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Skateboarders and enthusiasts alike probably already know what this guy is all about. Aaron Kyro has contributed a whole lot to the skateboarding sphere. In the process, he has made quite a name for himself. His website, Braille Skateboarding alongside his YouTube channel are at an all-time high. So there is no doubt that he has carved a nice little niche for himself. Despite his ever-growing fame, some information still remains unknown about him. Thankfully, here is the complete lowdown on the revolutionary himself.

Who is Aaron Kyro?

He was born on September 10, 1983, in Denver Colorado. Nevertheless, his actual upbringing took place in a small town called Red Lodge which is situated in Montana. There is just but a few information out there about his childhood and upbringing. Yet, one thing is evident, he always loved skateboarding. Aaron Kyro really got into it when he was 10 years old which was pretty hard considering where he grew up. The town of Red Lodge was not a very skateboard savvy place back then, but that changed quite rapidly. After Aaron spent a couple of years working on his overall skateboarding skills, he decided to go big or go home. So, he decided to create an avenue for other lovers of the sport to engage in it frequently.

It was then that he embarked on the seemingly impossible task of building a skate park in his town. It was hard and tedious, but he finally got a $25, 000 grant. That was the first step of many that launched Aaron Kyro into greatness.

Who is Aaron Kyro
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On a more personal note, Aaron happens to be a Scientologist. He has even spoken out about it saying that Scientology is the source of his confidence and has enabled him to achieve all his goals. Based on that, it is only apt that he met his wife, Danielle, thanks to Scientology. She is a fellow practitioner and they tied the knot on April 2010.

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What Exactly is Aaron Kyro Known For?

He has achieved quite a lot, but all in all, Aaron Kyro is mostly known for showcasing skateboarding. Aaron is the founder of the popular skateboarding website, Braille Skateboarding. He also happens to own a YouTube Channel which has the same name and is showcasing the sport on all levels. The star offers everything from beginner’s to advanced level tips and instructions. All in all, the channel is doing quite well and has amassed over 4 million subscribers.

In addition to that, Aaron has done a whole lot to contribute to the promotion of the sport. This does not only cover the US but the world as well. The website is faring quite well too, it slowly became the one-stop destination for all things skateboard related. It also goes a long way to provide some much-needed free tutelage for amateur skateboarders. This comes in collaboration with event updates, sponsorship and a whole lot more. Skateboarders from all over the world also have the option of sharing helpful videos, tips as well as queries. To crown it all up, all his customized and signature merchandise, as well as all sorts of skating essentials, are found there.

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Aaron’s Commitment to the SportsĀ 

Aaron Kyro has come a long way from being that young man who had to source for grants to make sure his hometown had a skateboard park. He is now receiving sponsorship from a number of well-known sports brands. In turn, he keeps at it, contributing immensely to the sport of skateboarding worldwide. Just a little while back, in 2017, he launched a one-of-a-kind online skateboarding university. The school, known as the Braille Skate University, offers full-time courses on the sport. All sorts of skateboarding lessons are offered up, except, of course, the technical know-how for starting a skateboarding channel.

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Soon after that, he launched another YouTube channel known as Braille Army. On there, he simply promotes skateboarding on a global level. Since its inception till date, it has more than 450 thousand subscribers. Aaron Kyro also happens to have a number of social media accounts that help him facilitate the furthering of his mission. He has a total of two Instagram pages dedicated to all things skateboarding.

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