A Look at Makhadzi’s House and Cars That Show How Much Money She Has

It’s always great knowing women are building a strong brand and making waves in Africa with their musical careers. One of such amazing women is, Ndivhudzannyi Ralivhona who is professionally called Makhadzi. This very energetic woman has risen from being a nobody to owning luxurious cars and houses. Makhadzi’s net worth has been on the rise since she became a star.

The South African singer who is known for her energetic dance moves was born on 30th June 1996 in Ha-Musina, Limpopo. Being a girl from a poor background who grew up with her mother, she has been forced to stand up for herself since she was little. She never allowed anyone to talk her down or discourage her. The resilient Makhadzi kept pushing against all odds and it’s mind-blowing to see how far her hard work, talent, and doggedness has brought her.

Makhadzi’s Music Career Contributed To Her Huge Net Worth

She may not be as rich as many other female musicians from Limpopo, but the singer has been able to accumulate some degree of wealth for herself. Makhadzi’s net worth has been estimated to be between $1 million – $5 million in the year 2021. Having acquired wealth from shows and royalties for her music, and endorsements, she spends her fortune on one of the things she loves most. It’s amazing to know that the young singer is a lover of sophisticated cars and she never fails to admit it. She is always seen taking pictures with cars and has been able to purchase some exclusive ones for herself.

The Singer Owns Two Luxurious Cars

One of the major things Makhadzi spends her hard-earned money on is cars which is why she almost fell into depression after she lost ownership of the first car she bought with her hard-earned money. Makhadzi’s net worth has helped her sustain her love for cars and her other cars include an Audi A4 which she acquired in 2018. The car is said to be a gift from Audi Polokwane.

The singer bought another Audi A4 2018 after she was involved in an accident with her previous Audi in December 2018. Following her separation from her ex-manager, Rita Dee, Makhadzi bought herself a Mercedes-Benz-A-Class 2020.

Misconception About Makhadzi Buying A Maserati

Even though fans aren’t sure about Makhadzi’s net worth, it hasn’t stopped them from making several assumptions about her. As a lover of cars and great pictures, Makhadzi posted a picture on Instagram which went viral and set a buzz among her fans in early 2020.

In the picture, she was standing in front of a luxurious Maserati and this made her fans assume that she had just purchased another vehicle. The excited fans began to repost and send congratulatory messages to the Queen of Limpopo dance music. Indeed, it was a moment of happiness for most of her fans, considering the amount a Maserati is worth.

She literally became the talk of the town and many young ladies began to see her as a model, majorly because of how she emerged from a poor background to become a star without allowing circumstances or situations around her put a barrier to her dream. She gained more followers on her social media platforms and excitement was still in the atmosphere. Everywhere was oozing with inspiration on how a lady from a poor background has just bought herself a car worth R2.6 million.

However, their excitement turned to astonishment when her brand manager, Talifhani debunked the rumor by informing the public that the car doesn’t belong to her and that she just took a picture with it. Ironically, the true owner of the car was never revealed.

A Look At The Place She Calls Home

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Makhadzi’s huge net worth has also given her the opportunity to build a house. After pictures of the beautiful house began to make rounds on social media, she revealed that she built it for her mother.

As the oldest child from separated parents, she made it her responsibility to build a house for the mother who has invested so much in her. Makhadzi finished the building in her province in February 2021. The building of the house started in the year 2019 and was completed in February 2021. The beautiful house painted in ash and cream has since been the only house that has been built by her. According to Makhadzi, the house is a sign of appreciation to her mother for single-handedly raising her after the separation from her father.

At the moment, where Makhadzi lives, whether she resides in the same building with her family or another house that has been built or rented by her is not clear to the public.

She Has Been Involved In A Few Controversies

Makhadzi has been involved in a few controversies since she became a star. She is fond of opening up about her problems on social media. According to her, ranting on social media might not solve her problem but can help her to heal.

The Kia-Picanto Saga With Makhadzi’s Ex-manager Rita Dee

There were speculations surrounding her first car, Kia-Picanto which was bought in the name of her former manager. According to her, the car was initially bought in her manager’s name because she paid for it. The agreement was that ownership of the car would be transferred upon completion of payment. Sadly, her ex-manager refused to hold her own side of the bargain after she completed the payment. Rita insisted that Makhadzi repair her own Audi which she crashed before she can gain ownership of the Kia-Picanto.
Until now, there hasn’t been any evidence that Makhadzi has gotten ownership of the car.

How Makhadzi Lost Her Money

Despite Makhadzi’s net worth, she has revealed that she has actually lost a lot of money. Makhadzi claimed that her former manager was pocketing money made by her. It was more like she worked for her manager all through the years they were together without anything to show for it which led to her being depressed.

She further revealed that she had much trust in her then-manager that she asked her to claim her money from iTunes, and never bothered to know the exact amount she was making from her music. After they had a falling out and she demanded her money, the manager began to dodge her calls.

It was really devastating for Makhadzi to share the story with the public. This prompted her fans to commence an online protest against Rita Dee with the hashtag #RitaDeeMustFall.

In her defense, Rita Dee has slammed Makhadzi with a lawsuit for defamation of character. She claims that she no longer owes Makhadzi. She even went ahead to delete Makhadzi’s songs Matorokisi and Riya Venda, which had garnered over 18 million views on YouTube before she deleted them. She claimed that she never got a cent from Youtube for the views so she wasn’t ready to cough out the money she didn’t get or spend. She also claimed that Makhadzi signed a direct deal with Open Mic for the distribution of her album so she distanced herself from the singer.

According to Rita’s lawyer, asides from the assassination attempt on her character, they are more concerned about her safety because they have gotten information that Makhadzi’s fans are threatening to harm her.

Makhadzi’s Inspirational Story – From Street Dancing To Churning Out Chart-topping Songs

The Queen of Limpopo dance music as she’s fondly called by her fans started singing on the street at the age of 12, with five followers which have grown to millions today. Before she ventured into music professionally, she started as a street dancer in 2010 with a group named Makirikiri. When she started, she was known for giving free performances on weekends.

Despite having a rough beginning and being rejected by TV and radio stations, she kept pushing and never gave up on her dream of becoming a musician. With her “not-giving up” spirit and hard work, she became popular on the street and her music was loved by the majority of people in her local community.

Amazingly, luck shone on her through the popularised Limpopo wedding songs music genre which granted her entry into the music scene. While still in high school, she was singing at weddings in the nook and cranny of Limpopo, and soon became a local celebrity.

In the year 2017, the song Tashanda Vhuya brought her to the limelight nationally. Since then, she has been collaborating with top celebrities in the music industry. The song, Riya Venda with DJ Tira finally sealed her stardom. Also in 2017, she bagged an award during the Limpopo Music Awards with her hit ‘Yo shoma’ getting recognition as the best Tshivenda hit of the year.

Makhadzi’s debut album Kokovha (Crawl) was released in 2020. The album has gone ahead to become her biggest success to date. It debuted number 1 on iTunes albums charts, especially because of chart-topping singles like Tshikwama, Amadoda, Mphemphe, and Kokovha which were well received.

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