Who Is Acacia Brinley, What Is She Known For, How Old is She?

Young, witty, angel-voiced, and a bit shy, Acacia Brinley is an American pop singer best known for being the lead vocalist of the American band Watercolor. Coupled with her music career Brinley is also a model and lends her off-work time helping people with self-harm, suicide, & self-esteem issues. Asides her immense following on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Brinley is also notable on the video hosting platform, YouTube.

Her Youtube channel, Acaciacutie, garners views by the millions daily. Brinley’s singing career began way back when she was only two, and thanks to family support, the youngster has grown to be one of the most cherished voices in the American Pop-space today. Want to know more about this rising star? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here is everything you’ve always wanted to know about the beautiful songbird.

Who is Acacia Brinley? How Old is She?

Acacia Brinley was born—Acacia Brinley Clark—in Boston, Massachusetts, the United States, on 22nd October 1997, to parents, Melissa Clark and Richard Clark. Her father works as a professional photographer. Brinley was raised in Boston alongside her two elder brothers, Peyton and Keegan, as well as her adopted younger sister, Maelie. Peyton Clark is also an actor and model. Brinley showed a strong aptitude for music right when she was only two, back in 1999. As a kid, she was so fascinated by Britney Spears.

Growing up, she schooled in Pennsylvania from pre-school right up to first grade. However, because her father job required much travelling, Brinley found herself being tossed from school to school. She recalls fifteen schools in all. But it all paid off as Brinley became a much exposed and a well-rounded kid as a result.

What Is Acacia Brinley Known For?

Acacia Brinley has always been passionate about music and soon she became known for it. She began her music career officially in 2010 when, with the help of her parents and peers, she began a performance group dubbed ‘Vocal Variations’ or ‘V2’. It would be Brinley’s first shot at professional music. One she would never forget.

Soon she joined the pop music band ‘Watercolor’ as the lead vocalist. In addition to her adorable voice, Brinley gained even more attention for her beauty. As a result, it didn’t take long before she began getting offers from modelling agencies. Modelling would lead the young musician to get signed up for appearances in films. Brinley appeared in the short horror film Untitled Eli Roth CryptTV Snapchat Murder Mystery; among others. However, she is best known for her appearances on American Satan, Another Day in Paradise and the TV series Code:9.

Acacia Brinley
Acacia Brinley (middle) flanked by bandmates, Kian Lawley, and Ricardo Ordieres.

All these didn’t make much impact until she took the bold step to build an online empire. On June 1, 2008, Acacia Brinley launched her own YouTube channel, Acaciacutie. From her earliest contents; CINNAMON CHALLENGE, I have some weird friends, Eating Ice cream with a knife and an Asian, My attempts at singing, and This is what I do on a Friday night, Brinley’s viewership has leaped from a few hundred to millions today. Among other things, viewers are drawn by her matter-of-fact, down-to-earth stories on life and family experiences which she shares in her videos.

As of this writing, her YouTube channel has over 790k subscribers. Additionally, Acacia commands a huge following on social media She operates Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts where she has over 1.4 million, 2.3 million and 745k followers respectively.

How Much Is She Worth Now? 

As of 2019, sources put the musician’s net worth at about $70, 000. Although it’s unclear how much she earns annually, a celebrity with such Instagram following could earn as much as $1,000 on a sponsored post.

Height and Body Measurement

Now over twenty, Acacia Brinley is growing into a gorgeous woman and only time will tell if she will choose to leave her “vitals” natural or go under the knife. For now, she stands 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 56 kg (123.5 pounds). She has dark brown hair and blue eyes. She measures 33-23-33 inches for her bust, waist, and hips respectively. More so, she wears a bra size of 32A and a shoe of size 8.5 (US).

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