Active Glo Ghana Data Bundles and Their Activation Codes

Globacom Limited is a Nigerian multinational telecommunications company. The company set sail for Ghana in 2008, acquiring an operating license in the country before beginning operations in 2011. Glo Ghana has since become the 5th largest in the Ghanaian market and is closing in fast on the likes of Vodafone, Tigo, and MTN.

Apart from the traditional call services the company offers, Glo also has a long list of data bundles that subscribers can choose from. We have put together a guide to help you go through the available Glo Ghana data bundle options and choose the one that best suits your need.

1. Glo Ghana Yakata Plus

This seems to be everyone’s favorite at the moment as it caters to the low spenders that just need enough data for a couple of days and constant internet surfers that don’t want any interruption for up to 100days. It has six packages and is sure to satisfy.


  • You get a large amount of airtime for Glo to Glo calls whenever you buy any of their plans.
  • You get a very large volume of data.
    • You can share up to 5 GB of your available bundle with another Glo subscriber.
  • Buying this plan does not cancel other existing plans instead, if you already have a running data plan, it will only add to your data volume and duration.


  • There is no automatic rollover for these bundles.
  • While using the airtime bonus, SMS and call tariffs are heightened.

Steps To Activate The Glo Ghana Yakata Plus Date Bundle

  1. Dial *555# or visit on your device using the Glo network
  2. Select 5: Yakata Plus
  3. Choose 1: Buy Yakata Plus
  4. Enter the bundle you want to purchase, the amount and
  5. Select 1 to confirm your purchase

Steps To Gift Yakata Plus Gift Data

  1.  Dial *555# and under the Yakata Plus menu, choose the gift data option.
  2. After selecting the gift data option, the volume available for gifting will be shown with the USSD string.
  3. Dial the USSD string by entering *127*Plan Code* Glo Receiver Number# to gift data.
Price Bundle Size Gifting Size


GHS 1 400 MB 100 MB 2 Days
GHS 2 800 MB 200 MB 4 Days
GHS 5 2 GB 500 MB 10 Days
GHS 10 4 GB 1 GB 20 Days
GHS 20 8 GB 2 GB 40 Days
GHS 50 20 GB 5 GB 100 Days

2. Saturday, Sunday/Public Holiday Plans

As the name suggests, these plans are available on weekends and government-approved public holidays. They were made to enable customers to enjoy these special days and get quality services for their money.


• They are relatively cheap when compared to other plans
• The data volume is huge and should be enough for the user for the designated time frame


• Rollovers aren’t available for these bundles
• Customers aren’t allowed to share any of their balance with other customers

Plan Price Bundle Size Duration How To Activate
Saturday Plan GHS 2 1.5 GB 1 Day *555#
Sunday/ Public Holidays Plan GHS 2 1.8 GB 1 Day *555#

3. Glo Ghana Weekly Bundles

These are bundles that last for just a week. It serves low data users and is quite cheap.


• The weekly bundles give the subscriber the option of rolling the bundle over
• The time is usually always sufficient to use up the bundle


• The bundle size is quite small in comparison to other deals
• There is no added incentive attached to the bundle

Price Bundle Size Duration How To Activate
GHS 1 50 MB 7 Days *127*10#
GHS 2 200 MB 7 Days *127*11#
GHS 3 350 MB 7 Days *127*13#
GHS 5 700 MB 7 Days *127*2#
GHS 10 4 GB 7 Days *127*46#


4. Glo Ghana Daily Bundles

These bundles have a very short limit in terms of duration and they are usually purchased for specific purposes. It’s cheap, reliable, and will get you through the day especially in times of emergencies.


  • It’s very affordable and cost-effective
    •  There is no limit to the number of times you can subscribe to it
  • Sharing data Glo-Glo is available
  • Gifting data to other Glo numbers is available
  • Rollover of unused data is possible


  •  Most times, it’s usually not enough
Price Bundle Size Duration How To Activate
GHS 10 3.75 GB 3 Days *127*24#
GHS 3 300 MB 3 Days *127*17#
GHS 3 750 MB 1 Day *127*18#
GHS 2 300 MB 1 Day *127*12#
GHS 1 100 MB 1 Day *127*1#
GHS 0.5 40 MB 1 Day *127*16#

5. Glo Ghana Monthly-Quarterly Bundles

These plans became widely used as smartphones gained popularity across the globe. With reference to the Glo network, these monthly bundles which run for 30 days have evolved a lot and they were predominately used before the introduction of Glo Ghana Yakata Plus. It is safe to say that after the fading away of many bonus/promo data plans, they will still be around.


  • It offers a very sizable amount of data, whether you run a business center or you want to use it privately. It should be enough for your needs
  • There is an option to roll over these bundles over to the next month except for the GHS300 option.
  • Monthly plans can be easily shared with other Glo users and to do so, simply dial *127*Glo number#


• These plans are quite expensive, you have to drop quite a few bucks if you want them.

Price Bundle Size Duration How To Activate
GHS 10 1.7 GB 30 Days *127*14#
GHS 20 4.2 GB 30 Days *127*22#
GHS 40 10 GB 30 Days *127*5#
GHS 50 15 GB 30 Days *127*3#
GHS 60 20 GB 30 Days *127*6#
GHS 80 30 GB 60 Days *127*33#
GHS 100 60 GB 90 Days *127*36#
GHS 150 100 GB 90 Days *127*37#
GHS 300 UNLIMITED 30 Days *127*30#


6. Glo Ghana Jumbo Data Bundle

Jumbo packs are the biggest plans that are available. These plans are mainly for high-end subscribers that need a high rush of data


  • These bundles are very huge and can be shared with other customers
    • Rollovers are available for these bundles just in case time elapses


  • These bundles are very expensive and low budget customers can’t afford them
Price Bundle Size Duration How To Activate
GHS 150 75 GB 90 Days *127*7#
GHS 100 40 GB 90 Days *127*19#
GHS 80 30 GB 60 Days *127*33#

A Quick Recap of Glo Ghana Subscription Process

Globacom is dedicated to bringing its customers fast and reliable internet service. There is something for everyone and for every season, customers are constantly thrilled with quality data offers.

Mode of Subscription of Glo Data Plans

  • Via USSD: Dial *555# to buy data.
  • Via Website: Visit to buy data.
  • Via App: Download the Glo Café Ghana app on google play. Install it and register your number to buy data.

To Check Your Glo Data Balance

  • Dial *555#
    •  Dial *127#
    •  Send STATUS to 127.
    •  Go to the self-care portal –
    •  Download the self-care Ghana app, Glo Café on google play store, Install it, register, and have access to check data.
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