

Korede Bello started singing very early. In fact, he began to sing when he was in Primary school and was just 7 years old! At the time, he became friends with another school kid who was also interested in singing. Together, they formed a group and began entertaining guests at local school events.

When he began attending secondary school, Korede Bello continued singing and even started writing songs regularly. Also, it was at this point that he began to record songs in the studio. His father showed him support by paying for his first studio session. Things were not very easy during this time because Korede Bello was also preparing to write his West African Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination. So he had to divide his time between studying for exams and recording songs in the studio.

Korede Bello once explained that his mother did not like the way he was staying out late at night recording. Other than that, she was fine with whatever he did musically. Eventually, he did write his exams and also released his first single ‘Forever.’ At the time, Korede went by the stage name African Prince, so the song was released with that name.

Forever did well on social media and soon caught the attention of Don Jazzy, one of Nigeria’s biggest song producers and record label owners. This was where his story took a sharp, new turn.

Mavin Records Came Calling In 2014

Korede Bello was introduced to Don Jazzy by his manager, Casmir Uwaegbute. For the record, Don Jazzy is the owner and founder of one of Nigeria’s biggest record labels, Mavin Records. When Korede Bello was introduced to Don Jazzy, the record label owner listened to some of the singer’s songs and was impressed by his sound. He later invited Korede to the studio so they could record together.

Don Jazzy was impressed by the young Korede Bello, who poured out his heart in his music, that he decided to offer him a recording contract with Mavin Records. Of course, Korede, who had been looking for a big platform to showcase his talent, was thrilled by the offer and accepted it.

Korede Bello with the Mavin crew

Korede Bello got signed to Mavin Records on February 28, 2014. This was the start of a new and very exciting chapter in his life. It ushered him into a whole new world filled with limitless opportunities.

After he got signed to Mavin Records, Korede Bello set to work immediately. In the same month that he got signed to Mavin Records, he released his first single under Mavin Records, and it was titled ‘African Princess.’ The song did quite well, introducing his sound to a kind of audience he had never had before. It was an exhilarating experience for him.

Months later, in May 2014, he featured in Dorobucci, a song collectively sung by all the artists under the Mains Record label. The song went on to become a huge hit all over Nigeria, announcing Korede and the other artists even further. Korede later released other songs of his own in 2014, including ‘Adaobi,’ ‘Cold Outside,’ and ‘Looku Looku’.

His Single ‘Godwin’ Made Korede Bello a Household Name

In January 2015, Korede Bello’s life changed forever when he released his single ‘Godwin’. The song, which featured backup vocals from Don Jazzy, became a monster hit around Nigeria and the African continent. The song made Korede a household name and even became a ‘national anthem’ because it was virtually on every lip. It had gospel-like sounds mixed with contemporary pop sounds, and this sat perfectly for many people.

Korede Bello
Don Jazzy and Korede Bello in ‘Godwin’ video

‘Godwin’ turned Korede Bello into an A-list superstar and eventually won him the highly coveted Best Pop Single Award at The Headies 2015. It also went on to top many music charts across Nigeria, endearing Korede to the hearts of millions of music lovers around Africa, especially the ladies who were enchanted by the singer’s very good looks.

Bello Released His Debut Album in 2017

After the release of ‘Godwin,’ fans of Korede Bellow began expecting an album from him, urging him to drop his compilation as soon as possible. The album, however, did not come as early as they anticipated as it took a while to complete. Finally, at the start of 2017, some 2 years after the release of ‘Godwin,’ Korede Bellow announced that he was set to release his debut album and that it was titled ‘Belloved’.

Eventually, ‘Belloved’ was released in March 2017 to an army of expectant fans. The album did well, thus becoming a critical and commercial success. It contained some of his already known hit singles like ‘Godwin’ and other new ones, including ‘Butterfly,’ Goodtime,’ Let Him Go,’ and others. The album elevated Korede Bello to the status of artists with album-bragging rights.

His ‘Table For Two’ EP was Released in 2020

Korede Bello does not just have an album, he also has an EP (extended play). In July 2020, Korede Bello released his EP titled ‘Table For Two.’ The EP is a five-track release that had some of his talked-about compositions, including ‘Hey Babye,’ as well as Micasa Sucasa’ and ‘Table For Two,’ among others.

Korede Bello was criticized for not putting out another body of work following the release of his album ‘Belloved.’ However, his EP helped to salvage the situation to a large extent, bringing him a little closer to his fans.

Timeline of His Musical Career

  • He started singing and performing on stage at age 7
  • Bello formed a group in primary school with a fellow kid
  • Began to record in the studio while still in secondary school
  • He met Don Jazzy after recording his first single ‘Forever’
  • The singer was signed to Mavin Records in 2014
  • Released his biggest single ever, ‘Godwin’ in 2015
  • Dropped his album in ‘Belloved’ in 2017
  • Thrilled fans with an EP in 2020.

How Korede Bello Raked In His $800,000 Net Worth

There is no doubt that Korede Bello has been able to rake in quite a large amount of money for himself since he started making music. However, the exact figure of his net worth is not very clear and has been debated online. This notwithstanding, some celebrity wealth trackers have pegged his wealth to be between $700,000 to $800,000. Considering the kind of success he has had so far, this figure is quite in line. But, how did manage to rake in all that wealth?

  • Concerts

Korede Bello has performed in numerous concerts since he started his career. When his hit single ‘Godwin’ dropped, he quickly became the toast of event planners and concert-goers. The superstar has performed around the world, including in places like Canada, the USA, UK, and all over the African continent. In the process, he has pocketed huge sums of money. When his album ‘Belloved’ came out, Korede Bello organized different ‘Belloved concerts’ around the world. Each of these concerts was packed with his teaming fans.

  • Streaming Numbers

Korede Bello also makes money off the digital sales of his music. The superstar has recorded millions of streams across his many songs and keeps recording more streams every day. This apparently keeps him smiling to the bank always

  • Endorsements

Korede Bello has landed several endorsements since his career started. In 2015, the singer signed an endorsement deal as a brand ambassador with Globacom, a telecommunications company. The deal was worth millions of naira.

Korede Bello signs with Glo

He also signed an endorsement deal with Woodin an African print and fabric brand. In December 2015, Korede Bello was unveiled as the first Youth Ambassador by the Nigeria Police Force.

The Godwin singer made his wealth through:

  • Record sales
  • Concerts
  • Online Streaming
  • Endorsements and other business endeavors.

Korede Bello Has Won Several Awards

Over the course of his career, Korede Bello has won different awards. As someone who has produced mindblowing hit singles like ‘Godwin’, this fact does not come as a surprising thing at all. In 2014, Korede Bello, who had just been signed to Mavin Record at the time, won The Most Promising Music Act To Watch at the Nigeria Teen Choice Awards 2014.

The next year, his song ‘Godwin’ won the Best Song of the Year at the 4th Annual Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards. At The Headies 2015, ‘Godwin’ won the Best Pop Single award. In 2016, Korede Bello won the Pop Artiste of the Year Award at the 2016 City People Entertainment Awards.

The same year, he won the Best Contemporary Afro Video award at the 9th Nigeria Music Video Awards for his song ‘Godwin’. It is expected that more awards will come his way as time goes on. Korede Bello has also landed several award nominations. He has been nominated for Nigeria Entertainment Awards and has had two other Headies nominations.


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