When Did She Die? 5 Greatest Things Abigail Adams Did as The Late First Lady

Abigail Adams is the wife of John Adams, the 2nd president of the United States and is mostly regarded as her husband’s number one fan. Their tenure in the White House proved the saying – two heads are better than one – true. She is also the mother of the 6th president of the US and the first of her kind to both First and Second lady of America. She was at many times called Mrs President for her active participation in politics and her contribution to the founding of the country. Even after centuries, the world has not forgotten her deeds.

Aside from the known fact stated above, Abigail Adams, the late first lady has been described as one of most extraordinary women in the history of America as well as a writer whose works were solely made for her husband ranging from political topics to personal ones. Since she is particularly known for her important roles in the American history, it is no surprise that the political-minded woman received different accolades including the Abigail Charm as well as her portrait on a gold coin that sold out within hours of its release in 2007. There is so much more to know about this exquisite lady, follow us as we tell you more.

Who Is Abigail Adams, The First Lady?

Although known by her later name Abigail Adams, she was born Abigail Smith on 22 November 1744, to William and Elizabeth Smith. She was from a lineage of well-known people including Dorothy Quincy, wife of John Hancock as well as other Quincy Family who were notable for their participation in politics and many other important aspects of the society that were crucial.

The late first lady did not go through the four walls of school but she was able to read and write as a result of her mother’s determination to educate her and her other siblings. Her mother was frequent with her teachings but Abigail Adams went further to study at the library as well as join other children to read. Later as she grew older, she met and married John Adams in 1764 and together, the couple had 6 children, including Quincy Adams who would later wear the shoes of his father in leading America as its 6th president.

As the wife of John Adams who was a lawyer, revolutionist, and former vice president, Abigail Adams had many functions she attended to and even while John was an Ambassador, she traveled to countries. However, she started her duties to the American people as soon as she became the wife of the most important person in America.

When Did She Die?

At the age of 73 on October 28, 1818, Abigail Adams died after a bout of typhoid fever – two weeks to her 74th birthday. She was buried close to her husband in First Parish Church which is also known as the Presidents church in Quincy.

5 Greatest Things Abigial Adams Did as the Late First Lady

1. Helped in Developing Her Husband’s career
Abigail Adams and John Adams
Abigail Adams and John Adams

The greatest deeds of Abigail Adams cannot be mentioned in isolation of her support in the works of her husband in his political career as the president of America. Abigail Adams, the late first lady became his confidante and has worked endlessly to give the media good records of her husband as well as support his decisions. Thus, America needed her as much as the country needed her husband to govern them.

2. Alien and Sedition Acts

Abigail Adams also supported her husband on the Alien and Sedition Laws which were meant to make it difficult for foreigners to become citizens of the country and to allow the deportation and imprisonment of non-citizens who were perceived dangerous. The bill was passed by John Adams in 1798 but were later removed by Thomas Jefferson.

3. Moving the Capital to Washington DC

In 1800, she alongside her husband moved to White House even when it was not completed. Abigail Adams, the late first lady became the first woman to grace the House as well as coordinated a lot of its affairs.

4. Expanded the Roles of Women

Since she made it to becoming the first lady, Abigail Adams had always been an advocate of women’s rights. In several of the letters to her husband, she admonished him to give women attention, especially as it relates to education. The late first lady continued to lead by example as she was a woman who was outspoken and ready to go miles in politics in contrast to several other women at the time.

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5. The legacy that gave an insight into the history of America

From many of her letters, she was able to leave behind histories that would help many generations in knowing more about the revolution, her quest for the abolishment of the slave trade and her fight for women’s right and other historical insights.


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