A Timeline of Burna Boy’s Relationship With Girlfriend Stefflon Don

Celebrity relationships always seem to have some sort of issues and controversies which can either attract support or anger from their fans, depending on the circumstances involved. Fans of self-acclaimed African giant, Burna Boy, and famous British rapper, Stefflon Don, have been interested in their relationship ever since they made it public a few years ago, and while some or most enjoy how the couple flaunts their love for the world to see, others are more interested in the controversies that have tried their union. So far, Burna Boy’s relationship with the rapper has stood the test of time, if the usual unstable situations found in most celebrity hookups are anything to go by.

While Burna Boy made it known to Don that he sees her as his wife and not just a fling, she now seems to be taking his words and assurances more to heart than before. We are going to explore the relationship between the multiple award-winning artists and their chosen boo in this piece.

When and How Did Burna Boy and Stefflon Don Meet?

The love story of Burna Boy and Stefflon Don seems like a fairy tale that was destined by cupid to be. Fate had dealt Stefflon a cruel hand when after her visit to Africa, she missed her flight back to her base, and rather than sulk at home or complain to no ends, she decided to make the most of her time and went to a concert in Ghana to groove away; the concert was that of Burna Boy’s and she must have been very much impressed by his performance on the night that she decided to get closer to the Killing Dem hitmaker.

She could have probably been introduced to him backstage after his performance, and they must have had a really good conversation and enjoyed each other’s company so much that a relationship began to bud from that night. The pair met in December 2018 and from her statements in interviews, it was love at first sight for Burna Boy and they began to grow in their newfound love over the last days of that year and well into subsequent years.

Burna Boy’s Relationship With Stefflon Became Official in 2019

Stefflon Don is believed to be the first to have come out publicly to share details about their relationship in early 2019 when she posted on social media. It was a message stating that they had not taken their relationship deeper to the sensual level yet.

Thereafter, they both posted pictures and videos of themselves hanging out, clubbing, or being publicly affectionate with each other. Unfortunately, all those pictures are gone from their Instagram handles now, ever since, a rumor began flying around about their breakup.

Issues With Each Other Or The Public?

Their relationship has faced two mini scandals (if you could call them that) and is still going strong to date. Sometime midway through 2019, rumors became rife on social media that Burna Boy’s relationship with Stefflon Don was falling apart and that he returned to his ex-girlfriend, Princess Shyngle. This initially made her delete all his pictures on her social media handles, but she later wrote a message where she described the videos circulating online as old videos, asking people to “let it rest” while assuring them that she and her boo were good, signed off with a love-struck emoji.

Sometime in December 2020, a beautiful and curvy lady called Jo Pearl took to her Instagram handle to state her case and revealed to the world that she had been in a relationship with Burna Boy for about 2 years already and that he had professed his love to her on numerous occasions. She went further to state that she had at some point even moved in with him at his London home, and was in constant contact with him even when he came back to Nigeria, but was worried when he didn’t reach out to her for some weeks and didn’t return her calls. She made the video to clear the air and to set the records straight and stop hurting. Burna reacted to this by unfollowing everyone on Instagram except Stefflon Don.

For now, we assume that pressure from the public is trying to bring problems into the relationship between Burna Boy and Stefflon but have they succeeded in driving the lovely duo apart?

Is Burna Boy Still Dating Steflon Don?

The Instagram post says it all. Every relationship has its own unique challenges and moments and the one between Burna Boy and Stefflon Don is not different in any way as they have had their own challenges too. Nonetheless, they are still both gushing over each other and vibing to each other’s songs on social media – which they insist is not a media stunt. They both still publicly profess their love for each other during interviews and any other available opportunity, they are still known to go on exotic vacations regularly and from all that can be seen from the pair, their union seems to have weathered the storms and their love mast is still standing strong.

From all information that is available to the media, the love between the pair, having weathered a few storms, seems to be going from strength to strength, with Stefflon resolutely maintaining that Burna has promised to marry her, and has given her assurances that she would not only be his wife but also the mother of his children. One can only wish both of them the very best in their love future and hope that things will remain true and sweet for them.

Apart from the issues they have had with their relationship, Burna Boy has also been involved in some matters as he has never shied from expressing himself on pertinent issues. During the Xenophobic attacks in South Africa in 2017, he used his social media handles to openly criticize the South African government and her citizens involved in the attacks, promising never to set foot in the country ever again if they don’t stop the violence immediately.

A few months later, he changed his mind and confirmed that he would be performing at the unity concert in South Africa; some of their citizens reacted to his confirmation, promising that there would be violence at the concert if he stepped foot on their soil, a threat which the organizers of the show responded to by canceling it entirely. He also had a controversial moment with another Nigerian music star – Reekado Banks, who he stated was not “worthy” to challenge him both lyrically and musically. One can’t also forget his juvenile conviction as a kid in a stabbing incident for which he received 11-month sentencing.

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