Abbas Abdullahi Sheikh

Somalia sadly reports the death of Abbas Abdullahi Sheikh Siraji, the youngest minister ever in the nation’s history.

Abbas till the time of his death was the Minister of Public Works and Reconstruction.

Though still unclear, Minister Abbas was said to be a victim of a mistaken identity. He was shot while he was driving near Villa Somalia in Mogadishu.

It appears several other government and security officials were killed in the same way.

The 31-year old deceased humanitarian had just recently launched his career in Somali politics.

Last year in November, Minister Abbas history by defeating an already sitting minister- Information Minister, Mohammed Abdi Hassan- to become an MP.

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Abbas Abdullahi Sheikh’s win in the November parliamentary elections was very remarkable giving his humble background.

Late minister Abbas spent his early days in Dadaab, the world’s biggest refugee camp, in north-eastern Kenya. He obtained his education while at the camp.

At the age of 5, his family moved to Liboi Refugee camps and a year later relocated to Dadaab refugee camp in 1992.

Mr Abbas attended Halane Primary School, formerly known as Jack Asiyo Primary School from 1994-1998. He later moved to Midnimo (“Unity”) primary school from 1999-2001 to complete his primary education.

Still at the Dadaab refugee camp, he obtained his High school education.

Abbas also attended Nep Technical Training College in Garissa, NE Kenya. While at the institution, he participated in school politics; thus became the then president of the Students Union.

The young man clearly had a bright future furthered his education at Kenya Methodist University and Moi University to pursue a degree in Business Administration.

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Abbas Abdullahi Sheikh

With the desire to make the society a better place,  Abbas Abdullahi Sheikh returned home to Somalia and started out with volunteer humanitarian services.

He worked with FAO for a while before his complete plunge into politics.

Abbas would have been a star and a force to reckon with in Somalian politics. Barely 2 months ago, the young man was appointed the next Minister of Public Works and Reconstruction.

A Somalian radio report says that the president has aborted his trip to Ethiopia following the news of Abbas’ death.

No official statement has been tendered by the president. However report says that he has ordered a thorough investigation into the careless killing of the minister; ensuring that the culprits face justice.

Information Minister Abdirahman Osman confirms that some arrests have been made.

Somalia still battles with Al-Shabaab insurgencies. Perhaps the root cause of the extreme measure that has cost the life of the promising young minister.