A Look Back At Dawn Thandeka King’s 15 Year Marriage To Husband Jabulani Msomi

S.A actress Dawn Thandeka King who is notable for her appearance in the hit TV series, Uzalo was among the bandwagon of S.A celebs whose marriages crashed in 2017. The news of the split came as a surprise as she had been happily married for 15 years and in those years, there has not been any public knowledge of the crisis in their marriage which produced 5 adorable children.

Dawn Thandeka King And Her Ex-Husband Started Their Relationship As Mere Friends

The former S.A couple, Dawn and Jabulani were not ones who shared details of their private life with the public. However, with the extent of fame Dawn had as an actress, it became impossible for the public not to meddle in their private affairs. So after much investigation, a source revealed that the pair actually started off as mere friends back in the early 2000s when Dawn was still a student at a tertiary institution.

They would eventually tie the knot in 2002 but there are no in-depth details of their marriage ceremony. Well, this was expected as they were living their lives as normal everyday couples – neither of them was a public figure as at then. All that has been gathered about their lives prior to Dawn’s fame is the fact that she had a regular 9 to 5 job at the Ministry of Tourism while Jabulani was a businessman.

More so, even after she attained stardom as an actress, Dawn was also very protective of her family life with Jabulani. The two never divulge the juicy details of their relationship to the public neither did they flood their timelines with romantic pics apart from a few family photos every now and then.

What Led To Their Abrupt Divorce?

Since the Uzalo star was not fond of speaking about her private life, no one knew she was going through some serious marital crisis that eventually led to the abrupt end of her marriage. The only time their marriage was suspected to be troubled was when rumors about an alleged relationship between Dawn and one of her co-stars on Uzalo, Bongani Dlamini leaked to the public.

However, the actress denied the allegations and stated that they were only good friends. She also went on to reveal that she naturally has more male friends than female buddies her tomb-boy nature makes it easier for her to flow more with the male folks. More so, she pointed out that what really matters in any relationship is trust and since she and her partner knew the truth about what was going on, they did not let the rumors bother them.

Besides the cheating rumors, another major challenge Dawn faced in her marriage was with respect to the demands of her acting career. She was required to move to KZN which was thousands of miles away from her family who lived in Joburg. This long-distance relationship took a toll on her relationship with both her husband and the kids. Although the couple tried all they could to salvage the marriage from counseling to spiritual help, the lack of communication with her husband heightened over the months and the eventual outcome was the divorce.

There were also speculations that Jabulani could not handle his wife’s success as she had made giant strides within just a few years as an entertainer. However, the businessman has not confirmed these speculations as he has not publicly given any official statement about the divorce.

The Couple’s Kids Are Getting On Fine After Their Parents Divorce

From how Dawn spoke a few times about her divorce, it is clear that she and Jabulani parted ways in a very amicable way. She also revealed that their father would always be an integral part of the kids’ lives and she definitely does not want to break that relationship. Dawn continually encourages the children to maintain a healthy relationship with their father and ensures that she never speaks ill of him in front of them.

As at the time Dawn and Jabulani Msomi went their separate ways, their 5 lovely kids moved in to live with her. The dotting mother of 4 girls and a boy is obviously enjoying every bit of being a mum as she always shares lovely photos of her kids on her social media pages. Meet her priceless jewels below:


This is believed to be the first child of the Uzalo actress and she is as pretty as her mother. According to a post her mother made in celebration of her birthday, she gave birth to Jadazia whom she fondly calls Deenie on November 5th, 2000.

There are no details of her educational background but with a mother like Dawn, this young lady must be attending one of the best schools in S.A.


Jaedon King is Dawn’s second daughter and like her sister, there is no detail about her online apart from the lovely pictures her mother shares on social media. Her actual birth details nor the schools she attends are not known to the public. However, going by her looks she is also a teenager and might just be a few years younger than her elder sister, Jadazia.


Jayda King as she is fondly called is one of Dawn and Jabulani’s precious jewels. Not much is known about this young lady with regards to her birth facts but from a post made by her mum on social media, she apparently turned 16 in October 2020.

It’s possible that Jayda is still in secondary school given the fact that she is still in her teens but there are no details of the school she is attending. More so, it was gathered that she is interested in Philanthropic works and Media. Jayda might just tow in her mother’s path and build a career in the entertainment industry in the nearest future.


The Uzalo star is also the mother of a lovely girl named Jaydeen. She is still very young and not many details have been provided about her birth nor her educational pursuits. However, she is as beautiful as her sisters and is always seen in pictures her mum uploads on her social media pages.


The mother of 4 boys is also blessed with a son and it beats the mind of many why she called him Jaedon which is the same name one of her daughters goes by. Her boy, Jaedon was born a year before she landed her role in Uzalo.

The little man is loved as much as his sisters and the Uzalo star is proud of him as she is of her girls. However, no information exists for now pertaining to his education but given his age, he is in his early years in school.

Is Dawn King Dating Anyone Now?

From what Dawn King has shown us since she came into the spotlight, she is one resilient lady who beat depression and bounced back barely 2 years after her divorce. The talented actress is in a romantic relationship with a fellow actor, Mlungisi Ndebele. Since 2019, they have been spotted at different events including the traditional wedding rites of actress Baby Cele, during which they wore matching outfits.

Dawn has revealed that she is enjoying a loving relationship with Mlungisi but she did not give further details about their romance. More so, the pair have been seen wearing rings on their wedding fingers but they are yet to make any announcement of getting married.

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