A Look at Oskido’s Complex Love life and The Huge Age Gap Between Him and His Wife Mathapelo Khoza

Details about the love life of Oskido have been among the most sought-after information about the popular South African recording artist. Apparently, this is mainly because of his relationship with different women over the years. He is also notorious for keeping a sealed lip on his private life and only tiny bits of information about his love life are out there for people to consume.

For the record, Oskido is a revered name in South Africa. Having kickstarted his musical career in 1989, the musician has been in the music business for more than 30 years and has grown to become one of the most admired people in the South African entertainment industry. But, Oskido is not just a lover of music, he is a lover of women.

Oskido’s First Marriage Was To Sanah

Records of Oskido’s love life show that the singer was first married to a woman simply called Sanah. As his nature has been, the singer mostly kept details about his marriage very secret. However, a man like Oskido who happens to be in the public eye cannot successfully keep matters like that entirely private.

Details about when the couple got married are not very clear but some reports say the musician tied the knot with Sanah in 2003 and remained married to her for only two years. The couple divorced secretly in 2005 after having two kids together.

The real reason why Oskido called it quits with Sanah is not in public space as the man has kept these details all to himself over the years.

He Was In A Long-Term Romance With Kibi

After calling it quits with his first wife, Sanah, the singer got into a romantic relationship with another woman called Kibi. Details about this relationship were hidden for a while but rumors began to spread soon after and Oskido himself confirmed he was dating Kibi.

Oskido and Kibi

Some of the rumors about Kibi claimed that she was the real reason why Oskido divorced Sanah. According to these rumors, Sanah got fed up with her marriage to Oskido after finding out he was involved romantically with Kibi and so decided she didn’t want to be married anymore. However, Oskido dismissed these claims. He insisted that his divorce from Sanah had nothing to do with Kbi and that he and Sanah remained friends.

It is not clear exactly when the singer and Kibi began dating, however, it is believed that they got together around 2006 soon after Oskido parted ways with Sanah. They continued their romance and Kibi even moved into the singer’s palatial mansion where he lived with his kids.

Years later, in 2012, Oskido announced in an interview that he was ready to marry Kibi. According to him, he was now mentally and emotionally ready to commit to a marriage and admitted he made mistakes in the past. He, however, explained that he was more mature and was ready to handle marriage with more manliness.

Curiously, the marriage is never on record to have happened. Instead, the couple continued their relationship as partners and even had three daughters together before they surprisingly parted ways in 2015.

Oskido’s Split From Kibi Was Said To Be Amicable

In March 2015, news emerged that the singer and Kibi had decided to part ways and move on with their lives. The news came as a surprise because the couple did not appear to have been having any issues before that time.

An insider who spoke about the development to the press claimed that the separation was partly due to Oskido’s very hectic schedule. A friend of the couple also revealed that Oskido and Kibi parted ways very amicably and they still remained friends for the sake of their kids whom they have been co-parenting together.

Oskido’s Briefly Dated Tina Dlangwana

Another with whom Oskido got together romantically is Tina Dlangwana, a South African afro-pop singer. Interestingly, Oskido got together with Tina after he briefly separated from Kibi in 2009. They kickstarted their whirlwind romance and it appeared that everything was heading in the right direction for the couple.

Oskido and Tina Dlangwana

However, in 2010, Tina claimed she was beaten up by Oskido in Midrand and then parted ways with the singer. It was after this that Oskido got back together with Kibi and went on to announce their marriage plans in 2012.

In 2017, a very long time after Tina and Oskido broke up, something curious happened. Tina alleged that Oskido had asked her to come back into his life. According to her, Oskido bumped into her at an event and asked her to pay him a visit at his house.

However, Oskido promptly reacted to this allegation and claimed that Tina was lying. He insisted that he never asked Tina back into his life and that he was better off without her. He went as far as saying she needed prayers and that she is just looking for attention.

The Story Of How A Woman Beat Up Oskido In His House 

In August 2015, after he parted ways with Kibi, reports emerged that Oskido had been beaten up his girlfriend. Apparently, he had gotten into another relationship. The name of this girlfriend who beat Oskido up was not revealed in the reports, however, it was claimed that she beat him up inside his villa in Midrand, a town in central Gauteng Province, South Africa.

According to the reports, the singer was in the bedroom with the woman when they started arguing, and then she reached out and assaulted him, hitting him with a lamp. Oskido reported the matter to the police, filing for a restraining order and the girlfriend was arrested. It was also reported that the girlfriend will also press her own counter charges against the singer, claiming that he was the one who first assaulted her.

It is not too clear if she ended up pressing her counter charges as she claimed. It is also not very clear how the whole matter ended in court.

Oskido Is Happily Married To Mathapelo Khoza

Oskido is now a happily married man who is apparently in a happy place with the woman in his life. The singer is married to a woman called Mathapelo Khoza and they already have a son together.

It is not clear when their marriage took place but the singer first displayed Mathapelo to the world in July 2018 when he made a post on Twitter celebrating the birthday of the son he and Mathapelo Khoza shared.

He also showed her off on his Instagram page to wish her a happy birthday in 2019.

It is clear that Oskido is loving the relationship he shares with Mathapelo and fans hope that it lasts for a long time.

There Is About A 20-year Gap Between Oskido and His Wife

Interestingly, there is quite a huge gap between the ages of Oskido and his wife, Mathapelo Khoza. Oskido, who was born on 23 November 1967 is now in his 50s, however, Mathapelo Khoza is reported to be in her 30s.

Apparently, there is almost a 20-year gap between the husband and wife but, of course, that does not appear to be a problem for the couple at all as their marriage continues to experience bliss.


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