Abigail Hawk Bio – Body Measurements, Net Worth & Best Movies

Fans of the police drama, Blue Bloods are not strangers to the actress, Abigail Hawk. She has had a career in the entertainment industry for more than two decades which began when she was still a child. Regardless of the early start, she had in her career, Hawk has found a way to remain relevant in the world of film and television and the performances she delivers are proof of this. To learn more about Abigail Hawk keep reading.

Abigail Hawk’s Bio

The actress was born Abigail Diane Gustafson on the 4th of May, 1985 in the city of Marietta, Georgia; this is where she also spent her childhood. Abigail is the only child of her parents, Robert and Diane. As a child, she already loved to act and her parents were very supportive of her desire to pursue acting as a career. The love she had for acting led to her having her high school education at North Springs Charter High School, school is located in Sandy Springs and of all the schools in the area, this is the only one with an extensive science and art curriculum.

Abigail Hawk had her first performance in front of the camera while she was still a student at North Springs. After graduating from North Springs in 2000 she attended the University of Maryland where she studied Theatre, and in 2004 she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

The actress is married to a police officer, Bryan Spies and the two have been married for over a decade, they are known to have had a short engagement especially as they had been dating for a very long time. The couple has two sons.

Abigail Hawk
Abigail Hawk & Husband, Bryan: Image Source

Net Worth

Abigail Hawk’s net worth is $800,000. The fact that she has only had a few roles while being in the industry for a long time is the reason she does not have the same range of net worth as some of her colleagues who have been in the industry as long as she has. However, given time, her net worth is expected to increase.

Abigail Hawk’s Body Measurements

Abigail Hawk is not someone that can be easily missed when she walks into the room, especially for her height which is 5 feet 8 inches, which is above the average height of an American woman. This height combined with her commensurate weight of 64kg contributes to an enviable physique.

Movies and TV Shows

As has been previously stated, Abigail Hawk’s career as an actress began when she was ten years olf. Her first acting job was on the television show Reality Check. Hawk played one of the two Bonner children; she and her brother, played by John Aaron Bennett, are trying to rescue Jack Craft, an inventor who erroneously becomes a part of his computer during an experiment. Only fourteen episodes were aired before it was canceled.

The next time Abigail Hawk had a role in front of the camera was after she left the university. While she had continued to act before that time, her acting was mostly in theatre productions made by her university. Hawk has had almost the same number of roles in television shows as she has had in movies; however, the biggest role she has played in her acting career is on a television show, Blue Bloods. The movies she has appeared in include, Across the Universe, The Unidentified, and The Tragedy of Maria Macabre.

Some of the shows she acted in are Law and Order: Special Victims UnitBody of Proof, Are we There Yet? and The Jim Gaffigan Show.

Abigail Hawk’s first big role came in 2010 with her joining the cast of Blue Bloods, as Abigail Baker. She has been on the show for the entirety of its run and appears as a recurring character in all of this time. When Hawk first joined the show her character was called Melissa but in the second season, the character went through a name change and got the name Abigail; her character is married to a man called Brian. Hawk and her character have some real-life parallels that go beyond the same name.

Abigail Hawk does not only put in good work when it comes to her acting but in her charitable efforts and she has been recognized for this as well. In 2016 she received the Linda Dano Award; recipients of the award are celebrities who have contributed to bettering the lives of people with developmental disabilities.

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