A Look At Mercy Aigbe’s Houses and The Endeavors That Built Her Net Worth

Prominent African actress Mercy Aigbe has earned pride of place as one of the most influential and highest-earning Yoruba speaking actresses with a net worth of $1 million. The Nigerian beauty earns from multiple sources working as an actress, movie producer, movie director, model, and entrepreneur. Mercy burst into the limelight on the set of the Yoruba movie Ara in 2006 and has since then not looked back. Her Ara role was just a prelude to greater things to come and she sure knew how to leverage the ensuing fame to diversify into other money-spinning fields.

Mercy is known for her lavish lifestyle depicted by brands of automobiles with which she cruises around town and the brand new mansion she acquired in Lagos. According to the mother of two, she is just starting to unveil her acquisitions as her second house is already under construction, including a complex that is underway. The Nigerian film star also lavishes money on her appearance as she is always seen in state-of-the-art designs that have earned a lot of accolades for her as well.

How Mercy Aigbe Spends Her Massive Fortune

It has become a way of life for all celebrities in diverse fields to live the lavish life, moving in only the best of automobile brands and living in very expensive houses in choice areas of the country. Mercy Aigbe is a testament to this life of luxury. She has a tidy fortune invested in cars and houses.

Mercy Aigbe’s Properties

Mercy Aigbe
Her house image source

Mercy Aigbe spent a lot of money in 2018 as she acquired a N200 million worth mansion in a choice neighborhood in Lagos. In December of that year as well, she shelled out millions of naira to purchase a Toyota Prado vehicle. With the property in her possession, the award-winning actress wasted no time in letting fans know about her new status as a house owner on Instagram.

Mercy’s statement that she acquired the mansion for herself and her kids promoted rumors that the house was bought for her by one of the governors of a south western state in Nigeria. According to reports, her colleagues in the movie industry reached out to her former husband Lanre Gentry to know if he is the one funding her recent lavish lifestyle, but the man came up with a denial. Mercy on her own part came out to debunk the rumors, stating that no “sugar daddy” politician sponsored her acquisition of the house, rather, it was the result of hard work. Mercy also claims that her second house is already under construction in Lagos Island.

Her Automobiles

Mercy Aigbe’s lavish lifestyle is also evident in the type of cars she splurges on and her garage has quite a number. The brands to be found among her fleet include:

• Acura MDX SUV

Mercy Aigbe
Acura MDX SUV image source

While celebrating her birthday in 2016, Mercy’s then husband Gentry presented her with an Acura MDX SUV that has a market value of $45,000. The automobile is a luxurious mid-size car with great interior design and ample space.

• Toyota Corolla

Mercy Aigbe
Toyota Corolla image source

Also earning a spot in the actress’ garage is an N8 million worth Toyota Corolla. The red colored, very dependable vehichle is said to be suitable for Nigerian roads and has a low rate of fuel consumption which is why it is a favorite of many people.

• Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

Mercy Aigbe
Toyota Land Cruiser Prado image source

The Toyota Prado became part of Mercy Aigbe’s fleet towards the end of 2018. This intimidating looking SUV is powered by a V6 engine. It is very comfortable with off-road performance.

• Mercedes-Benz GLA 250

The latest addition to the award-winning actress’ garage is her Mercedes-Benz GLA 250 vehicle. The SUV, which is reportedly worth the sum of ₦16 million, was acquired sometime in May 2020.

Mercy Does A Lot of Philanthropic Work

Mercy is also involved in Philanthropy. The ex-wife of Lanre Gentry recently teamed up with Nollywood star and politician Desmond Elliot. Their aim is to headline a nationwide movement initiated to draw people’s attention to the plight suffered by Nigerian widows with a view to ameliorating such hardships.

Abolish widows’ maltreatment campaign image source

Mercy also extended a helping hand to a Nigerian street bread seller named Omoge Abisoye who took to Instagram to advertise her business, telling how proud she is to be a bread seller and would love an opportunity to expand her trade. Fate smiled on Abisoye when Mercy requested for her account details after reading her post.

How Mercy Aigbe Built-Up Her Huge Worth

As of 2020, sources pegged Mercy Aigbe’s net worth at a tidy $1 million which places her among the crème de la crème of the Yoruba movie industry. It is common knowledge that acting is her main source of income, but truth be told, her admirable fortune did not just come from acting roles. The Edo-born entertainer has since opened multiple avenues of making money.

For one, Mercy has a good head for business and as a result, has several business concerns in her portfolio. It goes without saying that the level of fame she enjoys will attract lucrative endorsement deals.

Mercy Gained Fame as an Actress at the Age of 28

By the time she graduated from the Theatre Arts department of Unilag in 2001, Mercy Aigbe was already on the acting scene. However, the emerging star only started making an impact at the age of 28 in 2006 after she scored a major role in the popular Yoruba movie, Ara. Mercy’s performance in the movie was nothing short of magnificent, drawing the attention of many producers in the movie world and opened a brand new horizon for the actress in Nollywood.

Needless to say that it was her Ara role that also ushered her into the league of high-earning actresses and the income has continued to enhance to date. The actress also recorded other successes in other projects that contributed ti her becoming famous. They include Afefe Ife, Okanjua, Atunida Leyi, Ihamo, Ipèsè, and Iro funfun.

Mercy Aigbe has since become quite prolific with time, recording appearances in famous movies like Omoge Osas, Ile Oko Mii, Victims, The Screenplay, Little Drops of Happy, and 77 Bullets. She was also part of 200 Million, Lagos Real Fake Life, The Big Fat Lie, and The Reunion.

What Is Her New TV Show All About?

