Abrahams Shuan

Abrahams Shuan, head of the National Prosecuting Authorities, after weighing the facts of Gordhan’s case, has dropped the criminal charges against him and the 2 other SARS Chiefs.

As Gordhan rebuffed the summon of the NPA, he made sure to let them know he had a job to do in a shaky South African economy. Many feared that the supposed probing of the finance minister would affect the economy in a bad way.

As feared, it did affect the economy as the South African currency went down 3% throughout the tussle between the Minister and the NPA.

Perhaps it is safe to say that the rand decline will be a thing of the past as the minister will finally have the time to do his job.

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NPA head, Abrahams after weeks of summoning Gordhan over fraud allegations, has hereby dropped the charges with immediate effect.


There were allegations that Gordhan, who was SARS chief 10 years ago, had engaged in fraudulent activities. After much review by the NPA head, the charges have been dropped.

Abrahams however denies that the initial summon of the Minister was politically influenced in any way. He said the call for Gordhan’s probe was only an obligatory legal checks and balances as stipulated in the constitution.


Abrahams Shuan said:

“I have always been mindful that everyone is equal before the law.” 

He maintains he was just doing his job. Nevertheless, a whole lot of people are now questioning the independence of the NPA.

Last week Francis Antonie, director of the  Helen Suzman Foundation (HSF), dismissed the probe, calling it desperate, hopeless and unlawful.

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Gordhan had a lot of supporters from top government officials, as well as the masses. A support page was hosted on Facebook to show solidarity to the finance minister.

It appears as though the probe was an induced political witch hunt as was largely speculated by South Africans.

Gordhan Pravin himself had equally dismissed the bases of the summon as a politically motivated attack in disguise.

With the withdrawal of the fraud charges, the accused persons Gordhan Pravin and the two former South African Revenue Service (Sars) officials Oupa Magashula and Ivan Pillay will no longer appear in court on the 2nd of November as scheduled.