Abayomi Alvin Biography: Meet the Nollywood Actor?

Abayomi Alvin (born 20th June 1993) is a 30 year old Nigerian actor, scriptwriter, model, social media content creator, and brand ambassador regarded as one of the most talented people in Nollywood.

Alvin first appeared on the screen in 2013 and has achieved what most of his peers spend decades trying to achieve. Having caught the attention of Nollywood, his sight is set on conquering the screens of the African continent and, hopefully someday, that of the whole world. The award-winning actor’s passion and love for his profession have definitely come with their challenges, but it has also brought rewards and recognition for him as well.

Summary of Abayomi Alvin’s Biography

  • Full Name: Abayomi Alvin
  • Gender: Male
  • Date Of Birth: June 20, 1993
  • Abayomi Alvin’s Age: 30 years
  • Nationality: Nigeria
  • Zodiac Sign:  Gemini
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status:  Single
  • Abayomi Alvin’s Height In Inches: 70 inches
  • Abayomi Alvin’s Height In Centimeters: 178 cm
  • Abayomi Alvin’s Net Worth: Between N 82 million to N 100 million
  • Famous For:  Unroyal, A Naija Christmas, Jenifa’s Diary (2015), You, Me and the Guys (2017), Thirty Pieces of Silver (2020)
  • Does he have tattoos: Yes
  • Abayomi Alvin’s Instagram: @abayomi_alvin
  • Abayomi Alvin’s Twitter: @abayomi_alvin
  • Abayomi Alvin’s Facebook: AbayomiAlvin

How Old Is Abayomi Alvin?

Abayomi Alvin was born on the 20th of June, 1993, in the commercial nerve center of Nigeria, Lagos State. This puts his current age at 30 years, though some may say that he actually looks pretty young for his age.

Records have it that he was born in Lagos State, but his parents were actually from Ondo State in Nigeria. He disclosed on his Twitter account that he grew up in Ondo State, and he went further to disclose that he spent his very early years in Akure – the capital of Ondo State, and even more specifically around the Oshinle and Oke Aro areas of the metropolis.

As his passion and love for acting continued to grow, he realized, just like most of his colleagues in the entertainment industry, that his continued growth and development in the entertainment sector in Nigeria was at the unofficial headquarters of Nollywood – Lagos State, so he relocated to the state to write his name amongst the stars.

How Abayomi Alvin Became Famous as an Actor

As the saying goes, the making of a great tree begins with the planting of a seed; this saying, in a way, describes Abayomi Alvin’s rise in the Nollywood industry. He showed that he had a flair for acting as early as his primary school days when he performed in a school play organized as part of the end-of-session activities.

As he got older and his love for acting continued to grow, he was gifted a rare opportunity to further groom his skills when his church organized a two-month acting course in which he participated. This would lay a very solid foundation for his acting career, as a strange chance opportunity ushered him into his very first acting role at the age of 20. He had gone with a friend to watch the production of a 2013 movie titled Collateral War when a rare opportunity transformed him from an onlooker into a cast member of the same movie.

In 2015, he co-wrote a few episodes and featured in a popular television comedy series in Nigeria called Jenifa’s Diary, and many people believe this was the project that brought him to the nation’s attention as an actor to watch out for. His appearance in Moms at War, a 2018 movie, also brought out the best in him as he received a few awards nominations that same year.

In 2018, his appearance in MTV’s television series called Shuga really brought him to the attention of the entire African continent (and maybe even the world). 2019 saw him feature as himself in movies such as Locked and Kasanova – which continued to grow his brand as an actor to take note of.

His rising profile as an actor was further boosted by his appearance in movies such as Ben from Downstairs, A Naija Christmas, Devil’s Orchard, Eewa, and a few others. 2022 has so far been a very busy year for him as he has appeared in about 8 movies and television series such as Breakout, Black Wedding, All or Nothing, and Bloodhound, to mention a few.

Abayomi Alvin Has Featured in Several Movies and Television Shows

For an actor that has been active in the entertainment industry in Nigeria for less than a decade, Abayomi Alvin has been in quite a number of movies and television series since his first appearance on the screens in 2013.

Abayomi Alvin’s Movies and TV Shows

  • Black Wedding (2022)
  • All or Nothing (2022)
  • Just a Number (2022)
  • Breakout (2022) as Femi
  • Lipstick and Lies (2022)
  • Eewa (2022) as Prince Akin
  • Bloodhound (2022) as Owei Zuki
  • Big Sister (2022) as Joe
  • A Naija Christmas (2021) as Chike
  • Ben from Downstairs (2021) as Ben
  • Ejiro’s Lust (2021) as Ejiro
  • Ploy (2021) as Sola
  • Denial (2021) as Francis
  • Red Flag (2021) as Francis
  • Accused (2021) as Mayowa
  • Devil’s orchard (2021) as Bobby
  • May 29 (2020) as Imoh
  • Room Hate (2020) as Young Jamie
  • Loud: Live Out Ur Dream (2020)
  • Traffic (2020)
  • Girl Next Door (2020)
  • Long Walk to Truth (2020) as Teni
  • Maid in a mansion (2019)
  • Diary of the damned (2019) as Ejiro
  • A matter of Chance (2019) as Bassey
  • The Girl King (2019)
  • Knockout Blessing (2018) as Akin
  • Moms At War (2018) as Bayo Adetola
  • Isoken (2017) as Nosa
  • Dusk (2016, TV series) as Abubakar, among others.

The Prolific Actor Has Some Writing Skills

Abayomi Alvin is not just an actor that has featured in several movies and television productions, he is also a skilled writer. Some of the productions that he has written include:

  • Thirty pieces of Silver (2020)
  • You, Me and the Guys (2017)
  • Jenifa’s Diary (2015)

Abayomi Alvin is a Well-Celebrated Model

Abayomi Alvin’s foray into the modeling world began sometime in 2010 when he began modeling at an amateur level. 2011 presented him with an opportunity to compete in the Mr. Ideal Osun State modeling competition, which he eventually ended up winning.

In the coming year, he participated in the fiercely competitive Mr. Ideal Nigeria modeling competition, where he ended up coming out tops. This win got him more recognition as a model, and he went on to ride this wave to better opportunities.

In 2013, he took the next step toward fulfilling his modeling dream by strutting his stuff on the runway in the Music Mets Runway exhibition. Two years later, he graced the runway again at the ICM Fashion show.

He has gone ahead to model for big continental and global brands such as Netflix, MultiChoice Big Brother Naija show, Lumos, Orbit Bubble Gum, Fidelity Bank Nigeria, and a few others. He is a brand ambassador for Verom Ng and has made adverts for both Palm Pay and Deluxe Skin Care Products. He can also be seen promoting brands such as Nike and others on his social media handles.

Abayomi Alvin’s Awards and Nominations

Abayomi Alvin has been in the entertainment industry in Nigeria for just a little shy of a decade, but his unique acting style and powerful delivery have won him a few awards and earned him plenty of recognition over the years.

The list of his awards and nominations includes –

  • The Future Awards Africa Prize for Acting nominee 2022
  • Maya Awards (Industry Cynosure) – Winner
  • Next Rated Actor nominee 2018
  • Scream All Youth Awards (Most Promising Actor of the Year category) nominee 2018
  • BON Awards (Revelation of the year category) nominee 2017
  • Best Actor Awards at 19 teen Rom Awards nominee
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