Mercy Aigbe’s new TV show titled TheSwitchwithmercyaigbe is all about giving back to fans. In the show, which was launched on YouTube, the Nigerian entertainer was seen paying visits to fans in their homes, spending time with them while transforming their looks within a short period of time. The brand influencer let on how excited she is to connect with fans one on one but she also confessed to being super nervous about the project.

Mercy said the show has a special place in her heart as it is her first time as a talk show host. Besides, it will afford her the opportunity to put a face to her beautiful fans. The beauty icon also sees the show as a way of connecting with fans and expressing her gratitude for their support over the years. This too is another avenue for generating more income as Mercy launches a career as a talk show host.

For the show, the fashion icon works with her own team of makeup artists, including the likes of stylist Oluwaseun Olopade, makeup artiste Audu Blessing, fashion designer CEO Luminee, and many other experts in the field. At the beginning, fans are asked to nominate anyone deserving a really good treat. After they have nominated someone, Mercy takes her team on a visit to the beneficiary’s house to spend time with the person while switching her up into a beauty free of charge. In the show’s debut episode, the actress was seen telling the first beneficiary how pleased she is that her show makes them happy.

Breakdown of Her Business Empire

As a businesswoman, Mercy Aigbe has continued to break new grounds. She launched Mercy Aigbe Gentry School of Drama in 2016. The school, whose main focus is grooming emerging actors and actresses on the rudiments of both theatre and movie making, helps carve the path of prospective actors and actresses to success in the highly competitive Nollywood industry.

Students of the school are meant to undergo 4-month training where they will be tutored in diverse fields like acting, movie making, script-writing, stage management, and so on. The school employs the services of experienced and well-trained coaches who help them in building a solid foundation as well as develop the needed skills to succeed in the entertainment world.

From acting, the Yoruba actress has diversified into fashion and is today known as an icon in the fashion world. In fact, Mercy leveraged the fame she earned in the movies to make her brand successful. The Nigerian beauty never fails to make a bold statement with her remarkable designs at every event she attends. People on social media and other fashion stakeholders have been tirelessly commenting on her dress sense and the woman has sure set a very high standard for all fashion enthusiasts in the country. Mercy also does some remarkable fashion influencing work on Instagram.

Perhaps, Mercy Aigbe’s great sense of fashion led her to establish Mag Diva Boutique – her own clothing outlet in November 2014. The clothing line, whose head office is in Lagos, has other outlets in locations like Ibadan, Oyo State. Her fashion business is complemented by another store named Asoebi Mercy, a store dedicated to the sale of asoebi. The multitalented entertainer further increased her business portfolio by launching a skincare line known as Flawless by Mercy.

All these point to the fact that Mercy Aigbe is one Nigerian actress with multiple streams of income. Her efforts in the fashion industry have been recognized by Links and Glitz World Awards as they awarded her with Fashion Entrepreneur of The Year.

Her Fame in the Movie World Attracted a Good Number Of Lucrative Endorsement Deals

Endorsements deals are responsible for a few digits of Mercy Aigbe’s net worth. The actress has inked quite some lucrative ones, functioning as a brand ambassador for a few brands. In July 2017, the multitalented entertainer scored an endorsement deal with BK Unique hair – a Canadian based Hair Company. Top real estate investment platform, Realvest, has her as it’s a brand ambassador and so does G Text and Naija Taxi. Recently, she landed a deal with a leading beauty store known as Mummy Glee.

Below is a complete list of all the major companies she has endorsement deals with.

  • BK Unique hair
  • Realvest
  • G Text
  • Naija Taxi
  • Mummy Glee

Is Mercy Aigbe The Richest Yoruba Actress?

With her $1million dollar fortune, Mercy Aigbe is obviously among the most influential Yoruba actresses, however, the mother of two is far from being the richest Yoruba actress. A 2020 review of the fortune of all Yoruba actors and actresses revealed other people in the lead. For one, Funke Akindele of Jennifer’s Diary occupies pride of place on the top of the list. Her fortune was last estimated at $3.5 million. Mercy comes after her and there are still other people that are fast closing up on Mercy like Dayo Amusa.

List of Awards and Accolades Received By Mercy Aigbe

Mercy Aigbe’s has not gone unnoticed as she has received a good number of awards for the roles she played in Yoruba films and for her work as a fashion entrepreneur. The actress dressed to kill when attending the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards in 2016. Her attire earned her resounding applause from fashion stakeholders and she trended on social media long after the ceremony. Her dress was really remarkable and earned a lot of commendations for its unique design.

All the accolades (and nominations) she has received over the years include:

  • Best Actress in Yoruba – City People Awards.
  • Fashion Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 – Links and Glitz World Awards
  • Best Actress in a Supporting Role for 2010 (Yoruba)
  • Best Actress in an Indigenous Movie 2012 nominee (non-English speaking language)
  • Award of Excellence at GLADE (the Global Leadership Awards for Excellence) in 2012
  • Best Indigenous Language in 2014 (Yoruba)
  • 2013 Woman of Style – MoreKlue All Youths Awards in 2014
  • Nominee for 2014 Best Actress in a Lead Role – YMAA (Yoruba Movies Academy Awards)
  • Yoruba Movie Personality of the year – City People Entertainment 2015
  • Nominee, Best Actress of the Year (Yoruba) – City People Movie Award
  • 2017 Role Model Awards – All Youths Tush Awards
  • 2018 nominee for Best Supporting Actress – Greenview Awards
  • Most Searched Actress at the NET Honours (nominee) – 2018
  • Most Popular Actress at the NET Honours (nominee)– 2018
  • 2018 Best of Nollywood Awards (BON) nominee – Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Yoruba)
  • Most Popular Actress at the NET Honours – winner 2019
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