A Walk Through Omoni Oboli’s Marriage of 2 Decades With Husband Nnamdi Oboli and Their Family

Omoni Oboli is a Nigerian actress, scriptwriter, film director, and producer who has been married for 24 years to her husband, Nnamdi Oboli. In October 2022, they shared a video of them dancing on social media, celebrating 22 years together.

Their love is one that Omoni does not fail to broadcast, and it is clear to see that the both of them make each other very happy. The couple is enjoying marital bliss with their three children; Gozi Oboli, Chizi Oboli, and Tobe Oboli.

When Did Omoni Oboli Tie The Nuptial Knot With Her Husband?

Omoni Oboli got married to her husband, Nnamdi Oboli, on the 28th of October 2000. According to sources close to the family, the two started dating in 1996, the same year the actress kick-started her career in Nollywood. As of then, Omoni had just turned 17 while Nnamdi was a young man of 25. However, the 8 years age difference between them did not deter either party when they started dating.


After maintaining a smooth 4 years and a few weeks together, Nnamdi proposed to the actress whose career was speeding up. Their marriage was held in a simple ceremony that had mostly friends and family in attendance. At the time they tied the knot, Omoni Oboli was 21, and her Husband Nnamdi was 29.

More than 2 decades have passed since the pair got married, and despite their celebrity status, their marriage has mostly been scandal-free and devoid of public drama. To celebrate their 19th anniversary in 2019, they talked about how grateful they are for each other’s existence in their lives and how they look forward to spending the rest of their lives together. They shared sweet messages on their social media pages and got many likes and thumbs up for their blissful union.

Her Husband Has Been Very Supportive of Her Career 

As the husband of a popular Actress, Nnamdi Oboli has somehow taken the backseat when it comes to who is the more popular figure in the family, as expected. Notwithstanding, he is very successful and a professional in his own field. He has a degree in Optometry from the University of Benin and founded the optometric practice, Dioni Visions which he runs alongside his wife.

Apart from his work as an eye physician, he also supports his wife’s pursuits. Nnamdi works as a producer at the Dioni Visions brand, which also serves as an entertainment firm to accommodate Omoni’s work. The pair have joined forces to work on several hit films, including The Rivals, Being Mrs. Elliot, and Render to Caesar. The other work he does in entertainment is being his wife’s manager.

Apart from working in health and entertainment, Nnamdi Oboli also works as a columnist for the family-centric magazine Motherhood-In-Style. He writes on how the institution of marriage is a great tool for the development of society. He works as a life and relationship coach, and he mostly does this aspect of his work on his YouTube channel. The above contributions Nnamdi has made to his family and how they have been able to blend their activities as a couple is believed to be the secret of their strong family bond.

Omoni Oboli’s First Son Came A Year After She Got Married

About a year after she got married, the actress had her first son, Tobe Oboli, born in October of 2001. Not much is known about his educational background as regards the schools he attended and the profession. However, from what was gathered on social media, he is not based in Nigeria.

Recently, he has also been seen toeing in the direction of his mother’s career in the entertainment industry. Tobe is credited for directing and producing several videos for his brother’s YouTube page.

Her Second Son Is A YouTuber

Gozi Oboli, who was born in July 2003, is the second son of Omoni Oboli. Like his elder brother, not much is known about his education or professional qualifications, but he is currently an uprising YouTuber. More so, he appears to be pretty close to his mother as they have been seen together in a good number of vlogs made by Omoni for her own YouTube page.

The actress does not also fail to celebrate Gozi’s milestones and his birthdays on social media. She has fondly referred to him as the ‘most matured and self-motivated teenager she has known’.

Omoni’s Last Son Is Chizi Oboli

The Nollywood award-winning actress has a 3rd son named, Chizi Oboli who was born in March 2006. Like his brothers, there is no information about his educational qualifications and his professional pursuits. However, it would not be a surprise if he follows his brothers and mother to establish himself in the entertainment industry in no distant time.

Sometime in 2020, Omoni took to social media to share that she would love to have another child as she clocks 40. However, Chizi was not in support of her decision which she likened to the ‘last child syndrome’.

How Does Omoni Oboli Successfully Manage Her Home & Career?

Although she is one of the most successful and established actresses in the Nigerian film industry, Omoni Oboli’s work has not made it impossible for her to spend time with her sons and be a present parent. It is not clear how she has been able to make time out of her busy schedule to cater to her kids, but it has been speculated that she is often meticulous about the kind of movie roles she takes on to ensure she has time for her kids. In all, it is obvious that as a family unit, they spend a lot of time together.

On her Tik-Tok page, there are many videos with her and her sons doing skits, just acting out, and just generally having fun. The family has also been featured on her YouTube channel several times, and all these attest to the fact that Omoni Oboli’s career has not held her back from being present in her sons’ lives.

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