A Peek Into Ini Edo’s Net Worth, Luxury House and other Assets She Spends Money On

Ini Edo is a Nigerian actress and businesswoman who has an estimated net worth of between ₦60 million to ₦450 million.

Being successful in the Nigerian entertainment industry isn’t as easy as it seems, considering all the factors that might work as an impediment. For the most part, it is a very competitive industry where young talents spring up by the minute. Against all odds, Ini Edo has grown to become a household name and a very successful actress, having featured in more than 200 Nollywood movies. She is beautiful, fierce, intelligent and a smart businesswoman who isn’t shy to flaunt all of her many successes.

What Is Ini Edo’s Net Worth?

Considering the paucity of correct data and information that has plagued most African countries for decades, it is difficult to positively ascertain how much Ini Edo is really worth. Moreover, aside from the recent trend of this generation who seem to be more open with wealth display, most rich people would never really come out to state outrightly how much they are worth.

Concerning Ini Edo’s net worth, there are reports that she is worth about ₦60 million while other sources have estimated her net worth at ₦450 million. While we can do nothing but speculate as she has never come out to confirm what she is worth, there is no doubt that she is one of the most successful actresses in Nigeria today.

Here’s How The Actress Built Her Wealth

While some news outlets might have us believe that Ini Edo came into her excessive wealth after her divorce from her billionaire husband (Philip Ehiagwina), the information out there has proven otherwise. This hard-working woman has built the majority of her wealth through her efforts, resilience, and various investments. Here are the ways she acquired her massive net worth:

  • Acting career
  • Endorsements
  • Political appointment
  • Business ventures

She Launched Her Lucrative Acting Career In 2003

Ini Edo first appeared in a 2003 movie titled, Thick Madam, however, it was the next year when she featured in the movie World Apart that she came into the limelight. Since then, she has gone on to appear in more than 200 movies in which she had several lead roles. As of now, Ini currently ranks as one of the top actresses in Nollywood.

Ini Edo
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More so, acting being Ini’s major source of income has landed her several prestigious awards and recognition. Her notable wins include being named as the Best Leading Actress by the Best of Nollywood Awards in 2009. A couple of years later in 2011, Zulu African Film Academy Awards gave her the award for Best Actress Indigenous. For her role in the the film, Behind The Melody, Ini won the titile, Best Act Female from the Cross River Movie Award in 2013. That same year, she was dubbed Best Supporting Actress for her role in Weekend Getaway. Ini has also earned a “Best Lead Actress” nomination at the 11th Africa Movie Academy Awards for her performance in the movie While You Slept.

Her Endorsement Deals Have Paid Off Pretty Well

Ini Edo was once considered one of the sexiest Nigerian actresses, a recognition she earned because of her curvaceous body. With a successful acting career, beautiful face, and ‘body to die for’, she has been able to land a good number of juicy endorsement deals. The longest of these deals has to be her ten-year contract with the Glo brand. Even though the details of the deal were never made public, we all know Glo to go all out when it comes to endorsement deals and hers lasted from 2006 to 2016. The deal must have been staggeringly substantial.

Some of her other partnerships include a brand ambassadorship for Noble Hair in 2010, and for Slim Tea Nigeria. In 2019, she became an ambassador for the @MrTaxi_NG brand and in 2020, she landed several other deals, including one with a Ghanain herbal drink brand, Adonko, and the home appliance company, Pedini Nigeria.

Ini Edo Landed A Political Appointment In 2016

While this might not mean much in other parts of the world, a political appointment means a lot in a country like Nigeria where politicians occupy the topmost positions in the economic scheme of things. From enjoying fat paychecks, politicians also go home with generous payments in form of allowances. So, when Governor Udom Gabriel Emmanuel appointed Ini Edo as the Special Assistant to the Akwa Ibom State Governor on Culture And Tourism in 2016, it was obvious that she will be enjoying the benefits that come with such political appointments. More so, in September 2020, the talented actress grabbed yet another appointment, and this time around its with the National Democratic Institue (NDI) as the organization’s, Women Empowerment Ambassador.

She Has Recorded Great Strides in Her Business Ventures

No matter how much money one is making, wealth sustainability is closely linked to management. Ini Edo has been able to invest her enormous wealth in various businesses which have further yielded monetary returns for her.

Ini Edo is said to own the Mimz Lounge in Lagos, Lekki. She is also rumored to have a well-established shoe collection business and a pastry business which she calls “Ini Delicious Bread “. However, her pastry business was said to have closed down after her divorce from her husband. The business was actually financed by her ex-husband, so, when things went sour between them, it was shut down.

How Does Ini Edo Spend Her Money?

Ini Edo belongs to the “chop life gang” and isn’t afraid to flaunt her rich tastes on her social media pages. More so, from what has been gathered, it is known that she loves to spend her money on landed properties and other assets.

She Owns A Luxurious Mansion

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In 2014, she acquired a property worth ₦70 million in Lekki, Lagos, and spent another ₦10 million furnishing it to her taste. This property will be worth much more as of now. Although some rumored that she went on a spending spree to spite her husband, the actress did not comment on this but went on to throw a very lavish party when she moved into her new house, and it that had the best acts in Nollywood in attendance.

Ini Edo Spends Millions On Cars

Apart from being the owner of a luxurious home in Lekki, the stunning actress also owns a fleet of expensive cars. Her tall list of sleek rides includes the following:

Mercedes Benz G-Wagon

The actress became the owner of this beauty after buying it for an estimated sum of ₦38 million.

Range Rover SUV

The actress bought her red Range Rover SUV for approximately ₦40 million.

Ini Edo
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Ini’s car collection also includes a BMW X5 which must have cost her about ₦35 million.

Ini Edo
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Lexus (LX 570)

The actress is also known to have added a sleek Lexus LX 570 which cost her a whopping ₦100 million to acquire. This heavy metal also comes with the added advantage of being bulletproof

Ini Edo
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