Who is Abbie Cornish?
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As Abbie Cornish the actress or MC Dusk the rapper, there is no doubt that this fella is talented. For well over a decade, she has solely been known for her strong presence in movies. Some of her most notable works include the movie Seven Psychopaths and the TV show Outriders. What most people do not know is that she has been rapping as MC Dusk since she was 16 years old. More recently, she picked up from where she left off. Here is all there is to know about her ever-evolving career and other facts of her life.

Who Is Abbie Cornish?

She was born on the 7th of August 1982 in Lochinvar, New South Wales, Australia. Right before moving out to Newcastle, New South Wales, the family lived on a 70-hectare farm. Hers is a big family, as she is the second of the 5 children born to Shelly and Barry Cornish. One thing is for sure, talent certainly does run in the family seeing as one of her siblings, Isabelle Cornish also happens to be an accomplished actress.

Abbie Cornish’ interest in showbiz stems from her teenage years when she was fascinated by both foreign and independent films. These days, in addition to her ever-growing career, she is an active Vegan. Back in 2006, she was named an ambassador for an Australian animal rights group known as Voiceless.

Getting a little more up-close and personal, the star recently got engaged. Back in February 2019, she revealed that she was engaged to the Iraqi professional Kyokushin fighter, Adel Altamimi.

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Facts To Know About Abbie Cornish

She Started Off As a Model

It is no secret that the star has dominated on big and small screens time without number. She started off as a model then naturally transitioned into the acting industry. Soon after making an appearance in the TV series Wildside, she went on to play a role in the movie The Monkey’s Mask (2000). As soon as the following year, she landed a role in Outriders as Reggie McDowell. This led to many other roles over the years including the titular character in the movie Candy (2006).

Some of the other notable movies she appeared in are Elizabeth: The Golden Age (2007), Limitless (2009), and 6 Days (2016).

Rapping Is Probably Her First Love

Many people do not know this, but Abbie Cornish dropped rapping to concentrate on her acting career. She picked up rapping when she was 16 years old as part of a hip hop crew and went by the moniker MC Dusk. They released a handful of albums and even had some shows for about five years running. Apparently, she had been writing raps since she was way younger and even dabbled in occasional rap battles. In fact, she got her cool moniker during one of the rap battles she participated in.

She credits her brother as her first rap influences, he was really into artists like Tupac, Biggie, and A Tribe Called Quest. Recently, Abbie opened for one of her influences, Nas, while he was touring in Australia.

She Was Once in a Love Triangle

While on the set of Stop-Loss in 2006, Abbie Cornish met Ryan Phillipe and thus their scandalous affair started. Soon enough, the media got a whiff of their affair and as expected, it received a lot of negative reactions. This can be owed to the fact that Phillipe was married to Reese Witherspoon at the time. Since it was starting to take a negative toll on her overall image, the two denied the claims. The truth weaseled its way out when the two continued to date openly when Reese and Ryan’s marriage ended in divorce. After a three year run, the two broke up in 2010.

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She is Currently off The Market

Valentine’s day 2019, was a good day for Abbie Cornish and her wellwishers. She announced that she was engaged to the MMA fighter, Adel Altamimi. Then, she went on to share a picture of the engagement ring with a cute caption. The two have been quite forthcoming with their relationship and have not hesitated to splash it all over social media. Even though their relationship has been all out in the open, it is not quite clear how long they dated before getting engaged.

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