The Man Who Walked A Long Distance For Buhari In 2015 Begins Nigeria To UK Trek

On the road leading to Nigeria’s 2015 elections, two men made headlines for trekking in support of President Buhari. Now, one of those men is planning to trek from Nigeria to the United Kingdom, starting from Kaduna in northern Nigeria.

Abubakar Duduwale is a 43-year-old from Yola in Adamawa state in north-eastern Nigeria. He is considered a veteran trekker for his expertise in the art of trekking. In 2015 he trekked from Yola to Abuja to witness President Buhari’s inaugural ceremony first-hand.

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Duduwale at the time, said that he had planned to begin his trek the moment Nigeria’s electoral commission announced the result but was beaten to it by Suleiman Hashimu who began trekking from Lagos to Abuja, a distance of 656km according to Google.

Hashimu’s walk took 20 days, but it paid off in the end as he got to meet President Buhari.

“I have trekked round the 19 northern states of Nigeria promulgating the gospel of peace and war against terrorism, insurgency, corruption, drug abuse as well as promoting unity.

“I started trekking in 2008 when I decided not to sleep in Adamawa State that particular day and I moved from my village to the border between Nigeria and Cameroon. My trekking is not for fun but for world peace. We must shun all negative tendencies.”

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He aims to use this Nigeria-UK trek as a means to spread awareness on the dangers of terrorism and its adverse effect on people.

“I mean to pass the message that terrorism is evil and must be stopped.”

From Kaduna, Duduwale trekked to Niger, from there he plans to keep walking toward Abuja and ultimately the United Kingdom.