apc political party nigeria in ghana

As Ghanaians prepare for the general elections happening later this year in November, new parties are being formed. One of them is somewhat to similar to the current ruling party in Nigeria, the APC.

This party is led by Hassan Ayariga who was a presidential candidate in 2012. Ayariga, who was a fromer member of the People’s National Convention (PNC) broke away from his party when he lost to 70 year old Dr. Edward Mahama. Prior to this, Mahama had won the flagbearer status 4 times, leading the party from 1996 to 2008.

Ayariga seceded from PNC because he felt cheated not only by his party but also by the Electoral Commission (EC) which supervised the primaries and the police for trying to sabotage his prospect of being re-elected. At that time, he told Radio Ghana, I am breaking away because the party does not deserve Hassan Ayariga. My name and face will be on the ballot boxes in 2016,”

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apc political party nigeria in ghana

While it is not uncommon for party members to cut loose from their parties and create a new one in Africa, it is odd to have two different countries bearing the same party identity. Quite similar to the Nigerian party which stands for All progressives Congress, the Ghanaian APC means All People’s Congress. Exactly like Nigeria’s current ruling party, it has a broom for its logo. The only thing quite different are the colours; the Nigerian APC consists of green, white, blue and red while Ayariga’s APC is green, white, and yellow.

The prerequisite for registering a party in Ghana includes having offices in at least two-thirds of the country’s 275 constituencies. Classfm Ghana confirmed that the presidential candidate has already registered more than 170 offices in the country.

We wonder if Ayariga can use his new party to “sweep” away the current ruling party come November, like its Nigerian counterpart did in 2015.